Today I Give Up Trying 1740

 This place,, may not be later may also become their burial place.

        The moment he thought of this, Mao Xiaobao couldn't help but feel weak in both legs and cried out.

        "Elder Zhu, do you believe me when I say that this is a misunderstanding?"

        Zhu Yuan Chao ignored these brainiacs and turned his head to Lin Fan and bowed :

        "Patriarch Lin, I know that with your strength it's as easy to kill him, but how does this kind of scum deserve to dirty your hands?"

        "I am willing to serve you and eradicate these scum!"

        Patriarch Lin?

        This guy was a Lin Zong Shi?

        Mao Xiaobao and the others trembled even more, each with a snotty nose and a tear, completely scared and pissed.

        What the hell, this was really a Grand Master, huh?

        They all greeted Song Jingteng's ancestors all over again in their hearts.

        This wasn't just a trap for them, this was wanting them to die!

        Lin Fan gave Zhu Yuanzhao a deep look.

        And being stared at by them like this, Zhu Yuanzhao's sweat stood on end, he had never been so nervous in his life.

        He knew that his little ploy couldn't hide from this wise as a demon young man in front of him.

        "You want to be my dog, I'll make it happen!"

        Lin Fan finally spoke, and then said :

        "Bury them!"

        After saying that, he acted as if nothing had happened and led Bai Yi towards Zhu Yuanchao's car before driving away.

        Zhu Yuan Chao was instantly flushed with excitement and bowed deeply to Lin Fan once again :

        "Many thanks, Patriarch Lin!"

        And when Lin Fan had left, Zhu Qianlong walked up and asked Zhu Yuanzhao:

        "Dad, our Zhu family has hundreds of years of heritage and has never tried to grovel and bow down as a slave, would you be too impulsive like this?"

        Zhu Qianlong was a little uncomfortable, the Zhu family had never tried to bow down to anyone before.

        Zhu Yuanzhao glared at Zhu Qianlong:

        "What the hell do you know, just the status of Lin Zong is enough to make our Zhu family bow down."

        "Patriarch Lin, Divine Doctor Lin, Seat Lin, do you know how many other terrifying identities this monster in front of you has?"

        Zhu Qianlong's body shook as he immediately reacted.

        "Dad, it's still you who has the long view, this man must have an even more terrifying identity!"

        Zhu Yuan Chao nodded, that is, his gaze was fierce as he stared Mao Xiaobao and the others down :

        "Cut the crap, let's get down to business first, bury these losers alive!"

        "Lin Fan, where are we going?"

        On the way back, Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan, who didn't look too good, and asked heartily.

        "Go home!"

        Lin Fan said indifferently, he had planned to give his grandfather a surprise, but he hadn't expected them to give him one first.

        Wild seeds?

        Shameless slut?

        So this was how he and his mother were viewed in the eyes of the Song family?

        Then was there any point in getting back such relatives?

        "Lin Fan, don't be like this, maybe things aren't what you think?"

        "This is just that Song Jingteng's word alone, it's not like it has anything to do with your grandfather, don't be impulsive!"

        At those words!

        Lin Fan also frowned, could it really be that he was overthinking things?

        And at this time, his mobile phone rang, and the moment he picked it up, Lin Fan froze.

        It was because the person calling was his grandfather, Song Yurong!

        "This is Song Yurong, you're Lin Fan, right?"

        Lin Fan did not expect that Song Yurong would call him, since that was the case did that really mean that some of what had just happened was the work of Song Jingteng alone and had nothing to do with the Song family.

        "I am!"

        Lin Fan sighed in relief and spoke with a smile.

        It seemed that he really had overthought things!

        "Let's meet, I'll wait for you at the Song Family!"

        After saying these words, Song Yurong simply hung up the phone.

        From the beginning to the end, his attitude was indifferent.

        Because unlike Lin Fan, Song Yurong only wanted to get rid of this hot potato in front of him in a hurry, because the titled Lin Family, he couldn't afford to offend!