Today I Give Up Trying 1725

 And at that moment!

        Lin Fan and Li Xiaoran had just walked out of the Li house when Li Xiaoran's mobile phone rang.

        The moment Li Kaoran picked up the phone, she was pale and screamed out.

        "What did you say? Master has been kidnapped?"

        On the side!

        When Lin Fan heard this, he couldn't help but frown.

        Who was so bold, but to kidnap China's God of Medicine?

        "Alright, I'll come over right now!"

        Li Kaoran hung up the phone was looking at Lin Fan with an anxious expression, but before he could say anything, Lin Fan spoke up first.

        "No need to say anything, get in the car first!"

        After that, the two of them went to the place of the incident.

        Only in the car did Li Kaoran tell Lin Fan that about half an hour ago, Elder Pill had been abducted and kidnapped on the road.

        He was discussing further cooperation with Bai Yi at the time, and it was good that Bai Yi was not held hostage.

        Upon arriving at the scene, Lin Fan saw Bai Yi sitting on the roadside with a frightened look in her eyes and a fear that had not yet faded.

        Lin Fan instantly walked over to her and helped her up.

        "Honey, are you all right?"

        When Bai Yi saw Lin Fan and Li Kaoran appear at the same time, she was inevitably a little uncomfortable in her heart.

        However, knowing that now was not the time to dwell on this matter, she shook her head.

        "I'm fine, but Pill Elder has been taken away, and they even said that if they want Pill Elder back, they would let Divine Doctor Lin personally go and ransom him!"


        Li Kaoran and Lin Fan both frowned at the same time, seeming to think that something was odd as well.

        The kidnappers had kidnapped, not for money, but to see Divine Doctor Lin?

        Such a strange request!

        Lin Fan hadn't expected that the other party this was coming directly at him either.

        But obviously the other party didn't know his identity yet, otherwise it would have been Bai Yi who was kidnapped, not Elder Pill.

        "Lin Fan, save my master! You save my master!"

        Li Kaoran grabbed Lin Fan's hand and pleaded with him.

        Lin Fan nodded and said.

        "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to the old man!"

        At this time, however, Lin Fan saw that Bai Yi's face was already red and swollen and bruised.

        At that moment, his eyes shrank fiercely, and a harsh killing intent instantly exploded in his eyes.

        "Who injured you?"

        Bai Yi shook his head and said with a bitter smile.

        "I'm fine, the most important thing right now is to save Pill Elder!"

        Lin Fan quickly made a call and asked Xu Longxiang and the others to help find the way down to Pill Elder.

        And at this time, the Lin family also received the news.

        "Dad, Pill Elder has been kidnapped and there's no news so far!"

        Lin Zhan Griddle said heartily, as he also knew that Pill Elder was doing his best to help Lin Fan and the others reach a partnership with Huafu Pharmaceutical.

        Now that they had been kidnapped, it was naturally good for them.

        "When did this happen?"

        Lin Hongtu was also a little surprised, who was so bold as to dare to arrest an existence like Pill Elder?

        Wasn't this seeking death?

        "Just a moment ago, it was interesting to hear them say that the kidnappers even wanted Divine Doctor Lin to ransom them personally."

        Lin Zhanyuan Griddle laughed heatedly.

        Lin Hongtu's expression instantly became cloudy, but then he slammed the table and said loudly :

        "Let's go, let's go and save Old Medicine now?"


        Lin Zhan Griddle thought he had heard wrong and asked incredulously:

        "Dad, what are you talking about, that old family is working with Lin Fan and the others, it's clear that they don't deal with us, why should we save him?"

        "You don't understand, Elder Medicine was kidnapped and we saved him, that's his life saver, we asked him to cancel the cooperation with Lin Fan, would he dare refuse?"

        Lin Hongtu snorted coldly, a sinister smirk spread across his face :

        "And we can also take the opportunity to get to know Divine Doctor Lin, killing two birds with one stone, why not?"

        "High, really high!"

        Lin Zhanxie gave Lin Hongtu a thumbs up and said with a heated bad smile.

        "This time, Lin Fan's cooperation will be completely ruined!"