Today I Give Up Trying 1724


        Lin Fan's words immediately made Elder Li embarrassed.

        In the next instant, Elder Li looked at Li Kaoran as if pleading.

        "Li Kaoran, grandpa didn't mean it, just forgive grandpa this time, at least have a meal before you leave, okay?"

        The other members of the Li family also looked at Li Kaoran and Lin Fan with pleading faces.

        It was obvious that none of them were willing to miss this opportunity to soar to greatness.

        With this young man, it was possible that their Li family could even surpass the Lin family in the future and become the number one powerful family in China?


        Today's Li family had already broken Li Kaoran's heart, so her attitude was cold: "I'm sorry, old man.

        "Sorry old man, I am no longer a member of the Li family, it is not appropriate for me to continue to stay in the Li family!"

        "From now on, whether I am poor, rich, old, sick or dead, I have nothing to do with your Li family!"

        The implication was that you don't have to go through all the trouble to flatter me, because I won't forgive you!

        With that, she then took Lin Fan's hand and said indifferently.

        "Darling, let's go!"

        After saying that, she didn't wait for Elder Li to continue speaking, so she directly left with Lin Fan.


        Elder Li sat on his butt on the ground, his entire face instantly deadly grey!

        Lin Fan had said that he would make both families despair, and he had indeed done so!

        The Wang family was desperate because their destruction was imminent!

        And the Li family was desperate because they had lost their chance!

        "How dare she put up a front when the old man has put his face down to beg her! Dad, I think this bitch doesn't even care about you, it's good to draw a line with this bitch, she's so arrogant even before she becomes the head of the family, if she were to become the head of the family, she'd be in heaven?"

        She naturally didn't want Li Kaoran to stay here, because if she did, wouldn't they have no chance to be the head of the family?


        But Master Li, who heard these words, instantly exploded.

        He directly got up and threw a slap at the second aunt, sending her fiercely to the ground.

        "Dad, you!"

        The second aunt was directly stunned, looking at Elder Li with a horrified expression.

        "She's the bitch, I think you're the bitch!"

        Old Master Li stormed out as if he was about to eat someone and roared out.

        "What's wrong with her putting up a front? What's wrong with her putting up a front when she's got a man who's such a bully? She's entitled to put up a front, she should put up a front! Because she is now the King's woman!"

        "Furthermore, if it wasn't for you stirring up trouble, how could she have treated me like this, you bitch have ruined my Li family's great future, and you still dare to talk sarcasm here?"

        Those words!

        All the people in that Li family wanted to eat Auntie Er up.

        Even her husband was trembling at this time, not daring to open his mouth to plead for his wife's mercy.

        They were all about to go mad!

        It was all because of the second aunt's family's provocations that they had offended Li Kaoran to the point of completely drawing a line in the sand with the Li family.

        If Li Kaoran was still the heir of the Li family, then wouldn't they have Lin Fan to shelter them in the future?

        In the future, in the whole of China, their Li family would be able to walk around!

        Especially Old Master Li!

        He now hated to kill his second daughter-in-law, if he hadn't swept Li Kaoran out of the house, it was possible that Lin Hongtu would have to nod and bow when he met him in the future!

        But now!

        There was nothing left!

        Even after offending Lin Fan, there was no telling how many forces would target them in the future by association, the current ones being superpowers like Zhang Jianjun and Xu Longxiang.

        This was all because of this bitch!

        "I declare that from today onwards, the second family is expelled from the Li family!"

        "The family will no longer provide them with any resources to help them!"


        Upon hearing these words, Second Uncle and Second Aunt were completely desperate.

        Wouldn't this make them an ordinary person who had to go out to work, live in shabby and cramped rented rooms, and toil hard to make ends meet?

        How could they, who had always been pampered, bear this?

        And at this moment!

        Xu Longxiang and Zhang Jianjun then also walked towards Wang Boyi's father and son with a fierce smile on their faces.

        "We warned your Wang family that once we strike, your Wang family will definitely be removed today!"

        "Now, do you believe it?"