Today I Give Up Trying 1714


        The whole room fell into dead silence!

        Everyone was instantly petrified at this point!

        It was as if the mute switch had been turned on, and there was complete silence.

        Zhang Jianjun's sudden deference broke the whole situation.

        All the people of the two families could not believe their eyes.

        This... What was this?

        Were they... were they blinded?

        Even Zhang Jianjun, who had to be treated with respect by their two families, was saluting this punk?

        "Mr. Lin, I'm late!"

        When these words resounded throughout the Li family's hall, all the voices disappeared, and all of them stared at the bowing Zhang Jianjun with eyes wide open, feeling like they were hallucinating!

        What had they seen?

        Zhang Jianjun, who was so powerful, was bowing to a son-in-law in front of everyone's eyes?

        Master Li and the others, their eyes were about to glaze over, how unbelievable this scene was to them.

        "This... Didn't you say that he was a soft-earned white boy?"

        The people of the Wang family realised that something was wrong and cast angry glances at Wang Boyi.

        Which little white boy could make such to that great man nod and bow?

        You are simply talking nonsense!

        Wang Boyi also felt his heart puffing wildly at this moment, and a strong feeling of unease surged in his heart.

        It shouldn't be like this!

        He knew everything about Lin Fan, he was indeed a son-in-law!

        Not only them!

        Even Elder Li and the group of Li family members had all been dumbfounded at this point in time.

        This kid in front of them was so powerful?

        No wonder Li Kaoran would say that they couldn't afford to mess with this man!

        Judging from the current situation, it was possible that their Li family could not afford to offend this man.

        The atmosphere was completely frozen at this moment!

        Both families were ashen, looking at Lin Fan incomparably frightened, already on the verge of pissing themselves in fear.

        This, what the hell is going on!

        While Lin Fan glanced at Zhang Jianjun, he sneered and said.

        "You want to move aside, the Wang and Li families have said that they want to cripple me, so don't delay them!"

        At those words!

        Elder Li and the others' hearts sank so hard that their bodies couldn't help but tremble fiercely.

        How could they not hear the sarcasm and mockery in Lin Fan's words?


        Zhang Jianjun then turned back around and smiled sorrowfully.

        "Then I would like to see who is so unaware of the high ground that he dares to offend even Mr. Lin!"

        Upon hearing these words!

        The people of the two families were almost paralyzed with fear.

        Turning to Zhang Jianjun, they squeezed out a smile that was worse than crying.

        Nowadays, they wouldn't dare to give them ten guts, would they?

        On the other hand, the Wang family's faces were also pale, and each of their expressions carried a strong sense of unease!

        It was over!

        It's a disaster!

        Especially those who had humiliated Lin Fan just now all had a feeling of great calamity at this time, they knew they were about to be finished.

        "What are you still standing there for, do it?"

        Lin Fan smirked as he looked at Elder Li with a look of impatience.

        But on that face, there was a touch of extremely contemptuous disdain.

        At this time, Elder Li realised how foolish he had been, that this man in front of him was far more outstanding than he had imagined!

        And what Li Kaoran had said, that Lin Fan was superior to Wang Boyi, now it didn't necessarily seem to be a lie!

        At least when Wang Boyi was facing Zhang Jianjun, he had to bow respectfully and call out to Ministry Zhang.

        Now, he said he would break Lin Fan's legs and even swept Li Huoran out of the house, thus completely offending Lin Fan to death.

        There was a good chance that he would miss out on an extremely talented granddaughter-in-law as a result!

        Right then and there!

        Elder Li's intestines were turning blue with regret as he stared at Lin Fan with extreme resignation.

        "Who the hell are you?"