Today I Give Up Trying 1730


        How could Zhu Qianlong allow Lin Hongtu to meet his own father?

        Immediately, a sneer surfaced in his eyes.

        "Lin Clan Master, I think you heard just now that Elder Pill is having a good conversation with my father right now, so I don't want to be disturbed!"

        "I think you'd better do it another time! Please go back, all of you!"


        All the bigwigs all changed their expressions, they had underestimated the Zhu Family's toughness.

        So many of them had come to pay a visit, but the Zhu Family had even avoided them, instead giving them an order of expulsion.

        This was a clear indication that even if they were not given face, they would still keep Pill Elder in the Zhu Family!

        I'm afraid that today's matter will hardly end well!

        In an instant!

        Lin Hongtu's face also turned not too good, he was afraid that Zhu Yuanzhao, that old fox, had also developed a strong interest in the new vaccine, that was why his attitude was so resolute.

        The vaccine must not fall into their hands, otherwise one day the Zhu family would definitely resurface, and by that time, their Lin family would be in complete jeopardy.

        The main thing is that Lin Fan is still watching, and he has already boasted that he can't save Pill Elder at this time.

        Wouldn't that be a joke to Lin Fan, the little beast?

        At that moment, Lin Hongtu was saying in a deep voice.

        "Zhu Qianlong, does your Zhu family really want to force us to make a big deal out of it? If the outside world knew that your Zhu Family had kidnapped the highly respected Medicine Elder, I think even you would still be left in the lurch!"

        But Zhu Qianlong scoffed!

        "Master Lin, I'll say it one last time, we didn't kidnap him! We are merely inviting Pill Elder to be our guest, and if you dare to maliciously slander him, our Zhu Family will also take appropriate measures for the sake of our reputation!"


        Lin Hongtu was instantly enraged.

        And Lin Zhanxie was also extremely annoyed, shouting and cursing.

        "Dad, what's the point of talking nonsense with him, just break in!"

        A hard break-in?

        Zhu Qianlong's complexion suddenly sank, and then he said in a stern voice.

        "You can try!"

        The words had just fallen!

        Swish, swish, swish!

        One after another, masked black shadows appeared in the middle of the field, all with a murderous aura emerging from their bodies!

        It was obviously broad daylight, but these people gave them an extremely gloomy feeling, just like the evil spirits that came from hell.

        The Hidden Dragon Kill!

        An alliance of assassins that had existed with the Zhu family for centuries!

        The moment they saw them, the bigwigs' faces and legs went weak, for they all knew that these people in front of them could really dare to kill.

        They were the deadly soldiers of the Zhu family, and as long as the Zhu family gave the order, even if they were asked to kill their own parents, wives and children, they wouldn't even blink an eye.

        At that moment, Lin Hongtu's face also became ugly, he knew that there was no way to break in today.

        "So you, Lin family, are no better than that!"

        Just as Lin Hongtu was annoyed by this, there was a mocking voice from Lin Fan in his ears.


        Lin Hongtu instantly stared Lin Fan down in a murderous manner:.

        "Who are you, do you have the right to speak here?"

        "If you have the guts, you do it!"

        This fellow was nothing more than a mouthpiece!

        If he had the ability to save Old Medicine, he wouldn't need to stand here silently!


        Lin Fan laughed, before saying.

        "I'll do it, I'll do it!"

        With that, he said to Li Huoran at the side.

        "Do you have paper and a pen?"

        Li Kaoran gave Lin Fan a puzzled look, not knowing what he wanted to do.

        "I have a pen, but no paper!"

        "Then let's take it from the ground!"

        Lin Fan pulled off a piece of clothing from his own body, and then wrote something on it.

        Immediately afterwards, he took it to Zhu Qianlong, while saying :

        "Give this to Zhu Yuanchao, he will know what to do!"



        And with this action, he immediately made Lin Zhanxiang burst out in wild laughter.

        "Lin Fan, do you have a bubble in your brain? There's nothing we can do with so many bigwigs here, and you can get Zhu Yuanzhao to release him just by writing a few words, who do you think you are?"