Today I Give Up Trying 1717


        Hearing these words, a commotion came from the crowd, and all were in an uproar.

        Was the Wang family planning to make a move to kill Lin Fan?

        This move made both families exuberant, as they both knew that they had already offended Lin Fan to the core, and if they didn't kill him, they would definitely not have a good time.

        And then!

        Wang Boyi then stared at Lin Fan sorrowfully, his gaze fierce as he said:

        "Lin Fan, so what if you have a heavenly background, in front of absolute power, your background and status don't work anymore, you're dead, hahaha!"

        At those words!

        The crowd also laughed coldly in their hearts.

        Indeed, even if Lin Fan had a heavenly background, in front of a Grand Master, he was just an ant, a dead end!

        This fellow was finished!

        "Kid, say your last words, or you won't stand a chance!"

        Wang Boyi laughed furiously, looking as if he was sure of Lin Fan.

        And at this time, before Lin Fan could say anything, Zhang Jianjun and Xu Longxiang looked at each other instead, before laughing in unison.

        "If your Wang family dares to make a move against Mr. Lin, then today will be the last day of your existence."


        The Wang Clan ignored their threats as if they were nothing.

        Wang Boyi gave Zhang Jianjun and the two of them a contemptuous glance and laughed fiercely :

        "Gentlemen, I don't want to hurt innocent people by mistake, so I hope you won't mind your own business, or else you will suffer the consequences!"

        "You can't hurt anyone, because you're just a worthless piece of shit!"

        Lin Fan laughed coldly, his face still holding a strong contempt.


        As soon as the words left his mouth, Wang Boye completely exploded.

        He was now all set on Lin Fan, but this guy still dared to look down on him?

        "Fine, then I'll let you see if I, Wang Boyi, am a waste or not!"

        The killing intent in Wang Boyi's heart was at an unprecedented high before he fiercely roared.

        "Two masters, please strike!"

        As the words fell, everyone tensed up, and those frightened eyes looked around.

        And just then, but at some point in the field, there were two more figures!

        Everyone knew that Wang Boyi had met two great masters when he was young, saying that he was a martial arts genius that was rarely found in a hundred years, so he had made an exception and accepted him as his disciple.

        One Grand Master was enough for Lin Fan to drink, two?

        Lin Fan can't escape with his wings!

        Even Xu Longxiang couldn't protect him!

        At that moment, all of them laughed coldly.

        The old man, Li, was also relieved.

        Although Lin Fan's background was heavenly, he was about to become a dead man, and it was Wang Boyi who killed him, so when the time came to pursue the matter, it would have nothing to do with their family.

        Those two grand masters were then striding towards Lin Fan.

        An extremely impressive aura emerged from their bodies!

        One could not help but feel one's liver and guts split just by standing next to them.

        It was as if they were two beasts of prey!

        And at this moment!

        Wang Boyi and the others all had fierce smiles on their faces as they gloated at the scene before them, as if Lin Fan was now a dead man in their eyes!


        Two Grand Masters, coming in lockstep!

        Seeing this scene, Li Kaoran also panicked and said to Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, why don't you leave? I don't want your help!"

        Although she knew Lin Fan's strength, she was afraid that even if she fought against two with one, she would have to fall, right?


        Instead, Lin Fan smiled.

        "Isn't that what you said, sending the Buddha to the West?"

        Lin Fan's words caused the crowd to first stare in amazement, but then burst into wild laughter.

        Sending the Buddha to the West?

        I'm afraid that in a moment, you yourself will be going to the West, right?

        "Second Master, I've changed my mind, don't let him die too painfully, I want you to slowly torture him to death!"


        The two great masters who heard these words did not reply in any way.

        Instead, under the incredulous gazes of the crowd, they abruptly knelt down towards Lin Fan, before shouting in unison.

        "King! We're coming too!"