Today I Give Up Trying 1738

 Wild seeds?

        Hearing these incomparably harsh two words, Lin Fan's face instantly turned gloomy.

        He hadn't expected the reunion with the Song family to be accompanied by humiliation and contempt right from the start either.

        "What's that look in your eyes, am I wrong? Aren't you just a wild child?"

        Song Jingteng said with a look of contempt :

        "What, after being abandoned by the Lin family, you want to come and flatter our Song family again? Don't dream!"

        "That shameless bitch Song Yao, who is unmarried and pregnant but still refuses to abort this wild child of yours, disgraces our Song family, she deserves to die!"


        Lin Fan was utterly furious, a horrifying murderous look fiercely surfaced in his eyes.

        And then, with a furious kick, he kicked out angrily.


        Song Jingteng flew straight out sideways and then hit the ground heavily, vomiting blood on the spot.

        Lin Fan's eyes were glowing with ferocity as he stared deadly at his opponent:

        "What are you, and how dare you insult my mother!"

        This was his scales, those who touched it would be killed!

        No one could insult his mother, who had died to save him, in front of him.

        "Lin Fan don't!"

        Bai Yi hurriedly grabbed Lin Fan's hand, not wanting him to cross paths with the Song family on his first visit.

        But she didn't know that if Lin Fan hadn't shown mercy, that kick just now would have been enough to kill Song Jingteng.

        " dare to hit me? How dare you hit me, you wild bastard?"

        Song Jingteng thundered, in the entire Old Town, no one had ever dared to hit him.

        "You wait, I'll have you killed!"

        Song Jingteng roared out angrily, his eyes filled with resentment and he was about to call someone to clean up Lin Fan.

        But at that moment, a group of gentry came over from outside.

        "Brother Song, what's wrong?"

        Song Jingteng then said in a flaming voice :

        "This is the wild bastard Song Yao gave birth to, how dare he hit me, you guys clean him up well for me, I'm busy with something now, I don't have time to deal with him."

        "Brother Song, don't worry, if this kid falls into our hands, we will make sure he will die a good death."

        A small fatty stepped out while staring at Lin Fan wistfully :

        "Kid, it's your bad luck to fall into my Mao Xiaobao's hands! If you don't break a leg today, you won't even be able to leave alive!"

        At this moment, Song Jingteng was also staring at Lin Fan with a ruthless gaze, and then looked at Bai Yi next to him with a lecherous smile:

        "A broken leg is not enough, I want him dead!"

        "Leave this beautiful girl to me, I want to play with her properly!"

        Song Jingteng said with a malicious face, he had never seen, such a beautiful woman before.

        It was too bad not to have some fun!

        And then Song Jingteng went away, in a hurry to find the famous chef, not daring to neglect that divine doctor Lin.

        And then, several gentry surrounded Lin Fan with ill intentions, and

        They all said with fierce smiles on their faces.

        "Kid, you should know that we won't let you off easily, right?"

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, swept a disgusted glance at them and said in a cold voice.

        "If you don't want to die, all of you get the fuck out of here!"

        "Crap, you're talking to Laozi?"

        Mao Xiaobao's eyes widened as he looked at Lin Fan with extreme annoyance.

        This dog, seeing so many of them, how dare he be so arrogant?

        "Brothers, tie this brat up for me and drag him to an unoccupied place to be slowly cannibalised."

        A few gentry immediately shouted strangely and took out a few sticks from their own trunk, before saying with a bad smile.

        "Kid, are you coming with us yourself, or are we going to maim you and then drag you away?"

        It looked like they were sure of Lin Fan.

        "Fine, I'll go with you."

        Lin Fan smiled, since the other party insisted on seeking death, there was no reason for him to refuse was there?

        And then, Lin Fan and Bai Yi simply got into their car.

        This scene caused Mao Xiaobao and the others to be directly confused, this kid was resigning himself to his fate?

        He didn't even put up the most basic resistance and just tied his hands?

        After that, they laughed out loud, this was good, it would save them the trouble, when they got to the place they could just dig a hole and bury Lin Fan.