Today I Give Up Trying 1713

 At the sound of his words!

        Li Kaoran instantly lost her face, unable to defend herself at this time.

        She had been kind enough to persuade Elder Li, but Elder Li had only taken her words as a lie of siding with Lin Fan.

        And Lin Fan had already said before he came here that whether he tolerated it or not depended entirely on how far the two families went.

        But right now, Elder Li had directly opened his mouth to break one of Lin Fan's legs, so this would not be tolerated.

        And hearing this!

        A fierce smile appeared on Wang Boyi's face!

        His plotting and scheming had succeeded!

        Li Kaoran would be swept away and Lin Fan would soon become an invalid!

        Both Li Kaoran and Lin Fan would become his meat and fish to be slaughtered!

        They were dead!

        At that very moment, the Li family's experts were all approaching Lin Fan with a strong murderous aura on their faces!

        It was obvious that they intended to finish Lin Fan off completely!

        "Grandpa, I beg you! Just trust me this once!"

        "This man, you really can't afford to mess with him!"

        Li Kaoran cried out, how could she watch Old Master Li step by step towards his demise?

        And at that moment!


        Elder Li directly threw a slap at Li Kaoran, knocking her down to the ground fiercely.

        At the same time, extremely disgusted, he said.

        "Shut the hell up! You bitch!"

        "In vain, I have wasted years of cultivation on you! At this point in time, you still want to keep your adulterous husband, my Li family's face has been disgraced by you!"

        Li Kaoran fell to the ground and covered her face, utterly stunned!

        She had never imagined that one day Elder Li would strike her!

        However, what was even more unacceptable to her than hitting her, were Elder Li's next mean words.

        See this!

        The second aunt's family was overjoyed, all with gleeful smiles in their eyes.

        Lin Fan looked at Li Kaoran, who had fallen to the ground, and a coldness grew in his eyes.

        And at the corner of his mouth, a wicked smile appeared: "Unfortunately, just a moment ago.

        "Regrettably, just now, your two families missed the last chance to apologise to me!"


        Upon hearing these words, both the Li Family and the Wang Family were completely frozen!

        Apologise to Lin Fan?

        They hadn't heard wrong, had they?

        This guy, did he know what he was talking about?

        Did they need to apologise to Lin Fan?

        It was this fool who didn't know what he was doing that should apologise to them, right?

        At that moment, they were all enraged, and they all cast murderous gazes at Lin Fan.

        They looked as if they wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces!

        This fellow was on the verge of death, yet he was still provoking their two families!

        "Kid, I think you've lost your mind, haven't you? You're about to become a cripple, and you expect us to apologise to you?"

        The second aunt laughed meanly and stared Lin Fan down with a look of contempt:.

        "Don't worry, after we've crippled you, we'll definitely apologize to you properly!"

        And then!

        A group of experts, were then already within a stone's throw of Lin Fan!

        However, in the face of these experts, Lin Fan remained calm and collected, the smile on his face unabated, seemingly not afraid at all.

        This reaction caused Wang Boyi and the others to freeze.

        Was this guy bold in his art, or was he just not smart?

        How could he still laugh when he was on the verge of death?

        However, just as the Li family experts were about to strike!

        The steward of the Li family, however, ran in from the door with quick steps and said in a somewhat panicked manner.

        "Family head, Ministry Zhang is here!"

        Zhang Jianjun?

        The crowd's expressions instantly changed!

        How could he suddenly come?

        Elder Li instantly frowned, before speaking.

        "Invite him in!"

        And then, his ice-cold eyes swept Lin Fan.

        "I'll deal with you later!"

        Not long after, Zhang Jianjun walked in, and seeing his appearance, both Elder Li and the Wang family head quickly greeted him.

        Both of them had ingratiating smiles on their faces.

        "Minister Zhang is here, sorry to welcome you!"

        However, Zhang Jianjun pushed the two of them aside, striding straight towards Lin Fan, and then, under the horrified gazes of the crowd, he bowed deeply to Lin Fan: "Mr. Lin, I'm late.

        "Mr. Lin, I'm too late!"