Today I Give Up Trying 1727

 And Zhu Qianlong also said with a contemptuous look on his face.

        "A small company that comes from a poor countryside, where is it comparable to my Zhu family's large family, you just need to bring Divine Doctor Lin here, I believe he will know who to work with."

        Both father and son Zhu Yuanzhao and Zhu Qianlong were confident that Divine Doctor Lin would never refuse such a powerful partner like them.

        No, I should say he wouldn't dare to refuse!

        And Zhu Yuan Chao also smiled arrogantly and said.

        "It's just a small company, just kick it out when the time comes, can't they still dare to refuse?"

        The attitude of Zhu Yuan Chao's father and son caused Elder Medicine to frown.

        This father and son were indeed as ambitious as ever, or else this father and son would not be called the tiger and wolf division by the outside world.

        Two people, then, were called the division of tigers and wolves, with the old man being a tiger and the son being a wolf, showing all their ferocity and greed.

        They wanted to take Divine Doctor Lin's vaccine and keep it for themselves!

        So naturally, Elder Pill could not help the evil-doer, so he said with a cold face.

        "No matter what you guys do, Divine Doctor Lin will not give up his cooperation with the New White Clan, so you guys should just give up?"


        Zhu Yuanzhao and Zhu Qianlong looked at each other, and the expression in their eyes instantly became extremely cold.

        At that moment, Zhu Qianlong said in a stern voice.

        "Then we should just completely annex the New Bai Clan or close them down, so that Divine Doctor Lin will have to cooperate with us?"

        There was a strong threat in the words!

        The Medicine Elder's face instantly turned gloomy, the other party was much more shameless than he had imagined, they were trying to use this despicable way to replace the New White Clan and Divine Doctor Lin's cooperation.

        And he also knew that Zhu Yuanzhao and his father and son could really do such a thing.

        Seeing that Pill Elder did not speak, Zhu Yuan Chao had also lost his patience, and there was a touch of threat in those words.

        "In that case, old brother is not going to help me?"

        Pill Elder gave a cold hum and said.

        "I won't help the enemy, don't even think about it, and I advise you to let me go, otherwise I can't guarantee that something will happen!"

        It would have been fine if Divine Doctor Lin was just a small doctor, but the problem was that Lin Fan's background was far beyond the imagination of Zhu Yuanzhao's father and son.

        Under such circumstances, if they wanted to swallow Lin Fan, it would be no less than a fool's dream.

        It was absolutely impossible!

        That demon, even the rising Lin family couldn't eat him, so what gives you, a declining Zhu family, the right to do so?

        "Give shame!"

        Zhu Qianlong's eyes instantly showed a fierce light as he stared Pill Elder down with a deadly stare, already in a murderous manner:.

        "Dad, what's the point of talking nonsense with this old man, since he's not willing to help, there's no use in keeping him!"

        "Just kill him!"

        At those words!

        Zhu Yuanzhao then sighed helplessly and looked at Pill Elder with complicated eyes.

        "Old brother, I really don't want to do this, so why do you have to force me?"


        Pill Elder, however, snickered and said in a contemptuous manner.

        "If you want to kill, just kill, why bother with nonsense, if I frown, I will take your surname!"

        This resolute attitude of Pill Elder immediately caused Zhu Yuanzhao and Zhu Qianlong's hearts to sink.

        This old thing was more than just respecting wine and not eating it, he was simply oily.

        For the sake of a Divine Doctor Lin, he had gone so far as to not even want his own life?

        "Old brother, why are you being so bitter? We only want to cooperate with Divine Doctor Lin, not to kill him, why do you have to be so resolute?"

        Zhu Yuan Chao said bitterly, sincerity written all over that face.


        However, when Pill Elder heard this, he instantly laughed wildly, and then coldly stared at Zhu Yuan Chao: "Because I know you too well.

        "Because I know you too well, Zhu Yuanzhao!"

        "You don't care about the patients, you don't care about the healers, all you care about is money!"

        "Doctor Lin, the young man I have high hopes for, you want him to become a tool for your wealth, you are delusional!"


        Zhu Yuan Chao's eyes instantly flashed with a steaming murderous intent!

        At this moment, he was completely enraged!