Today I Give Up Trying 174-176

 Chapter 174


        How did this happen?

        Bai Yan and Ma Hong never dreamed that this would be the result, but before Ma Hong could ask his question, Yang Jinshui's hoarse words resounded once again.

        "Yes! What a White House! So you think that I, Yang Jinshui, am here today to ask forgiveness?"


        Yang Jinshui's words made the old man Bai and everyone else confused.

        What do you mean?

        Is Yang Jinshui not here to inquire about the crime?

        But Lin Fan did, indeed, destroy his son!

        That's not all!

        Yang Jinshui's next words made all the Bai family members even more dumbfounded.

        "You Bai's know nothing! I am not here to ask for justice, but to repay a debt of gratitude!"

        "Mr. Lin Fan, it was my son Yang Minghao who was abolished, yes! But Mr. Lin Fan did it to teach my son a little lesson, so that he wouldn't have to make a detour to doom and ruin in the future!"

        "As Yang Minghao's father, I am grateful to Mr. Lin Fan for his kindness. This is why we have called on the four major groups to come and repay our kindness."


        Yang Jinshui's heart-wrenching words made the Bai family completely confused.

        To repay ...... for their kindness?

        Snotty with gratitude?

        Nima, what's wrong with the world?

        After Lin Fan abolished Yang Minghao, Yang Jinshui was moved to such an extent that he even mobilized his connections and called on the four major groups to come together to repay his kindness.

        I'm mowing the lawn!


        Yang Jinshui did not care at all about the Bai family's dismay and confusion. His eyes swept past one Bai family member after another, his face brimming with resentment and discontent.

        "But I never thought that you Bai's would be so wolfish! Mr. Lin Fan is such a good man, but he was fired from the group, and even fired Miss Bai Yi as well."

        "I, Yang Jinshui, am here to announce that if Miss Bai Yi is not the president of the Bai Group, then we, the Shanda Group, will terminate all cooperation with the Bai family! In addition, the Bai family will become my number one enemy!"

        Enemy Number One!

        Another great enemy!

        First there was the Tianlong Group, then there was the Shanda Group!

        This was simply the rhythm of wiping out the Bai family, which scared the old master Bai so much that his body trembled and he fell on his buttocks, as if he were dead.

        Only, something that made the Bai family even more desperate happened.

        Xu Yangsheng, with a livid face, stepped forward and also said in a loud voice.

        "The Bai family is a group of people with eyes but no pearls, not worthy of working with our group! Now, I, Xu Yansheng, announce that I will seal off the Bai family, and all the groups that cooperate with the Bai family will be considered as life and death enemies, and we will not rest until death."

        The third!

        "I, Fei Yong, hereby announce that we, the Yong Sheng Group, have sealed the Bai Family!"

        "I, Zhou Shengchang, hereby announce that we, the Changsheng Group, cut off all orders with the Bai family as a deadly vendetta!"


        One big guy after another, stepped forward to announce it!

        And every word means almost exactly the same thing!




        The Bai family had become the common enemy of all the zaibatsu in Jiang City, and every large group had issued the most cruel and hostile order to kill the Bai family.



        When they heard the words "blocked", some of the Bai family's top executives could no longer stand the excitement and shock, and fainted from shock.

        Even Bai Hai and Bai Yan were so scared that they fell to the ground.

        How could this happen?

        Not a single Bai family member can figure out why Yang Jinshui, who was previously scrambling to deliver a super order, enthusiastic and solicitous, can in the blink of an eye!

        These people regard their own Bai family as an enemy in life and death.

        Not only that!

        At this moment, the words of Lin Fan before he left appeared unconsciously in the minds of all the Bai family members.

        "Next time, when you come to beg for my wife, everyone will ...... kneel except the old man!"

Chapter 175

The oppressive atmosphere in the Bai family was suffocating.

        Xu Tianlong, Yang Jinshui and the others had all left, but their orders to kill them still echoed in the ears of every Bai family member.

        "No...... our Bai family is finished! The Tianlong Group, Shanda Group, and Hongda Group ...... are all behemoths that want to shut us down, and we're finished!"

        "I'm not happy! Why is it like this, Yang Jinshui and the others are obviously here to send us a super order?"

        "Shit! Which son of a b*tch had the bad idea to let Baek out of office! If Bai Yi hadn't resigned, it would have been a super order not only for Yang Jinshui and others, but for our Bai family! Even Xu Tianlong has sent us a ten billion dollar order for the Bai family!"

        "Exactly! Bai Yan is a jinx! Which son of a b*tch was blind enough to make her president?"


        At this moment, those cores and executives of the White Family were pounding their feet against their chests and resenting each other.

        After all!

        If Bai Yi hadn't resigned, then the Bai family would have received nearly 20 billion dollars in orders.

        With these orders, the Bai family could definitely develop into a giant family in Jiang City.

        But now ......

        The Bai family's twenty billion dollar order not only went down the drain, but was even blocked by the entire Jiang City's zaibatsu, and its decline and even bankruptcy became a foregone conclusion.

        I heard the curses.

        The corners of old master Bai's mouth were drawn again and again.

        Bai Yi's resignation was approved by him.

        Bai Yan's appointment was also his resignation.

        Now, however, reality has slapped him in the face, making him regret it beyond measure.

        "Dad! What should we do with ......? Xu Tianlong and the others must have gone back to set up, and by tomorrow at the latest, all of our cooperation with the Bai Group is expected to be washed away in blood, and then it will be all over."

        Bai Hai was completely panicked at this moment.

        If the Bai family fell, it would definitely be a rat race, and he, the eldest, would become a joke in everyone's eyes.

        Not just Bai Hai!

        Bai Yan also looked at the old master Bai with a pale face.

        Even the gazes of the other executives and backbones brushed against the old master's eyes.

        Now, perhaps only the old master had the means to save the Bai family.


        The old man's gaze, however, is full of complexity as he looks at a man in the corner!

        That's ...... White Mountain!


        At this moment, all the Bai family members completely reacted from panic.

        That's right, White Mountain!

        He was the savior of the Bai Clan.

        At that moment, almost all the Bai family executives and elites ran up to Bai Shan, and one by one, 'poof' 'poof' fell to their knees, kowtowing unceasingly and begging.

        "Third Master, you know Xu Tianlong, you must be able to talk to him! I'm kowtowing to you, please persuade Xu Tianlong to take back his life."

        "Third Master, before I was cheap and despicable, now I kowtow to you, please save the group, save the Bai family! I can't lose this property!"

        "The Third Master ......"

        At the moment, there were more than a dozen Bai family executives who knelt in front of Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's wife.

        Every one of them, in particular, was weeping and pleading miserably.

        Seeing this scene!

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's hearts were complicated to the extreme.

        These are the same people who, ten minutes ago, humiliated themselves, mocked themselves, and even forced themselves to kowtow to Yang Jinshui to make amends.

        And now ......

        One by one, they knelt in front of themselves, kowtowing as if they were pounding garlic.

        "Is this human nature?"

        A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Bai Shan's mouth, as he became more and more disappointed and chilled by the Bai family.

Chapter 176

"San ...... Sandi! Just help us!" At this moment, Bai Hai could not help but open his mouth and beg.

        Bai Yan, who was beside him, also pleaded incessantly.

        Even the old man, after changing his color for a moment, hardened his scalp and said to Bai Shan.

        "Lao San, don't hold a grudge against me, and don't hold a grudge against the Bai family! This time, please help the White House!"

        Help the White House?

        At the corner of Baisan's mouth, the bitter smile grew stronger.

        "Dad! It's not that I won't help, but I can't help at all!"


        Hearing this, the old man and everyone else was stunned.

        "Isn't Xu Tianlong here to talk to you about cooperation? Why can't you help?"

        Everyone's eyes were filled with confusion as they looked at Bai Shan.

        Naturally, they knew that Bai Shan would not lie!

        But ......

        "Actually, I've only met Xu Tianlong once! At that time, their Tianlong Group seemed to be in a life-or-death crisis, and Xu Tianlong, along with all the Tianlong directors, intended to plead with the BOSS behind the Tianlong Group to let that person, not to close down the Tianlong Group!"


        Bai Shan's words were like a heavy bomb that instantly took everyone's breath away.

        Behind the scenes boss of Tian Long Group?

        How is this ...... possible!

        The crowd only felt numb, and it was simply unimaginable that there was a behind-the-scenes controller of the original Sky Dragon Group, a giant conglomerate.

        Even Old Master Bai's face, which was filled with boundless fear and dread, trembled and asked.

        "Lao San, do you know who the BOSS behind the Tian Long Group is?"

        Not just the old lady!

        The crowd also brushed together to look at White Mountain, their faces filled with intense heat and curiosity.

        And hearing these words!

        The corner of Bai Shan's mouth was slightly drawn.

        For some reason, he was thinking of his son-in-law, Lin Fan.

        "Is it that kid?"

        Bai Shan shook his head, although in his heart he suspected that it was Lin Fan, but there was no evidence at all.

        At this moment, he could only say uncertainly.

        "Actually, I don't know who the boss behind the curtain is, either. However, that BOSS gave me the power to decide the life and death of the Tianlong Group!"

        "So, I chose the Triton Group ...... birth! And in gratitude, Xu Tianlong opened up all his sales channels to us, the Bai Group, for free, and even brought us an order of ten billion dollars!"

        So that's it!

        At this moment, Old Master Bai fully understood why Xu Tianlong's true intentions were.

        "Lao San, you are the benefactor of the Tian Long Group! If you persuade Xu Tianlong, maybe he'll let you off the hook?"

        The old man's eyes, glowing, looked at his most useless son as if he were looking at the last straw!


        Bai Shan shook his head.

        "Dad! You're wrong, if Xu Tianlong really gave me face, then he wouldn't have issued the sealing order at all!"

        That's right!

        At this moment, the old man slumped to the ground.

        Yes, if Xu Tianlong really cared about Bai Shan, why would he seal off Bai Shan's family.

        "What should we do? It's all my fault! It's all my fault!"

        At this moment, the old man was simply repentant, as if he had seen the miserable scene of the Bai family collapsing in an instant amidst the blockade of major powers.

        It was not only him!

        All the people around Bai Hai and Bai Yan were also in complete despair, wailing one after another, heartbroken.

        But at that very moment!

        The look on Bai Shan's face fluctuated a little, and then he said.

        "Although, I'm not sure who the boss of the Triton Group is."

        "But I know who can save the Dragon Group!"


        Bai Shan's words made the Bai family's cries come to an abrupt halt.

        One after another, nervous and expectant eyes once again looked at Bai Shan.

        And right under their gaze, Bai Shan said with a complex look.

        "The man who can save the White House is my son-in-law, ...... Lin Fan!"

        Lin Fan!

        When they heard these two words, the eyes of the old master, Bai Hai, Bai Yan, and the others, rounded up.

        They remembered!

        Yang Jinshui, with his four first-class groups, came to repay Lin Fan's kindness!

        Xu Tianlong, with all the directors, opened and closed their mouths, resenting them for expelling 'Mr. Lin'!

        And that is to say!

        Lin Fan, is the ultimate key man in this matter!