Today I Give Up Trying 1744


        The whole room was in an uproar!

        Divine Doctor Lin was here?

        How could he come so soon?

        This was a bad time to come!

        And then, Song Yurong gave Lin Fan a vicious glare.

        "Little beast, get out of my way, if you dare to speak nonsense later, I'll make sure you'll die a horrible death!"

        Then, Song Yurong ordered Song Jingteng, Song Xiyue and the others.

        "You guys, hurry up and go with me to greet Divine Doctor Lin!"

        Song Jingteng and Song Xiyue hurriedly nodded their heads, it was fine to clean up Lin Fan at any time, but it was not fine to see Divine Doctor Lin at any time.

        "The real Divine Doctor Lin is here, this brat's bullsh*t has been blown!"

        "Heh heh, the trash is impersonating Divine Doctor Lin, if this were to come to the knowledge of Divine Doctor Lin, he would still skin this kid and pull his tendons?"

        All the guests were looking at Lin Fan wistfully, waiting to see his joke.

        Lin Fan, however, continued to act as if he was a nobody, with a thick smile of contempt on his face.

        And then!

        Everyone then saw that Song Yurong's family welcomed a man in.

        Surprisingly, it was Zhang Jianjun!

        "Ministry Zhang!"

        Everyone instantly tensed up and bowed to Zhang Jianjun.

        Oh my god!

        Such a great man had come too!

        It seemed that Divine Doctor Lin really valued the Song family.

        At that moment, Zhang Jianjun nodded indifferently, and then continued to talk to Song Yurong.

        "Song Lao, are you still in good health?"

        Being asked by Zhang Jianjun, Song Yurong was immediately flattered and nodded his head.

        "Thanks to you, I'm still in good health, thanks to Ministry Zhang's concern!"

        Then Zhang Jianjun burst into laughter and said.

        "You must take good care of your health, with Doctor Lin in your favour, the future of your Song family is promising!"


        The whole room exploded!

        Could it be that Zhang Jianjun's words were also meant by Divine Doctor Lin, and that Divine Doctor Lin had the intention of promoting their Song Family?

        Otherwise, why would Zhang Jianjun have said that?

        Thinking of this, the Song family was utterly ecstatic, each one so excited that they couldn't even speak.

        Song Yurong was no different, excitedly pulling Zhang Jianjun's hand.

        "Ministry Zhang, please drag me to the bottom, why does that divine doctor Lin value our Song family so highly? Our Song family doesn't seem to have had any dealings with him before, right?"

        Zhang Jianjun also patted his hand enthusiastically.

        "There have been encounters, you just don't know it! Your connection with Divine Doctor Lin is much deeper than you think, and with Divine Doctor Lin backing you up in the future, you will be able to walk around the entire empire."

        Because Lin Fan had deliberately explained, Zhang Jianjun did not take the liberty of revealing Lin Fan's identity.

        Instead, he waited for Lin Fan to reveal it himself and give the other party a surprise!

        But Zhang Jianjun hadn't expected that the Song family had already surprised Lin Fan in advance.

        Hearing Zhang Jianjun's words, the Song family was overjoyed... Divine Doctor Lin and their Song family had a deep connection?

        How could they not know that?

        But since Zhang Jianjun had said so, then they naturally took it as such.

        "Come, come, come, please take your seat, Ministry Zhang!"

        Song Yurong was full of joy and hurriedly greeted Zhang Jianjun as he took his seat.

        However, Zhang Jianjun noticed Lin Fan and Bai Yi not far away, and immediately froze, about to walk towards Lin Fan: "Lin Xian...

        "Lin Xian..."

        But seeing this, Song Yurong instantly realised that something was wrong and hurriedly stopped in front of Zhang Jianjun.

        With an anxious expression, he said.

        "Ministry Zhang, this guy is my grandson, but he's a wild child! His mother gave birth to him unmarried and beforehand back then, disgracing my Song family, so we swept him out of the house long ago!"

        "I called him back today with the intention of giving him a sum of money and then clearing the air with him. But just now, this unknowing thing dared to impersonate Divine Doctor Lin, which is simply a great crime, what do you think we should do about it?"

        The words had just fallen!

        Zhang Jianjun instantly jumped like a thunderstorm.

        Lin Fan, a feral bastard?

        Who would dare to say that Lin Fan was a feral seed in this China today?

        To say that the dangling Lin Zuo was a bastard?

        The Song family, that's exactly what they deserve!

        "Damn it! Damn it!"

        Zhang Jianjun roared sternly, as if he was in a frenzy, and was about to have a fit at this time.