Today I Give Up Trying 1728

 Pill Elder was right, Zhu Yuanzhao was indeed trying to turn Divine Doctor Lin into a tool for his wealth!

        That kid was able to develop a new type of vaccine, and could probably develop other even more remarkable remedies in the future, so wouldn't that be a cash cow?

        Under such circumstances, how could they give up?

        Seeing that Pill Elder was stubborn, Zhu Yuanzhao also lost his patience and simply tore his face off, saying angrily.

        "Lock this old thing up for me without food or drink! Until he is willing to cooperate!"

        At these words!

        Zhu Qianlong immediately laughed and said in a stern voice.

        "Someone, drag this old thing who doesn't know how to live and die down to him!"


        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan had also received news of Pill Elder's whereabouts and had told Li Kaoran!

        Just as soon as she heard it, Li Kaoran was flushed and her body trembled uneasily.

        The Zhu Family!

        This was a terrifying power, and their existence had far-reaching implications for the imperial capital, and even for the whole of China.

        Moreover, they were also the only power that didn't have to give face to the Pharmaceutical Association, and if Pill Elder fell into their hands, he was only afraid that he was in danger.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled and said comfortingly to Li Kaoran.

        "Don't worry, the real target they put is me, they won't make things difficult for your master before they've even met me."


        Li Kaoran then looked at Lin Fan in confusion and asked in disbelief.

        "Why are they so obsessed with finding you, and even more so, why do they want to see you even at the risk of kidnapping?"

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, had already gained insight into everything and sneered.

        "Because they want my vaccine, and they want this medical skill of mine!"

        "More so because they want me to be their dog!"

        By the end of his voice, he was already covered in bone-deep killing intent!

        About half an hour later, Lin Fan and Li Huoran arrived at the Zhu family!

        And it was then that Li Kaoran looked at Lin Fan at the side and asked uneasily.

        "Are you sure that you alone can make the Zhu family give in?"

        Although Li Kaoran knew that Lin Fan's identity was extraordinary, he had never associated him with the Lin Throne or the King of Blood Prison.

        That Zhu Family was an existence that even the Lin Family was quite scornful of, so could Lin Fan really make the Zhu Family settle down and let her master go with just one person coming over like this?

        Li Kaoran had serious doubts about this!

        After that, Lin Fan smiled faintly.

        "I alone, it's enough!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, a sneer filled with mockery came from behind Lin Fan and Li Xiangran.

        "Just by yourself, you want to save Pill Elder?"

        "Lin Fan, you're putting too much gold on your own face, aren't you?"

        Lin Fan and Li Huoran looked back at the same time and saw Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxie walking over with a sneer of contempt on their faces.

        It seemed that they were extremely disgusted with what Lin Fan had just said!

        Even they were not completely sure, so why was Lin Fan so confident?

        Did he really think that just because he was a Grand Master, he was something?

        That was the Zhu family!

        Although the Zhu Family, with its long history and rich heritage, had not flourished like their Lin Family in the past few years, they still had more than twice as many Grandmasters in their ranks as their Lin Family!

        Moreover, they had also cultivated a group of powerful dead soldiers called the Hidden Dragon Killers, a team so elite that even the Chinese side had to ask them to help with some inconvenient issues.

        For Lin Fan to try to get the Zhu family to release them by force would be a fantasy!

        And Lin Hongtu was also looking at Lin Fan with a taunting face:.

        "Kid, there are some things that can't be solved by force, you need heritage, background, and status!"

        "Unfortunately, you don't have any of these three!"

        Without status, Lin Fan was at best just a reckless man with superb force.

        Not much of anything!

        And at that moment, Lin Zhanxiang also smiled smugly and pointed behind himself.

        "Lin Fan, now I'll show you what it means to have a position of power!"