Today I Give Up Trying 1720


        Lin Fan's brow was then furrowed, and he seemed surprised that the Wang family was involved with the Lin family.

        "You mean to say that you are the Lin family's ponies?"

        At those words!

        The Wang family head instantly said with an air of condescension.

        "Not bad! I have a deep connection with the Lin family, and I am even better than the Lin family's eldest youngster to the extent that we wear the same trousers!"

        "If you move me, you are moving the Lin family! Patriarch Lin, I don't think you want to be an enemy of the Lin family either, do you?"

        Lin Fan laughed!

        Was this a threat?

        Immediately, Lin Fan then asked in return.

        "Then what do you think, how should we deal with this?"

        At those words!

        The Wang family head and the Wang family members present instantly sighed in relief.

        This fellow had loosened his tongue!

        This was because he was afraid of the Lin family, right?

        It was no wonder, there really weren't many people in China who weren't afraid of the Lin Family!

        Even if this kid had a heavenly background!

        At that moment, the head of the Wang family smiled coldly and said:

        "It's simple, this matter is a mistake made by our Wang Family, we are willing to apologize and offer a generous gift!"

        "My Wang Family's apology, you must accept it!"

        At the end of the sentence, the other party's face was already thick with threatening intent, as if Lin Fan would have no good death if he refused the other party's request.

        When he saw that Lin Fan was afraid, the Wang family head gradually became complacent, and thus his attitude became extraordinarily arrogant at this time.

        He did not believe that Lin Fan had the guts to make an enemy of the powerful Lin family.

        At this moment, Lin Fan laughed in anger and stared sharply at the Wang family head:

        "And what if I say no?"


        The Wang family members froze, looking at Lin Fan with an uneasy expression.

        Was this guy serious?

        Was he planning to make an enemy of the Lin family?

        Such an idea was dangerous and stupid!

        It made people wonder if there was something wrong with Lin Fan's head!

        Even if he had a great background, he was always just a man.

        But that Lin family, a superb clan that had been spanning hundreds of years, had survived a hundred years of sinking and frost, and was still standing today.

        That was enough to show that this family, was untouchable!

        And Lin Fan, unexpectedly, intended to challenge such a behemoth with his own strength?

        What was the difference between that and an overrated ant shaking a tree?

        At that moment, everyone cast a contemptuous glance at Lin Fan, thinking that this man was talking out of his ass.

        He was just bragging!

        And Elder Li couldn't help but frown, had he misread his own eyes, was this guy not as good as he thought?

        For anyone with a little intelligence would know that the Lin family is not to be offended, and for Lin Fan to try to overthrow the entire Lin family by himself is simply a fool's errand!

        And at that moment!

        The Wang family head's face instantly turned extremely ugly as he angrily rebuked.

        "Are you sure you want to be bent on this? I'm telling you, the Lin Family is not something you can offend!"

        "In today's China, no one has ever dared to claim to be an enemy of the Lin Family, you're seeking death!"


        Lin Fan, however, still had that same dismissive stance and sneered.

        "Is that so? Then I'll be the first!"


        The moment these words were uttered, the entire audience was in complete uproar!

        This fellow was really determined to seek provocation from the Lin family!

        A madman!

        This was simply a madman!

        Even the Wang family members were completely frozen at this moment, their faces flooded with a thick sense of dismay and disbelief.

        Was this guy planning to die with them?

        At that moment, the expressions of Wang Boyi's father and son gradually became terrified, they had thought that by pulling out the tiger skin of the Lin family, Lin Fan would throw in the towel.

        But they didn't expect that this guy didn't take it seriously at all.

        This was not all!

        Lin Fan smiled and said to Wang Boyi and his father and son.

        "Call the Lin family!"


        Wang Boyi's father and son were completely frozen, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        "What did you just say?"

        They couldn't believe their ears at this time, Lin Fan was actually asking them to call for help?

        "I said, let you call and see if the Lin family can save you!"

        Next, Lin Fan was about to let them, father and son, experience what desperation meant.

        "Fine, dog, you're the one who wanted to die! Don't blame me!"

        The Wang family head snorted coldly and took out his phone to dial Lin Hongtu's number.

        He wanted to see if Lin Fan could still remain disdainful after receiving the call from the Lin family.

        The crowd present also shook their heads and looked at Lin Fan with contempt.

        This young man was overconfident!

        Once this matter brought the Lin family into it, it would be death or death.

        Of course, in their opinion, it would be Lin Fan who would die!

        Beep beep beep...

        After the phone rang a few times, Lin Hongtu's extremely tired and hoarse voice came out.

        "Is something wrong?"