Today I Give Up Trying 1716

 And just then!

        Lin Fan, however, said with a cold face.

        "No need, the Li family is too rich to look at our gifts!"


        Upon hearing this, Xu Longxiang immediately frowned, and then was staring sharply at Elder Li in front of him.

        In response, Elder Li could only smile awkwardly, feeling that he had lost face to his family.

        At this time, he didn't even dare to breathe a sigh!


        Xu Longxiang then directly snorted coldly and shook off Elder Li's hand in one go.

        The smile on that face was instantly gone, and the speed with which he flipped his face was simply breathtaking.

        "What are you, the Li family? Mr. Lin's gift is a blessing that you have cultivated in eight lifetimes, shameless dog!"

        Xu Longxiang hurled an extremely humiliating tirade.

        And then he directly ignored the other party and walked towards Lin Fan, angrily saying.

        "Mr. Lin, do you need us, the Dragon's Teeth, to teach these guys who don't know how high the sky is a lesson for you?"

        At those words!

        The Li family members present instantly raised their sweat and looked at Lin Fan incomparably frightened.

        The Dragon's Teeth were a Chinese army, how could they just say they would do something?

        But now they were going to strike at them for Lin Fan's own personal gain?

        This, this was using power for personal gain!

        Xu Longxiang was ignoring the discipline of the troops!

        Oh my God!

        What kind of horrible status did this man have that warranted such treatment from Xu Longxiang?

        Instead, Lin Fan waved his hand and laughed coldly, saying.

        "There's no rush, the good show is just about to begin!"

        He wanted to make these two families, completely despair!

        And when they heard this, the two families were instantly horrified.

        The show had just begun?

        What did this mean?

        Could it be that there was still a big shot coming?

        This Zhang Jianjun and Xu Longxiang were enough to make them drink, but if another one was added, the two families' hearts would not be able to bear it.

        They wanted to shout:

        Great Immortal, please take away the Avatar?

        And just then, an angry roar rang out instantly!

        "Kill him, we can't let him leave here alive!"


        Everyone turned around in shock, only to see that the person who spoke was actually Wang Boyi!

        "Wang Boyi, have you gone mad? How dare you talk nonsense now, shut up!"

        The Wang family head roared up in anger and was on the verge of pissing himself in fear.

        Can't you see what kind of status someone has?

        Killing him?

        He's more like killing us!

        "Wang Bo Yi, haven't you caused us enough misery? Offending such an existence and still not repenting to this day?"

        "I think you are the one who should be swept out of the house!"

        All of the Wang family members became angry and cursed at Wang Boyi.

        This reaction was just like the Li family's reaction to Li Kaoran, full of strong hatred, feeling that they had let Wang Boyi drag them down.


        Wang Boyi, however, was not angry, but stared at Lin Fan with resentment, his mouth sinisterly saying :

        "I know I was wrong, but now is not the time to hold anyone responsible, this man cannot be kept, otherwise there will be no good end for our Wang family, he will not spare us."


        At those words, the Wang family stopped their tirade and all frowned tightly with a worried look.

        Clearly Wang Boye's words had reminded them.

        They had already offended Lin Fan and even tried to take his life, so this man would only spare their Wang family no matter what.

        But killing Lin Fan here would be too risky!

        After all, there was Xu Longxiang sitting behind Lin Fan now.

        "Bastard, how dare you talk about killing someone in front of Elder Xu, I think you're crazy?"

        Wang Boyi's father said in mock anger, but in fact these words were asking Wang Boyi if he had the ability to solve this trouble with Xu Longxiang.

        Obviously, he had also moved on and intended to kill Lin Fan to end the trouble.

        Naturally, his subtext could not be concealed from people as wise as demons like Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan, Zhang Jianjun and the other three, all laughed coldly and cursed an old fox.

        And he smiled!

        Wang Boyi laughed and said rampantly:

        "So what if it's old Xu, before coming here I got my master to press the battlefield, just to deal with today's unexpected situation."


        At these words, everyone was dumbfounded, and a strong shock surfaced in their eyes.

        They knew that Wang Boyi really had a murderous intent towards Lin Fan!

        His master was a renowned Grand Master!

        An immortal-level figure!

        If he really wanted to kill someone here, even if Lin Fan had Xu Longxiang's forces behind him, he would only die.

        "Dad, it's up to you! If this person is not removed, my Li family will not have a good time in the future!"

        At these words, the Wang family head frowned before his face was cold as he said :

        "Keep your hands clean!"