Today I Give Up Trying 1712

 Li Kaoran nodded bitterly and said.

        "Yeah, no more!"


        She had wanted to use Lin Fan to break off this engagement, but before she could throw out the bottom card of Lin Fan, her family's reaction had completely chilled her heart.

        At this time, it didn't matter whether she threw out the bottom card of Lin Fan or not.

        Because she had already broken off her engagement with Wang Boyi, and she had also been swept out of the house by Elder Li.

        "Who the hell are you, do you have the right to speak here?"

        The second aunt immediately shouted curses at Lin Fan, with a strong look of contempt on her face :

        "A soft-earner, you really think you're somebody, if it wasn't for the fact that you're this bitch's concubine, we'd let you die here right now!"

        Everyone was looking at Lin Fan with contempt, a son-in-law of the family with so much drama, where did he get the courage?

        And at this time, Li Kaoran was looking at Lin Fan with a tired face:

        "Lin Fan, shall we go?"

        At this time, she no longer wanted to stay here, because every minute she spent here, she felt disgusted and disgusting.

        Lin Fan frowned and asked once more :

        "Are you sure you're just going to leave?"

        These two people in front of him were huge in the eyes of others, but in his eyes, they were like ants that could be destroyed with a snap of his fingers!

        To put it in a difficult way, these two families, even combined, were less than a tenth of the Lin family.

        And in the face of Lin Fan's thoughtfulness, Li Kaoran nodded her head with difficulty.

        As she had said, nothing mattered anymore.


        Lin Fan nodded and assisted Li Kaoran with the intention of leaving.


        This intimate gesture was what caused Wang Boyi's fragile nerves to completely break!

        Immediately, a strong killing intent surfaced in his eyes and he said in a stern voice:

        "We can't just let him go like this!"

        "It's all because of this scum that the marriage between me and Li Huoran has come to naught, I can't let him go!"

        "He, he must die!"

        However, Wang Boyi didn't even know that!

        Because of his words, the entire Wang family was about to face a disaster in a few moments!

        And hearing these words!

        Elder Li also shouted furiously.

        "Stop him!"

        It was because of Lin Fan that he had to sweep Li Huoran out of the house, so he naturally wouldn't spare Lin Fan, the culprit, at this time!

        Lin Fan then turned back to Wang Boyi and looked at him sorrowfully.

        "Are you sure you won't let me go?"

        He had wanted to leave it at that, but since Wang Boyi was looking for death, it was different.

        "Not bad!"

        Wang Boyi had a fierce smile on his face, and then looked at Lin Fan in a condescending manner.

        "If you want to leave, you can go under my crotch, so I can consider letting you go!"


        Lin Fan laughed coldly, and then he walked back.

        "Fine then, I won't leave then!"

        And at that moment!

        Li Kaoran also frowned and said angrily to Wang Boyi.

        "Wang Boyi, I'm warning you, don't give yourself a hard time!"

        Wang Boyi, who heard this, became more and more jealous.

        "What, heartbroken for your concubine?"

        At that moment, he thought that Li Kaoran was feeling sorry for Lin Fan and was afraid that he would do something to him.

        Little did he know!

        Li Kaoran was actually saving his dog's life!

        And then, Wang Boyi gritted his teeth and said.

        "But the more you feel for him, the more I'll cripple him!"

        Lin Fan had cuckolded him and injured him, how could he possibly spare Lin Fan lightly?

        Today, Lin Fan must die!

        He would leave Li Kaoran empty of both his money and his person!

        "Grandpa! Don't! You can't afford to mess with him!"

        Li Kaoran pleaded to Elder Li, she knew Lin Fan's temper, if these people insisted on seeking death, Lin Fan would not spare them.

        And the wrath of this devil would be more than the Li and Wang families could bear!

        But her words fell on the ears of Elder Li and the others, but they had all completely changed in taste.

        Can't afford to piss them off?

        Was Li Kaoran looking down on the two families?

        How could they not afford to mess with her?

        At that moment, Elder Li became even more disappointed with Li Kaoran and shook his head repeatedly.

        "Li Kaoran, Li Kaoran, I didn't expect you to degenerate into such a state, to protect your own concubine, you can even tell such lies!"

        "Don't pay attention to her, beat that boy... Beat him into a cripple!"