Today I Give Up Trying 1734

 Every time Lin Fan made a move, it was described as stone-cold, while every time he made a move it made them even more terrified.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, looked at Zhu Yuanzhao indifferently.

        "Can you release them now?"

        Surprisingly, it was a gesture of admonishment!

        It blew up!

        It was completely exploding!

        Everyone didn't dare to imagine what kind of existence could speak to Zhu Yuan Chao in such a lofty attitude in full view of everyone.

        This was like a dream to them!

        All the bigwigs were stunned!

        However, Zhu Yuan Chao continued to look respectful as follows.

        "Mr. Lin is joking, Elder Pill is only here as our guest, we have absolutely no intention of making things difficult for him."

        "If you want, you can pick him up anytime!"

        At these words, even Li Kaoran was shocked!

        Was this some kind of magic Lin Fan had cast?

        That was Zhu Yuan Chao!

        A Zhu Yuan Dynasty that even Lin Hongtu didn't have any regard for!

        But Lin Fan had written just a few words, and he had easily fixed the matter?

        Lin Hongtu directly went mad and walked towards Zhu Yuanzhao with big steps: "Zhu Yuanzhao, old man!

        "Zhu Yuanchao, old thing! What do you mean, you don't give me face, but let this little brat lead the man away?"

        "Are you deliberately going against me?"

        On purpose!

        In Lin Hongtu's opinion, Zhu Yuanzhao must have done it on purpose, to humiliate him so he let Lin Fan take the man away.

        In order to humiliate him in front of a large crowd!


        Zhu Yuanzhao, however, gave him a faint look and said with a mocking tone.

        "What are you, worthy of being compared to Mr. Lin?"


        When the crowd heard this, they were all dumbfounded.

        In Zhu Yuanzhao's eyes, Lin Hongtu's status was still inferior to this kid in front of him?

        What a joke!

        And at this moment, Lin Hongtu was also completely dumbfounded, a flash of horror fiercely surfaced in his heart, could it be that there was still an identity in Lin Fan that he didn't know about?

        "Bring the man out, I'm in a hurry!"

        Lin Fan said indifferently.

        "What are you still standing there for, why don't you quickly bring the man out?"

        Zhu Yuanzhao gave Zhu Qianlong a vicious glare before turning his head to face Lin Fan: "Mr. Lin, please wait.

        "Mr. Lin, please wait for a moment, I will release Pill Elder immediately."

        On Lin Hongtu's side, after seeing this scene, he had gone completely numb.

        Every single one's mind was blank, only feeling that what was happening in front of them was too absurd and unbelievable.

        It made them, unable to believe it was real!

        Within a short time, Pill Elder was brought out, and then Li Kaoran hurriedly and quickly greeted him, nervously asking.

        "Master, is your old man alright?"

        "I'm fine!"

        Pill Elder shook his head, but looked at Lin Fan with a complicated expression.

        Although he knew that Lin Fan wasn't an ordinary person, he didn't expect him to be this excellent, having the oily Zhu Yuanzhao release himself of his own accord just two hours after he was kidnapped.

        Moreover, seeing Zhu Yuanchao's respectful appearance, Elder Medicine was more and more certain that he had underestimated the young man in front of him.

        And at this time, Lin Fan turned his words around and said in a slightly questioning manner.

        "Before, who beat up my wife?"


        Zhu Yuanchao's body instantly tensed up, and his entire body looked at Lin Fan in front of him with incomparable fear as if he had exploded.


        The Zhu Qianlong beside him was even drier, directly kneeling down on the ground, trembling all over.

        "Mr. Lin spare your life, spare your life!"

        "I didn't do it on purpose, because I didn't even know about her relationship with you, that's why..."

        Zhu Qianlong was on the verge of tears, hitting Lin Zha's woman, wasn't that seeking death?

        This man in front of him, not to mention him, even his father couldn't afford to offend him, at this time he could only kneel down and apologize!


        Zhu Yuan Chao completely stormed out, before roaring angrily.

        "Someone, break Zhu Qianlong's legs!"