Today I Give Up Trying 1715

 Elder Li's words had just fallen!

        Everyone was staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        At this time, they were all just as desperate as Elder Li to know what Lin Fan really was.

        At those words!

        Lin Fan then smiled faintly and said.

        "My name is Lin Fan, but if you guys like it, you can also call me Divine Doctor Lin!"


        When the words "Divine Doctor Lin" came out of his mouth, the entire Li family was already paralyzed with fear!

        Everyone's eyes were filled with a dense sense of shock and horror!

        Divine Doctor Lin!

        This guy was the famous Divine Doctor Lin, the up-and-coming chairman of Huafu Pharmaceuticals?

        Were they dreaming?

        How could that Divine Doctor Lin be so young?

        At the age of only twenty-something, he was sitting at the top of the leading pharmaceutical company.

        At this moment, everyone even felt dizzy!

        They were completely shocked by this scene in front of them!

        And with a poof, Wang Boyi sat down on the ground, this man in front of him was Doctor Lin?

        You know!

        For a leading state-owned enterprise like Huafu Pharmaceutical, the position of chairman of the board had to be decided at the highest level, and the fact that Lin Fan was only in his twenties and could sit in this position was enough to show that this guy had a huge background!

        And he, how dare he grab a woman with such an existence?

        It wasn't just Wang Bo Yi!

        Everyone in the room knew this, which was why they were all scared out of their wits!

        To offend such a being would be a disaster for them!

        A hundred times better than Wang Boyi!

        In their minds, they could not help but think of what Li Kaoran had just said.

        But just now, they had all scoffed at Li Kaoran's words, treating them as a big joke.

        It was only at this moment that they were finally hit hard in the face!


        And that was not all!

        Just as the crowd was in shock, there was the sound of footsteps outside the door.

        Then a group of soldiers walked in quickly, carrying large bags in their hands.

        This scene stunned everyone present!

        "What are you guys..."

        Elder Li also couldn't help but look at these people in confusion, and upon taking a clear look at these people's uniforms, it was a change of expression.

        "People from the Dragon's Teeth?"

        Everyone was completely frozen!

        The Dragon's Teeth had never had any dealings with their Li family, so how could they come to their Li family and even present them with gifts here?

        But immediately afterwards, Xu Longxiang led many senior members of the Dragon's Teeth to stride in, and upon seeing Elder Li, he even took the initiative to go up and shake hands, saying.

        "Master Li, goodbye!"

        Master Li was dumbfounded!

        He and Xu Longxiang had no dealings at all, if so why would Xu Longxiang be so polite to him?

        He, was this a dream?

        However, Xu Longxiang heavily shook Elder Li's hand and said with a smile still on his face.

        "In the future, your Li family and I, Dragon's Teeth, will have to go around more!"

        The Dragon's Teeth had actually thrown an olive branch at their Li family?

        From what Xu Longxiang was saying, this was to befriend their Li family!

        But how could this be possible? Although the Li family had a large family in the imperial capital, they were at best a businessman, a so-called citizen.

        But the Dragon's Teeth were officials in name only!

        How could they possibly look up to their Li family?

        What was going on here?

        All the Li family members were completely confused at this point in time.

        However, at this very moment!

        Xu Longxiang then turned his head and looked at Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, I have prepared all the things you have explained me to prepare, please look through them!"


        The crowd was in shock!

        Extremely terrified, they looked at Lin Fan.

        It was because of this brat again?

        Xu Longxiang would be so polite to them, not because of the Li family, but because of Lin Fan's face?

        Oh my god!

        What kind of background did this brat have that he could make a legion like the Dragon's Teeth so humble and ingratiating, this was a dream!