Today I Give Up Trying 1718

 The whole room, instantly, was silent!

        The smiles of the two families froze instantly at this moment.

        All of them couldn't believe their eyes at this time.

        Two Grand Masters, actually kneeling in front of Lin Fan at the same time?

        Are you kidding me this?

        Weren't these two Grand Masters the helpers Wang Boyi had hired?

        They were Wang Boyi's masters, how could they kneel down to Lin Fan?

        Listen...misheard, right?

        Elder Li and the Wang family Wang family suddenly had a sharp tremor in their hearts and a fierce sense of daring, and could not help but ask :

        "Gentlemen, have you made a mistake? How can you kneel down to him?"

        After all, these two were highly respected Grand Masters!

        With their status, it was more like others kneeling to them.

        In their eyes, all beings were like ants, so what if the other party was Divine Doctor Lin?

        He could still be destroyed with a snap of his fingers!

        In such a situation, why was there a need to kneel?

        "Second masters, what are you doing? You guys should kill him!"

        At this moment, Wang Boyi was also completely panicked and cried out in an extremely frantic manner!

        This was his last reliance, if even the other party was unwilling to help, then he would really be doomed!


        The two men turned back to Wang Boyi and stared coldly at him.

        "Wang Boyi, from now on, we are no longer your masters!"

        "That's right, Wang Boyi! From today onwards, you are officially expelled from the Master's School!"


        Wang Boyi was dumbfounded!

        Everyone in the room was dumbfounded!

        The two masters that Wang Boyi had hired had announced that they were clearing their boundaries with Wang Boyi right out of the gate?

        Was this, again, because of Lin Fan?

        These two were no other than the Black and White Dual Furies who had been subdued by Lin Fan not long ago.

        Even they were now just pawns under Lin Fan's command, but Wang Boyi, a fool who didn't know how high and mighty he was, dared to offend Lin Fan.

        What was this, if not a death wish?

        If they kept Wang Boyi around, wouldn't they be going against Lin Fan?

        It was Wang Boyi's fault for being stupid and ignorant and offending the wrong people!


        Old Master Li and the Wang family head could no longer bear such a blow and sat down on the ground one after another, their entire faces instantly deadly grey.

        Naturally, they knew that this must be because of Lin Fan!

        Because it was only after seeing Lin Fan that this Black and White Dual Furies' attitude suddenly changed, they must have known Lin Fan's identity and knew that the other party could not be offended.

        That was why they were so humble!

        At this moment, both Elder Li and the two of them were completely desperate, how could they afford to offend an existence that even the Black and White Furies were in awe of?

        Oh my God!

        How terrifying was this young man's background!

        Not only the two family heads, but also the people of the two families present felt their brains buzzing.

        Only then did they realise the weight of Li Kaoran's words, "You can't afford to mess with this man"!

        This was not just something you couldn't afford to mess with, it was something that would kill you even if you looked at it!

        "Impossible! This can't be! You must have made a mistake!"

        Wang Boyi staggered back a few steps in panic, but he fell to the ground with an unsteady weight.

        His face was dense with horror!

        Obviously, he had been completely shocked by the reaction of his two masters.

        And at that moment!

        The Two Black and White Furies then looked over and said with a complicated expression.

        "Wang Boyi, do you still remember us telling you that we met a superior person in Jiang City?"


        Wang Boyi's expression changed, not knowing why they suddenly brought up this matter, but he still answered truthfully.

        "Of course I remember, you also said that with the strength of the two of you, you would only die against that master! And since I have excellent talent, you wanted to take me to Jiangcheng to learn from that master!"

        And it was at this moment that Black Fury pointed at Lin Fan.

        "This, is the high ranking person we are talking about!"