Today I Give Up Trying 1739

 Within a short time, the group arrived in the middle of a deep mountain forest.

        "Lin Fan!"

        Bai Yi instantly tensed up and grabbed Lin Fan's hand.

        Clearly she had realised the other party's intentions, and this was indeed a good place to kill and bury a corpse.

        But Lin Fan patted Bai Yi's hand.

        "Fool, did you forget that your husband is a Grand Master?"


        Upon hearing this, Mao Xiaobo and the others who were in the front froze and turned their heads to look at Lin Fan with an expression of looking at an idiot: "Kid, you're a fucking idiot!

        "Kid, you're fucking scared silly, you're a Grand Master? Do you think Grand Masters are turnip cabbages on the roadside?"

        "Really, these days any kind of cat or dog dares to pretend to be a Grand Master!"

        Grand Master?

        Are you kidding me?

        When did a Grand Master in his early twenties exist in China?

        Do they really think they don't know what they're talking about?

        "Does this kid think he can fool us like this? What a joke!"

        "Fuck, you're still a Grand Master, why don't you say you're a Lin Zuo? Wouldn't that be more imposing?"

        Everyone let out a loud laugh, all mocking Lin Fan's overly stupid way of saving his life, it was simply a laughing stock.

        At this point, however, Lin Fan only sneered in response.

        "Whether I am a Grand Master or not, you will soon find out."


        Mao Xiaobao's and the others' faces instantly sank as they shouted violently.

        "Get out of the car right now, all of you!"

        They no longer wanted to see Lin Fan's disgusting look of pretence, they immediately wanted Lin Fan, a guy who didn't know the sky was high, to kneel down in front of them like a dead dog.

        And Lin Fan just laughed, before slowly pushing open the car door and walking down.

        Hey, he really dared to come down!

        Mao Xiaobao and the others all sneered wistfully, and at this time they all began to admire Lin Fan's guts.

        He was still so shocked at the end of his life, so he was quite a character.

        Mao Xiaobao looked at Lin Fan and laughed fiercely, saying.

        "Kid, see if the feng shui spot I chose for you is still suitable? If it's suitable, I'll dig a random hole here and bury you!"

        Lin Fan surveyed the surroundings before nodding his head.

        "It's indeed a feng shui spot, it's just right for burying you!"

        "Damn it, looking for death!"

        Mao Xiaobao and the others immediately jumped into a thunderstorm, grabbed the weapons in their hands and rushed towards Lin Fan.

        But at that moment, a burst of car roar suddenly sounded.

        And then, Mao Xiaobao and the others saw a black car, speeding from down that hillside, and soon arrived in front of them.

        "Zhu... Zhu family?"

        Seeing that familiar license plate, Mao Xiaobao was directly about to be paralyzed with fear.

        How could someone from the Zhu family appear here?

        It wasn't just him, those gentry behind him were also like rats seeing a cat.

        They were the famous princelings of the Old Town, but when compared to the top-tier gentry like the Zhu family, they were the dregs of the establishment.

        And then, they suddenly saw Zhu Yuanzhao and Zhu Qianlong pushing open the car door at the same time, their faces grim as they walked towards them.

        A division of tigers and wolves?

        Seeing this father and son, the gentry, led by Mao Xiaobao, induced a frightened heart and an even worse premonition in their hearts.

        "Who are you people, how dare you kidnap Mr. Lin and Madam Lin, kidnap my Zhu family's VIPs, are you looking for death?"

        Zhu Yuan Chao directly roared in a stern voice, since yesterday he had closely arranged for his men to follow Lin Fan, just to seek an opportunity to befriend him.

        As expected, the emperor was not to be thanked for these brainiacs who didn't know what they were doing!

        Hearing this, Mao Xiaobao and the others completely exploded, and their eyes seemed to glare out of their sockets.

        Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin?

        These two were actually the Zhu family's VIPs?

        How was this possible, weren't they the wild children born to Song Yao, the daughter of the Song family?

        Those gentry's mouths opened wide, finally knowing why Lin Fan was so calm, he had the Zhu family as his backer and didn't even put them in his eyes.

        It was over!

        They had let Song Jingteng get the best of them!