Today I Give Up Trying 1731

 The bigwigs, too, were all looking at Lin Fan with contemptuous expressions.

        Where did this brainwashed person come from?

        "A newborn calf isn't afraid of a tiger!"

        Lin Hongtu shook his head, but he also had a contemptuous expression on his face, not believing that a few words could make Zhu Yuanzhao go soft.

        People Zhu Yuanzhao didn't even give him face, so how would he give Lin Fan face?

        "Kid, don't do anything rash! In case you anger Zhu Yuan Chao and cause something bad to happen to Medicine Elder, we will definitely not spare you!"

        "Trying to save someone with just a few words is too whimsical, isn't it? Where did this oddball come from? I've never seen such a brainless and arrogant backwoodsman!"

        Even Li Kaoran was deeply suspicious of Lin Fan and asked nervously.

        "Lin Fan, can you really save my master with this?"

        "It will definitely be possible, trust me!"

        Lin Fan nodded heavily, before sneering and looking at Lin Hongtu and the others.

        "And Zhu Yuan Chao will even come out and apologize to us personally!"


        Lin Hongtu froze and laughed even louder.

        "It's over, it's over, this kid is completely crazy, to say that he wants Zhu Yuan Chao to come out and apologise to him personally, he doesn't even take a piss and look at his own virtue."

        "Even my father doesn't have this ability!"

        Lin Zhanxie was laughing so hard that he could hardly stand up straight, this was the first time he had seen someone so capable of pretending.

        The bigwigs in the audience were all shaking their heads one after another, the more this backwoodsman talked, the less sense he had.

        As if he was some kind of big shot.

        Not to mention them!

        Even Zhu Qianlong, who was at this moment, couldn't help but be on fire after seeing this arrogant attitude of Lin Fan, his eyes filled with anger:.

        "Kid, are you looking down on our Zhu family?"

        With just a few words, you wanted their Zhu Clan to release him?

        What kind of humiliation is this?

        Do you really think that the Zhu family is made of clay?

        "You'd better take a look at what it says before you say anything!"

        Lin Fan said with a cold smile as he looked at Zhu Qianlong.

        "No matter what it says, our Zhu family will not let anyone go today, and you will die here for humiliating our Zhu family!"

        Zhu Qianlong cursed as he opened the strip of cloth, and then he closed his mouth in an instant.

        In the next instant, he was sucking in a vicious breath of cold air backwards and looked at Lin Fan incomparably horrified as he said.

        "You! This... This can't be!"

        Zhu Qianlong's voice was like a miserable scream, filled with a thick sense of shock and disbelief.

        It was like being scared out of his wits!

        This scene also caused Zhu Yuanzhao, father and son, to be completely dismayed, what exactly had Zhu Qianlong seen that he was scared to such an extent.

        It was almost as if he had seen a ghost alive!

        What had happened?

        What had been written on that piece of cloth?

        Zhu Qianlong's face was instantly white as he changed from his previous arrogance and looked at Lin Fan incomparably frightened.

        In response, Lin Fan acted extremely indifferent and said coldly.

        "My time is limited, if you don't satisfy me in three minutes, you Zhu family will be responsible for the consequences!"

        A threat!

        This fellow, how dare he threaten the Zhu Clan in front of a large crowd?

        Moreover, in front of all the Hidden Dragon Killers?

        At this time, if Zhu Qianlong moved his mouth, Lin Fan would disappear from this world forever.


        In the next moment, Zhu Qianlong's reaction was one that left everyone present stunned, only to see him nodding his head one after another with a frightened expression.

        "You... You wait a moment, I will go and report to my father right away!"

        He was so arrogant and arrogant that he could be compared to Lin Hongtu and the others.

        This scene directly stunned everyone present!

        Could it be that their status in the Zhu family was not as good as this trash in front of them?

        An illusion!

        This was a f*cking hallucination!

        Everyone was in disarray at this time, unable to believe their eyes.

        Especially Lin Hongtu!

        At this time, he felt viciously slapped in the face.

        Zhu Qianlong hadn't even put them in his sights, but Lin Fan had simply written a few words and Zhu Qianlong was directly scared out of his wits?