Today I Give Up Trying 1732

 Was he, Lin Hongtu, still inferior to this punk in front of him?

        At this time, one of the bigwigs was looking at Lin Fan in shock.

        "This kid in front of him, he doesn't really have a way to save Old Medicine, does he?"

        If that was the case, then they would have lost a lot of face!

        More than a dozen super greats who were considered leaders in their respective fields were, in the end, no match for a yellow-haired kid in his early twenties.

        "Impossible! No matter what method that kid used to confuse Zhu Qianlong, but someone we couldn't save, he alone wants to save?"

        "What kind of a thing is he!"

        Lin Hongtu shouted angrily.

        And at this time, the bigwigs present could all clearly feel that Lin Hongtu was in a bad mood, so one by one, they did not dare to squeal.

        And at this moment!

        Zhu Yuanzhao was thinking of how to clean up Pill Elder so that he could obediently inform Divine Doctor Lin.

        But then he suddenly saw Zhu Qianlong stumbling in, as if he had seen a ghost, and knocking over quite a few things along the way.

        Zhu Yuanzhao's face instantly sank and he said unhappily.

        "What are you doing, letting the wolves whisk you away?"


        Zhu Qianlong instantly knelt down for Zhu Yuanzhao and said in a frightened voice.

        "Dad, let the people go! Let them go!"


        Zhu Yuan Chao's face suddenly changed, finally realizing that something was wrong with his son's change.

        Right then, it was that he instantly stood up and asked uneasily.

        "Is it possible that that old thing Lin Hongtu has brought in some unbelievable figure to step in?"

        "It's not Lin Hongtu!"

        Zhu Qianlong shook his head.

        At that!

        Zhu Yuanzhao sighed in relief, as long as it wasn't Lin Hongtu, nowadays in the imperial capital, he really didn't put anyone else in his eyes other than Lin Hongtu as his enemy.

        "Dad, he's even more terrifying than Lin Hongtu!"


        Zhu Yuanzhao's heart, which had only been put down, hung in the air once again as he asked in horror.

        "What kind of person are you talking about?"

        At that moment, Zhu Qianlong was already too frightened to speak, and instead handed the cloth to Zhu Yuanzhao!

        Zhu Yuan Chao opened it up to take a look, and then fiercely sucked in a breath of cold air backwards.

        He was directly on the verge of being scared silly!

        There were just a few words written on it, but they were enough to scare him to death!

        "Lin Zuo!"


        From that pale and powerful gesture, it was as if Zhu Yuanzhao could clearly feel the other party's anger.

        Lin Zuo, it was actually Lin Zuo?

        He couldn't be dreaming, could he?

        How could Lin Zuo find him?

        A big shot like that was actually related to Pill Elder?

        He was scared, completely scared!

        That was one of the four great military leaders of China, and the one with the most promising future.

        Even if he were to offend Lin Hongtu, Zhu Yuanzhao would not dare to offend the Lin Seat.

        This was because no one could imagine what heights Lin Zhaoge would climb to in the future, and now there was already internal news that the higher-ups intended to train Lin Zhaoge to be the commander of the three armies.

        Under such circumstances, they were simply looking for death to offend Lin!

        Zhu Yuanzhao's old face was white, no longer the majesty and pride he had before, he could never have dreamed that even Lin Zuo had come out to fish for Old Man Pill.

        At that moment!

        Zhu Yuanzhao then looked at Zhu Qianlong nervously.

        "You've seen Lin Zuo?"

        Zhu Qianlong nodded with difficulty and said in a trembling voice.

        "He... He's right outside, a young man in his twenties!"

        In his twenties?

        Zhu Yuanchao was shocked, that Lin Zhaoge was only in his twenties?

        That was... A bit too young, right?

        He had thought that the Ni Huang army seat, would have been young enough, but it was also over thirty years old.

        Now the Lin Zuo who had emerged was only in his twenties!

        Damn it!

        Wasn't this the contemporary Zhou Yu?

        Zhou Yu had commanded 400,000 sailors at the age of fourteen, and by the time he reached his twenties, he was already a hot general in Jiangdong, and his prestige in Jiangdong even surpassed that of Sun Quan.

        And this Lin Zha, right now, was comparable to Zhou Lang of the Three Kingdoms!

        "Are you sure that's Lin Zha? Could it be that he is scamming you?"