Today I Give Up Trying 1721

 In the past few days, Lin Hongtu has been very busy, trying to calm down the chaos on the one hand, but stabilising the army on the other.

        Several of the Lin family's business partners, as well as its largest shareholder, have serious problems with them.

        If the Lin family did not manage to recover the situation, the consequences would be unimaginable.

        Therefore, he was not particularly enthusiastic about Wang Boyi's father and son's call.

        "Elder Lin, I have a problem here, I hope you can save us, if you don't, then the Wang family will be in great trouble!"

        The Wang family head said in a wailing voice, like a dog wagging its tail and begging for mercy when facing Lin Hongtu.

        It was as humble as it could be.


        Lin Hongtu at the other end instantly frowned, who in the entire imperial capital didn't know that the Wang Family was a dog of their Lin Family?

        As the saying goes, to beat a dog, you have to look at its master!

        If you dare to make things difficult for the Wang family, isn't that a slap in the face of their Lin family?

        "Who has the guts to do that!"

        Lin Hongtu immediately thundered, a hostile aura in his voice.

        And seeing this, the crowd was immediately overjoyed.

        If Lin Hongtu was angry, then things had turned around, and this kid in front of them was afraid that he was dead.

        As far as they were concerned, an existence like Lin Hongtu could hold Lin Fan down to death with a single move of his finger!

        "A Grand Master, very arrogant! He said he wanted to kill everyone in our Wang family, and we put up your name, but the other party still doesn't buy it, and doesn't even put you in his eyes!"

        The Wang family head hurriedly fanned the flames, intending to further intensify the conflict.

        "Is that so? Then I'd like to see just who the other party is!"

        Lin Hongtu snorted coldly, really angry at this time, and ordered the Wang family head.

        "You turn on the speakerphone and let me talk to him directly on the phone!"

        The Wang family head then smiled fiercely and pressed the speakerphone, his voice instantly amplified, while he stared at Lin Fan with a sinister look.

        The look was as if he was saying.

        "Kid, you're going to be a dead man soon!"

        And then after pressing the speakerphone, everyone could clearly hear what Lin Hongtu said.

        "Your Excellency, you still dare to disrespect my Lin family in the imperial capital, should I say that you are bold in your art, or should I say that you are looking for death?"

        When Lin Hongtu opened his mouth, it was with absolute force!

        The tone of his voice carried the majesty and dominance belonging to a king!

        There was no room for doubt!

        Hearing this, both the Wang and Li families were thrilled, feeling completely secure this time!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, was only smiling, but didn't say a word!

        "What, boy, are you so scared that you can't even say anything?"

        Wang Boyi immediately shouted, with Lin Hongtu backing him up, he also felt his back was straightened up.

        Although their Wang Family could not help Lin Fan, it was not that easy for Lin Fan to kill them.

        And seeing this, the Wang family head also thought that Lin Fan was afraid, and immediately sneered and said.

        "It's too late to know that you're afraid, isn't it? Where's that smugness you had just now?"

        "Didn't you tell me to call the Lin family? Now that the head of the Lin family is personally answering your call, why don't you dare to say anything? Or did you just think that I was bluffing to scare you?"

        Elder Li immediately shook his head in disappointment, although Lin Fan was excellent, he did not know the sky was high and dared to offend even the Lin family.

        Don't you know the truth that just overpowering is easy to break?

        How foolish!

        This time, Lin Fan was dead!

        However, just when everyone thought that Lin Fan was in fear, they saw Lin Fan sneer.

        "Good, old thing, you can listen carefully!"

        "I am the one from Jiangnan, Lin Fan!"


        On the other end of the phone, there was the sound of Lin Hongtu falling off his chair, obviously terrified.

        Lin Fan?

        This demon hadn't left the imperial capital yet?

        It was all because of him that the Lin family had suffered a complete collapse. During this period of time, Lin Hongtu did not dare to close his eyes, because the moment he did so, he would see Lin Fan's sneering face.

        And the wretched ruins of the Lin family!

        The grandson he once loathed the most and despised the most had now become his nightmare, leaving him without the courage to even enter his dreams.

        And the Wang Family had actually offended this monster?

        And sensing that something was wrong, the Wang family hurriedly asked nervously.

        "Family head, what's wrong with you? Family Head, why don't you say anything?"

        Lin Hongtu, at the other end, was silent for a long time.

        It seemed that he was considering whether or not to give Wang Boyi's father and son a head start, as he was also completely scared at this time.

        Now that the Lin family was in this situation, they really shouldn't continue to offend Lin Fan.

        Who knows what kind of crazy things this fellow would do.

        After hesitating for a long time, Lin Hongtu asked indignantly.

        "What do you want?"