Today I Give Up Trying 1722


        Everyone had been dumbfounded by those words!

        It seemed they couldn't believe their ears!

        What had they heard?

        Lin Hongtu, to his surprise, was asking for the other party's opinion?

        That tone of voice, as if he was intent on seeking peace, no longer the unruly and overbearing he was just now!

        Oh my God!

        Were they dreaming?

        Given Lin Hongtu's status, he should have directly told Lin Fan to kneel down and kowtow to Wang Boyi and his father before getting lost, right?

        How could he ask "What do you want?" in a casual manner?

        Something was wrong!

        This was very wrong!

        Wang Boyi's father and son, and even the entire Wang family, felt their hearts leap with fear at this moment, and their fearful eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan.

        It was like they were looking at a devil!

        On the other hand, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up and a fierce smile surfaced.

        "What do you want? I just want them to die!"

        What the hell?

        When the Wang family heard this, their scalps exploded.

        In the face of Lin Hongtu, how dare Lin Fan say such arrogant words?

        Wanting the Wang family to die?

        He wanted to beat his dog to death in front of its owner?

        This could no longer be described as arrogance!

        He simply didn't know how to live!

        However, everyone thought that Lin Hongtu would be furious this time.

        However, Lin Hongtu's next reaction left everyone stunned.

        "Lin Fan, give me face and let them go!"

        Lin Hongtu, at the other end, said in an extremely humiliating manner.

        There was even, somewhat of a pleading tone!

        This was because he knew very well that threats were useless to Lin Fan, the other party was not afraid of his Lin family at all, and could even be said to have not put their Lin family in their eyes.

        If he came to a hard line, it would only backfire!

        Instead, his condescension directly caused these two families to be on the verge of pissing themselves in fear.

        Lin Hongtu, to his surprise, was begging this young man in front of him?

        How could this be possible!

        The Lin family today was already the largest business empire in China, was there still someone they were afraid of?

        It was madness!

        Everyone was going mad at this time!

        One by one, their eyes were wide eyed and they looked as if they were in a frenzy, even their breathing had become completely confused.

        The Wang family members who had just stood up were forced to kneel down again at this time, fear written all over their faces.

        They also seemed to have realised that they had been overjoyed too soon .


        Would Lin Fan give face to Lin Hongtu?

        The answer was naturally no!

        Right then, he was sneering and said.

        "Giving you face? Who are you? I can even cripple your Lin family, so what's killing a dog like you?"

        "Today, you can't protect them! In the future, you won't be able to protect the Lin family either!"


        Lin Fan's words were ten times, a hundred times, more domineering than Lin Hongtu's words just now!

        Or even, ten thousand times!

        Crippling the Lin Family?

        The situation the Lin family was suffering from today, almost falling apart, was all because of this man in front of him?

        Oh my God!

        He's only in his twenties, and he's capable of taking over a business empire?

        If they hadn't heard it for themselves, no one would believe it was true!

        They had originally thought that the situation the Lin family had faced recently was caused by an internal struggle, as in the outside world of China, the Lin family could already be said to be invincible.

        But what everyone hadn't expected was that it was all just because of this young man in front of them?

        This instant!

        All the Wang family members, were on the verge of incontinence!

        Each and every one of them was in tears , trembling with fear!

        A man who could directly cripple the Lin family, was that something they could offend?

        A man who dared to cripple even the Lin family, how could he spare the Wang family?

        At this moment, all the Wang family members were terrified to the core!

        Their bodies were trembling violently!

        And then, they were looking nervously towards that mobile phone, extremely anticipating Lin Hongtu's next response.


        Beep beep beep...

        On the other end, the caller hung up!


        The Wang family's eyes were splitting wide open and they were completely mad!

        In the face of Lin Fan's provocation and humiliation, Lin Hongtu's response was to...

        Ignore it?