Today I Give Up Trying 1736

 Lin Fan had never known much about his relatives on his mother's side, it was as if they had never existed in his impression.

        But now the Blood Hell Mad God had actually told him that he had found his grandfather?

        A certain soft spot in Lin Fan's heart was instantly touched.

        Immediately, he was asking nervously.

        "Where are they now?"

        "Right in the imperial capital, over in the old city of West Hill! There is quite some power in the area, and your grandfather's name is Song Yurong!"

        Lin Fan could no longer hold back his excitement and said.

        "Tomorrow prepare a gift, I want to visit Grandpa's family!"

        I just don't know!

        What kind of expression would grandfather have after seeing himself?


        When he arrived at the hotel, Lin Fan just wanted to tell Bai Yi the good news.

        But instead, he saw Bai Yi sitting on the bed, wiping her tears one by one.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan was completely frozen and thought that he was sad in his heart because he had been beaten.

        He hurriedly greeted him and comforted him, saying.

        "Wife, it's alright! Pill Elder has been saved and the one who beat you has paid the price, don't cry anymore!"

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi, however, turned her head with a burning gaze and stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        "Lin Fan, just how much longer are you going to keep this from me?"


        Lin Fan's heart sank, and he looked at Bai Yi in shock.

        Could it be that his own wife, had found out something?

        Seeing Lin Fan's expression like this, Bai Yi was even more certain that she had guessed correctly, and thus cried even harder: "You're still going to lie to me?

        "You're still going to lie to me? Do you really think I'm stupid? Why is it that every time something goes wrong, as long as you're there, you can always solve it?"

        "Why did you manage to contact so many big names like Lin Zuo, the King of Blood Prison and Lin Shen He?"

        "And why do even a super diva like Zhang Yichen and a divine doctor like Li Kaoran look up to you? It's not just because you're a Grand Master, and if you didn't tell me before, I wouldn't ask!"

        "But now I must know!"

        Bai Yi was resolute, if Lin Fan didn't tell the truth today, she definitely wouldn't be willing to give up!

        Lin Fan laughed bitterly and said.

        "Why do you have to know today?"

        However, as soon as Lin Fan's words left his mouth!

        Bai Yi, however, hugged him at once and said in a pitiful voice.

        "Because I'm scared, I'm really scared! You're becoming more and more outstanding, and there are more and more outstanding women around you, and I'm afraid that one day, I'll lose you completely!"

        "Honey, you're mine! No one can snatch you away!"

        "Please, can you tell me who you really are?"

        Lin Fan was stunned, and felt a warmth well up in his heart.

        Immediately, he embraced Bai Yi with infinite tenderness in his eyes.

        "I'll tell you, I'll tell you everything!"

        At this point, Lin Fan decided to confess his identity, so as not to put his woman in fear anymore.

        Bai Yi hurriedly lifted her head and looked at Lin Fan seriously.

        "Is what you said true?"

        All along, she had been deeply suspicious of Lin Fan's explanation, but the considerate woman was never willing to pursue it too much.

        If Lin Fan didn't say anything, she wouldn't ask!

        It was her duty to be a good wife!

        But now it was different, she realised that there was a crisis and more and more women were appearing around Lin Fan.

        She was worried that if things went on like this, her husband would be taken away from her.

        She didn't want to be so frightened any more!

        So she wanted Lin Fan to tell her who Lin Fan really was!

        But what she didn't expect was that Lin Fan, who had been hiding it from her, would let go for the first time and promise to tell her who she was.

        And was Lin Fan, too, finally going to reveal his mysterious veil?

        Lin Fan smiled and nodded, gently stroking Bai Yi's hair and said.

        "Tomorrow, I will take you to a place, and when you get there know that you will know everything you want to know!"