Today I Give Up Trying 1742

 As a grandfather, but condoning his grandson's competition for his grandson's woman, it made Lin Fan feel that this family was disgusting to the core!

        It was a mistake to come here to acknowledge his family!

        This allowed him to see the abhorrent faces of these Song family members in front of him.

        At that moment, Song Jingteng laughed and spoke.

        "Lin Fan, you can't do anything even if you don't agree, I'm going to play with this beautiful girl today, if you don't want to die, then be a good boy and get lost."

        At the same time!

        Song Yurong also looked at Lin Fan and said in a pretend dignified manner.

        "Lin Fan, it's just a woman, it's no big deal, let your brother play with it for a few days and then send it back to you."

        These words were shameless to the extreme!

        It was as if Bai Yi was just a piece of cargo, a piece of cargo that could be abused at will.

        At this moment, Lin Fan's expression was completely gloomy, and a murderous look then sprang up in his eyes.

        "If you want my woman, you can try!"

        "But only if the consequences are something you can bear!"

        Since he no longer had any relationship with the Song Family, he would not show mercy to the Song Family.


        The Song family's expressions changed for a moment before each one of them showed contempt and all laughed contemptuously, as if they had heard a big joke in the sky.

        A son-in-law dared to swagger in front of their Song family?

        What do you think?

        If you want to play with your wife, you can play with your wife, what can you do?

        What can you do? A wild bastard still wants to climb up the ladder, so he should be taught a lesson.

        "So, you're not going to give me, your cousin, this bit of face?"

        Song Jingteng laughed fiercely before looking at Song Yurong, seemingly asking for Song Yurong's opinion.

        Song Yurong hesitated for a moment, and then said coldly:

        "Move quickly, don't delay in welcoming Divine Doctor Lin!"

        Continue to indulge!

        Lin Fan, who heard these words, then laughed completely coldly :

        "You don't have to wait, Divine Doctor Lin won't be coming."

        Originally, Divine Doctor Lin was his surprise for the Song family, but thinking about it it seemed that it was no longer necessary.

        This cold water was poured over the Song family's heads, immediately causing them to look angry.

        Today was their Song family's big day, but it turned out that Lin Fan dared to pour cold water on them?

        What the hell!

        Everyone was instantly enraged and stared at Lin Fan with fury, looking as if they wanted to break Lin Fan into pieces in a hideous manner.

        "This brat dares to curse our Song family, he must not be spared lightly, break his legs!"

        "A wild seed dares to be so arrogant, I think he has turned the tables!"

        "A bastard is a bastard, just like that shameless mother of his!"

        The whole crowd boiled over!

        Everyone was staring at Lin Fan in anger, as if they wanted to eat him up.

        Song Yurong also looked shocked and angry as he glared at Lin Fan and said.

        "Lin Fan, what nonsense are you talking about!"

        Divine Doctor Lin won't be coming?

        Who are you to say that Divine Doctor Lin is not coming?

        Hearing Lin Fan's nonsense and touching his eyebrows, Song Yurong felt furious, he should have thanked Lin Fan for letting him into the house.

        Instead of being grateful, he was now spouting nonsense, was he deliberately insulting their Song family?


        Lin Fan, who heard this, however, smiled coldly.

        "I'm not talking nonsense, because of what you did to us, Divine Doctor Lin wouldn't be here today."


        The crowd's expressions changed as they looked at Lin Fan in shock.

        Was this guy serious?


        Song Jingteng directly burst out in laughter.

        "Hahahaha, you mean to say that just because we humiliated you, so Divine Doctor Lin won't see us?"

        "Lin Fan, what kind of a person are you?"

        Everyone also felt that Lin Fan was a big joke, a little white boy who couldn't even feed himself and had to eat soft rice.

        Qualified to know Divine Doctor Lin?

        How dare you lie to the devil?

        Seeing that Lin Fan was still talking nonsense without knowing what he was doing, Song Yurong was also completely furious: "Dog.

        "Dog, if you don't tell us the truth today, you won't leave the Song family alive!"

        At those words!

        All of the Song family members, including Song Jingteng, looked at Lin Fan with a cold smile.

        It was like looking at a dead man.

        And Lin Fan stepped forward and said in a light-hearted and cold manner.

        "Because, I am Divine Doctor Lin!"