Today I Give Up Trying 1723

 "Master Lin? Hey! Speak up, Lin family head!"

        The Wang family head roared hysterically, and at this time there was actually a crying tone in his voice.

        "Dad, what are we going to do? What are we going to do?"

        Wang Boyi also looked like he was possessed, grabbing his own father's hand and asking after him with tears streaming down his face.

        He had already realised that Lin Hongtu was abandoning them!


        Because this man named Lin Fan in front of him, the Lin family couldn't afford to offend him either!

        "It's alright, it'll be fine! Master Lin, it must have been a wrong press! I'll call again, I'll just call again!"

        The Wang family head's face was white as he repeated over and over again that it was alright, while he kept dialing Lin Hongtu's number.

        But because his hands were trembling, he pressed the wrong number several times!

        When they finally got through, a voice came from the other end that made them despair!

        "Hello, the number you have dialed is switched off..."

        It was switched off!

        Lin Hongtu was completely intent on abandoning them, because he knew he couldn't afford to offend Lin Fan, nor could he save Wang Boyi and his father, so he simply didn't even want to lose face.

        Just turn off the phone and pretend that nothing had happened!


        What kind of existence was it that could make a super overlord like Lin Hongtu, now humiliated?

        The more he called, the more desperate he became, each time the beep of shutting down the phone came, the Wang family head was already trembling uncontrollably by this time.

        "There's no need to call, even if you press the phone to burst, he won't answer your call."

        Lin Fan sneered, looking at Lin Fan like a cat catching a mouse.


        The Wang family head was completely paralyzed with fear as he looked at Lin Fan with a face full of fear:

        "Let us go, as long as you let us go, you can make me do anything!"

        Completely desperate, he could only kneel in front of Lin Fan, begging for forgiveness.


        Lin Fan, however, sneered and said:

        "Just now, you should have let me go, shouldn't you?"

        With a single sentence, he had already stated Lin Fan's attitude.

        And then, Lin Fan looked at Xu Longxiang:

        "Old man Xu, do you mind doing a little bit of the good work for me?"

        Xu Longxiang smiled faintly and said:

        "With pleasure!"

        Wang Boyi's father and son's expressions froze violently, their intestines turning blue at this time.

        Lin Fan was right, they should have let Lin Fan go just now, if they had let him go, where would all this shit be now?

        It was over!

        They were completely finished!

        It was all because of that damned fool Wang Boyi, who had to show off his courage for a moment, that they had finally come to this situation today.

        Wang Boyi should be the one who deserved to die!

        Only then did Lin Fan turn his head and look at Li Huoran.

        "Now we can go!"

        Li Kaoran let out a bitter smile and looked at Lin Fan: "Is that necessary?

        "Is that necessary?"

        She was grateful for what Lin Fan had done for her, earning her back face and letting everyone know that she had made the right decision in abandoning Wang Boyi.

        But right now, all of this was no longer important to her, as the Li family had already abandoned her.

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently.

        "I don't know, but seeing them upset, that would make me happy!"

        And then, he was reaching out his hand and taking Li Kaoran's hand.

        "Let's go, my dear!"

        Li Kaoran blushed and nodded, not making a sound, allowing Lin Fan to pull her out of the Li family.

        But at that moment, Elder Li came running wildly, stopping in front of them in a flash and saying with a smile on his face.

        "Good grandson-in-law, where are you going? You've only just arrived, why are you leaving? You haven't even eaten yet, eat before you go!"

        How could such an outstanding young man, an existence that even the Lin family feared, let him go so easily?

        This is a heavenly opportunity!

        Even if he had to lose this old face, Elder Li would have to give it a try!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, gave him an indifferent look and said in a gloomy manner.

        "I think your old man has misunderstood, I'm a soft-earned white boy, how can I be qualified to be your old man's granddaughter's son-in-law?"

        "I can't afford it!"