Today I Give Up Trying 1729

 Lin Fan glanced at the huge crowd of people pressing down behind Lin Hongtu's father and son!

        He found that all the bigwigs from all walks of life had come!

        Because of Lin Hongtu's order, they had put aside everything they were doing to come here to save Old Man Pill.

        This kind of rallying power was indeed terrifying!

        "Got it? If you do, then hurry up and get lost! We'll save Pill Elder, there's no need for you to meddle!"

        Save Pill Elder?

        Li Kaoran instantly froze, seemingly finding it unbelievable!

        Didn't the Lin family have an enmity with Lin Fan?

        And since Pill Elder had been helping Lin Fan, they should not want Pill Elder to die, right?

        And Lin Fan also instantly reacted and laughed, saying.

        "I'm only afraid that you guys didn't have good intentions when you saved Pill Elder!"

        Lin Hongtu was not a fool, he would not do anything without benefits, so the so-called saving of Pill Elder must be an attempt to cause mischief!

        Lin Zhanxie did not hide it either, and laughed loudly, saying.

        "That's right, we saved Pill Elder just to make him owe us a favour, and then we'll make Pill Elder cancel the cooperation with your New White Clan!"

        "Lin Fan, my Lin family will let you know what will happen if you offend us!"

        Lin Zhanxie looked rampant as he laughed out loud.

        He was going to trample Lin Fan, fiercely, under his feet, so that Lin Fan would be filled with shame, yet there was nothing he could do about it.

        Cough, cough!

        Lin Hongtu coughed twice and looked at Lin Zhanxie angrily, disgusted that Lin Zhanxie was talking too much nonsense.

        This son of his was simply a brainless fool, revealing his intentions so quickly, wouldn't that make Lin Fan wary first?

        This, is simply a brainless idiot!

        Lin Zhanxie also sensed Lin Hongtu's anger, and then shrank back, not daring to continue speaking.

        But the look Lin Zhanxie gave Lin Fan was still one of taunting and mockery.

        It seemed to be making fun of Lin Fan for the fact that he was about to lose all his success!

        Lin Fan laughed and said.

        "Good, then let's see if you have the ability to do so!"

        If he could get the Lin family to save Pill Elder without having to make a move, then he would naturally be happy to do so.

        "No need for you to worry, we will definitely be able to save Pill Elder!"

        Lin Zhanxie once again spoke up more, extremely arrogantly saying.

        "We're not trash like you!"

        After that, Lin Hongtu walked towards the Zhu family with great strides, and then spoke to the Zhu family, saying.

        "Tell Zhu Yuanzhao that we already know about Pill Elder being kidnapped by him, I hope he will release Pill Elder immediately and not make a mistake on his own!"

        The attitude, very tough!

        And the guard looked at Lin Hongtu for a moment, before returning without condescension.

        "Wait here!"

        At that moment!

        Zhu Yuanzhao and Zhu Qianlong received the news that Lin Hongtu had led a group of bigwigs to come here to demand people!

        "Lin Hongtu is out to get that old bastard? When did their relationship get this good?"

        Zhu Qianlong said with a frown, somewhat puzzled in his heart as to what medicine Lin Hongtu was selling in his gourd.

        Zhu Yuanzhao, on the other hand, snorted coldly.

        "Who cares what they want, if they want to get someone out, it will never happen anyway. Who does Lin Hongtu think he is?"

        "Go out and get rid of them!"


        Zhu Qianlong promised, and then walked out with quick steps.

        Upon seeing Lin Hongtu, his face however still wore a disdainful expression.

        "Master Lin Clan, goodbye! What do you want to do by coming to our Zhu Clan in such an aggressive manner?"

        Lin Zhanxie suddenly had a chilly expression and directly shouted at Zhu Qianlong.

        "Zhu Qianlong, don't play dumb, hurry up and release Pill Elder, kidnapping is a serious crime, even your Zhu family can't afford it!"


        Zhu Qianlong glanced at Lin Zhanxie with contempt and sneered.

        "Kidnapping? What are you talking about? Pill Master is just a guest at our Zhu family's residence and is now having a good conversation with my father!"

        "There is no such thing as kidnapping or not kidnapping!"

        This conversation alone was enough to see the gap between Zhu Qianlong and Lin Zhanxie.

        Lin Hongtu also frowned, and heard Zhu Qianlong's hidden meaning, which clearly meant that he did not want to release him.

        And then, Lin Hongtu changed his attitude and said indifferently.

        "It's good that it's not a kidnapping, it just so happens that we haven't seen your father for some time, so please pass on the message that we, Lin Hongtu, would like to see you today!"