Today I Give Up Trying 1737


        The next morning, Lin Fan and Bai Yi set off together, heading for the Song family!

        It was only at this time that Bai Yi realised that the person Lin Fan was taking her to meet was actually his grandfather.

        This made Bai Yi a little nervous and had the feeling of an ugly daughter-in-law meeting her grandfather-in-law.

        At that moment, she complained a little and said.

        "Why didn't you tell me in advance so I could buy something, it's so unlike me to go empty-handed like this!"

        Lin Fan gave her a smiling look and shook his head, saying.

        "No need, I've already prepared a big gift, Grandpa, his old man will love it!"

        "Today, I'll give his old man a surprise! Likewise, I will also give you a surprise!"

        Bai Yi stopped talking and held Lin Fan's hand tightly, before meekly resting her head on Lin Fan's shoulder.


        And at this time!

        The Song family, was already completely exploding!

        "What did you say? Divine Doctor Lin, is coming to our Song family?"

        A scream instantly cut through the entire Song Family.

        An old man in his seventies stared at his son with wide, cloudy eyes, looking at him in disbelief, a face that had completely turned red by this time.

        He was Lin Fan's grandfather, Song Yurong!

        Not only him, but even the Song family members present were all dumbfounded, looking as if they didn't dare to believe.

        What a joke!

        That was the divine Doctor Lin, a contemporary leader in the medical world, even the Medicine Elder had to respect him, and now he was even the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huafu Pharmaceutical.

        In the eyes of the Song family, such a personage was the white moon on high, while they were as lowly as dust.

        How could he look up to their small Song family?

        What a dream!

        Everyone felt like they were dreaming!

        It was as if an ordinary person had won tens of millions of dollars in the Mark Six lottery and was too ecstatic to believe it was real.

        "Dad, it's true! It was Zhang Jianjun himself who called, telling us to get ready in advance and that Zhang Jianjun would come later too!"


        The entire Song family was instantly pushed to an unprecedented climax.

        Zhang Jianjun calling?

        Such an existence personally called them, how could that be fake?

        Their Song Family, was this a sparrow flying up the branch to become a phoenix?

        "God has blessed my Song family! With Dr. Lin's favour, my Song family will be able to soar to great heights!"

        Song Yuerong was in tears of excitement, and then roared out.

        "Quick! Prepare the best food and wine, and treat the divine Doctor Lin with the highest courtesy!"

        "Whoever dares to neglect Divine Doctor Lin will be expelled from the Song family!"

        All the Song Clan were in an uproar, and then they scrambled to prepare.

        How could they dare to neglect Divine Doctor Lin?

        He was a great gift from the heavens to their Song family, a great future.

        Although they didn't know why such a great man would look at their small Song family, this was an opportunity that could not be missed.

        At that moment, Song Yurong ordered his grandson.

        "Song Jingteng, immediately go to the five-star hotel and invite their chef to take the helm, no matter how much it costs, bring him here for me!"


        Song Jingteng hurriedly agreed, and then rushed out of the door full of excitement, knowing that this was a big task for him at this time.


        Song Jingteng had only just arrived at the door when he saw a pair of plainly dressed men standing in front of their house, just about to knock on the door.

        Because the two men were too low-profile, Song Jingteng didn't even think of them as the divine Doctor Lin.

        At that moment, he asked impatiently.

        "Who are you, what are you doing here sneaking around?"

        Bai Yi and Lin Fan both froze, not expecting this first Song family member to come out with such a bad attitude.

        However, Lin Fan didn't want to bother with him and said with a smile.

        "I'm Lin Fan, I'm here to..."

        But Lin Fan had only just said his name, before he had time to play the next round.

        Song Jingteng had already exclaimed in astonishment.

        "Lin Fan, you're the wild child?"