Today I Give Up Trying 1741

 Lin Fan arrived at the Song family, but not a single person gave a good face, including Song Yurong.

        When everyone saw and saw Lin Fan return, their faces were instantly flooded with a strong hatred: "This is the wild child that Song Yao gave birth to back then?

        "Is this the wild child that Song Yao gave birth to back then? How dare he have the face to come back!"

        "I heard that he was swept away by the Lin family ten years ago, and was later reduced to being a door-to-door son-in-law in Jiang City, living off soft rice, so I guess he must have had a very miserable life, so now he wants to befriend our Song family and try to claim glory and wealth!"

        "What a joke! How can my Song family allow a wild child to return, if this gets out, where will our Song family's face be?"

        "Just give him some money and tell him to get lost, after all, if Song Yao hadn't died well in the first place, our Song family wouldn't have been able to get such a large sum of hush money."


        The Song family was an ordinary family in the first place, and they had tried every possible way to squeeze money out of Song Yao before she was alive, only to take the opportunity to go to the Lin family and cry and hang themselves after Song Yao's death, demanding compensation.

        In order not to cause trouble, the Lin family gave them a generous hush money payment, so that they would keep their mouths shut about Song Yao's death, and Lin Fan's identity.

        It was because of this that the Song family had the social status they have today.

        But at this time, the Song family did not want to get involved with Lin Fan, for the simple reason that one was afraid of offending the Lin family, and the other was that they did see Lin Fan as a wild child who had corrupted their reputation.

        The Song family was afraid that Lin Fan's appearance would drag them down.

        And at that moment!

        Song Jingteng in the middle of the crowd was frowning tightly, with a thick look of dismay on his face.

        What the hell was going on with Mao Xiaobao and the others?

        Didn't they tell them to settle this scum, how come they were still allowed to return alive?


        Lin Fan walked up to Song Yurong's heels and shouted.

        "Shut up! Are you a wild bastard worthy of calling my grandfather grandfather, my Song family can't afford to lose face!"

        Song Jingteng immediately rebuked coldly, looking at Lin Fan with disgust.

        "Surnamed Lin, if you're thinking of acknowledging your ancestors, I advise you to dismiss that idea."

        "Our Song family will not tolerate a wild child returning, and even more so, we will not accept a white boy who eats soft rice."

        Lin Fan didn't say anything, he just looked at Song Yurong calmly and waited for Song Yurong's reply.

        Now he only wanted to know what Song Yurong's attitude was.

        However, Song Yurong was indifferent, and then took out a cheque and threw it on the ground in an extremely humiliating manner.

        "Here is five million, take this money and go! From now on, you are not allowed to claim that you are my Song family!"

        "I don't have any relationship with you either!"

        Obviously, Song Yurong did not want to be implicated by Lin Fan, and even more so, he did not want to be laughed at because of Lin Fan, a wild child.

        Lin Fan smiled, this instant he understood everything.

        It turned out that to the Song family, he was nothing but a disgrace.

        "Keep this money Ning, and also please rest assured that from now on I will have no more involvement with your Song family, and will definitely not befriend and involve you!"

        With that, he took Bai Yi's hand and prepared to leave.

        Seeing this!

        Song Yurong instantly sighed in relief, and then sneered.

        This kid in front of him still had some self-awareness, knowing that he couldn't afford them, so he just slunk away?


        Seeing Lin Fan about to leave, Song Jingteng shouted out.

        "Hold on! I didn't say you could leave!"


        Lin Fan frowned and turned his head to stare at Song Jingteng, but there was a cold killing intent in his eyes.

        But Song Jingteng didn't care at all and looked at Bai Yi with a lecherous smile.

        "Lin Fan, I have my eye on this girl beside you, make me an offer and let me have her!"

        Lin Fan looked chilled, while then looked at Song Yurong, but saw that Song Yurong had an indifferent face, as if he hadn't heard anything.

        It was obvious that he had tacitly approved of Song Jingteng's actions!

        This action caused Lin Fan to be completely chilled!