Today I Give Up Trying 1711

 "Dad, why are you still talking nonsense with her? To have the grand daughter of the Li family, the future successor of the Li family, but to be a mistress for someone else is a joke in itself, and an even greater humiliation to our Li family!"

        "This woman, to be able to stoop to such a low level, do you still expect her to come back to you?"

        These words of the second aunt immediately caused the people present to sneer, their faces all looking at Li Kaoran with an expression of disgust, obviously all feeling that Li Kaoran was lowly at this time.

        "Dad, she has already brought her wild man to the doorstep of the house, this kind of woman is either shameless or doesn't care about you, I suggest sweeping her out of the house immediately!"

        "Yes, yes, yes, sweep her off her feet! She must be swept away! My Li family can't afford to lose face!"

        "How could the Li family produce such a shameless thing?"

        Everyone was furious, hurling insults at Li Kaoran, clearly enraged by this time.

        The invective fell on Li Kaoran's ears, causing her face to turn white instantly.

        Her heart went cold!

        So this was her family, just because she refused to marry a slag, refused to fall victim to a political marriage, she had to be swept out of the house?

        The depths of a powerful family are like the sea!

        At this moment, she knew it all too well.

        She had a home, a home that everyone envied.

        But she, on the other hand, had no family!

        Lin Fan looked at Li Xiangran, who was trembling beside him, and inexplicably felt some sympathy in his heart.

        How similar was this situation to his own back then?

        And at that moment!

        Elder Li gave Li Kaoran an extremely disappointed look and spoke indifferently.

        "Because of Li Kaoran's indiscretion, her marriage to Wang Boyi is cancelled and will be replaced by Li Meijin of the second family!"


        Upon hearing this, the second aunt's family was about to go crazy with joy.

        What a pie in the sky!

        For nothing, Wang Boyi's golden son-in-law was given to their family!

        After their daughter and Wang Boyi got married, their status in the Li family would skyrocket.

        The couple looked at each other, both seeing a touch of oligopoison in each other's eyes.

        Master Li had taken care of Li Kaoran's family for so long, and it was time to replace them.

        Once they officially took over the Li family, they would do everything they could to completely sweep Li Kaoran's family out of the house.

        However, that was not all!

        Elder Li continued to speak, a touch of coldness in his voice that refused to let people in: "Besides, from today onwards, the Li Kaoran family will be replaced.

        "In addition, from today onwards, Li Kaoran is officially expelled from the family, and will have no more connection with the Li family from now on!"

        "Whether she lives or dies, the Li family no longer cares!"

        Hearing these words!

        Li Kaoran felt the sky spinning and her mind instantly went blank.

        She just stared at Elder Li in a daze, and two lines of tears involuntarily slid down her cheeks.

        Grandpa was sweeping her off her feet?

        Her grandfather, who had loved her most since she was a child, was going to sweep her out of the house just because she refused to marry Wang Boyi?



        Why did Wang Boyi cheat on her too, but he didn't have to pay any price!

        Why should she be so mercilessly suppressed for doing the same thing?

        I see!

        Master Li's love was not for her, but for the value she could use!

        A bargaining chip that could be used to trade with the Wang family!


        For some reason, Li Kaoran felt cold all over at this moment!

        For the first time, she realised that human nature could be so hideous.

        For the first time, she realised that human nature could be so hideous. Just because of one thing, all the love and affection could be dissipated.

        She lifted her head, but her eyes were filled with the Li family's sneering faces, cold faces, and malicious gazes that wanted her to die for good.

        "It seems that you don't need my help anymore?"

        Lin Fan looked at Li Kaoran with a smirk!