Today I Give Up Trying 171-173

 Chapter 171

Kneeling down to make amends?

        Son-in-law of a loser!

        Fuck ...... Fuck!

        The company has a history of over 20 years, and the company has a history of over 10 years.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        This is obviously the ultimate boss, okay?

        At that moment, Yang Jinshui felt a numbness in his scalp and wanted to stop him.

        However, before he could speak!

        Just outside the door, the butler's trembling voice, once again, was heard.

        "Tian ...... Tianlong Group Chairman Xu Tianlong, with all Tianlong directors ...... to!!!"


        It was as if a mute switch had been turned on, bringing all sounds within the Bai courtyard to an abrupt halt.

        Is it wrong to hear?

        Old Master Bai, Bai Hai, Bai Yan and the others were all confused at the moment, almost unable to believe their ears.

        Xu Tianlong?

        Nima, there's no mistake, right?

        Old Master Bai and Bai Hai and the others looked at each other in dismay.

        If Xu Yansheng and the others were invited by Yang Jinshui, then they were able to accept it, after all, these people were either on an equal footing with Yang Jinshui, or they were not as strong as Yang Jinshui.

        But who is Xu Tianlong?

        It was one of the pinnacle of the entire Jiang City business community.

        The other side waved his hand a little, and then there was a first-class and second-class power, ashes and smoke.

        This is simply not something that a person of Yang Jinshui's level can invite.

        And now ......

        The other party not only came in person, but also brought all the directors of Tianlong with them, which was completely beyond the scope of the Bai family's understanding and acceptance.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        At this moment, all eyes, excited and nervous, looked toward the door.

        Right under their gaze.

        An imposing middle-aged man, with a group of business tycoons that could only be seen on TV, stepped in.

        It was ...... really Xu Tianlong!



        The junior and senior members of the Bai family went completely crazy, one by one they were incoherently excited.

        "Heavens ...... Heavens, I actually saw Xu Tianlong with my own eyes, this legend, my idol!"

        "Is our White Family going to be rich? Even Xu Tianlong personally came to the door, weed, what happened? Who can tell me what's going on?"


        Every White Family member was both excited and nervous at the same time.

        And under their troubled eyes!

        Xu Tianlong, with all the Tianlong directors, has arrived in front of the old master.

        "Bai Lao, hello, I'm Xu Tianlong!"

        Xu Tianlong's face was full of gentle smiles, but just one sentence, the atmosphere, the majesty, made the old master and all the Bai family's scalp numb.

        "Xu ...... Dong Xu, how are you? I don't know if you have come to ...... this time," the old man asked, trembling with nervousness and excitement.

        Xu Tianlong smiled lightly and said: "I don't know if you all have come here this time," said the old man, trembling with excitement.

        Xu Tianlong smiled lightly and said.

        "I came here this time to find Mr. White Mountain at ......!"


        Hearing this, both the old man and the surrounding Bai family members were all confused.

        Looking for Bai Shan?

        Everyone in the Bai family knows that Bai Shan is weak and not very capable, but why would a big shot like Xu Tianlong come to Bai Shan?

        Could it be that Bai Shan had offended Xu Tianlong, and that's why the other party was willing to come in person, even bringing all the directors of Tianlong to shake the audience?

        It should be!

        Whether it was the old master, or the surrounding Bai family members, they could only think of one possibility.

        At that moment, the old master Bai's face changed completely.

        He glared at Bai Shan with resentment and cursed angrily.

        "Bai Shan, why don't you hurry up and come out and make amends to Xu Dong and the others!"

        "I don't know what you and your trashy son-in-law are doing for a living! That trash Lin Fan has offended Yang Dong, and you have provoked Xu Dong!"

        "Is your family, all of you, jinxes? Do you want to kill our Bai family?"

Chapter 172

It's not just Grandpa Bai!

        The Bai Hai and the others beside him were also all gloomy and almost dripping with water.

        Their Bai family had just had to accept a super order from Yang Jinshui and others.

        If they had offended Xu Tianlong because of Bai Shan, then not to mention getting rich, whether or not their Bai family would perish would be a wave of Xu Tianlong's hand.

        Think of this!

        Bai Hai and the others, also cursed angrily at Bai Shan.

        "Lao San, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and kneel down and apologize to Xu Dong and the others!"

        "Exactly! Third Uncle, you still have to kneel down to Yang Dong, after all, that loser in your family has offended Yang Dong!"

        "Hmph! And that Baek, stepping down as president at this time, what a stupid head! Is this family, all idiots?"



        At this moment, almost all of the Bai family members are showing their utmost malice towards Bai Shan, Lin Fan, and Bai Yi!


        When the cursing of the Bai family gradually stopped, they were shocked to find that something was wrong with the atmosphere.

        That's right!

        Many Bai family members saw the smiles on the faces of Xu Tianlong, Yang Jinshui, Xu Yangsheng, and other big shots dissipate, and instead, they were all livid, looking as if they wanted to choose and devour others.

        What's going on at ......?

        The Old Master and Bai Hai and the others could hardly believe their eyes.

        After all, one second Xu Tianlong and the others were gentle, and the next, so hostile!

        So, what's going on?

        Only, not before the old man asked!

        Xu Tianlong gave a cold snort.

        "Yes! Great!"

        "What a bunch of people with no eyes and no lungs, what a family of wolves and dogs!"


        Xu Tianlong's voice was endlessly cold, instantly making all the Bai family members tremble as if they were falling into an ice cellar.

        Every one of them, completely felt that something was wrong!

        Especially when Xu Tianlong's next words came out, it was like a lightning strike to all the Bai family members.

        "This time I came here to find Mr. White Mountain and discuss cooperation! I never thought I would see you Bai family members humiliate Mr. Bai Shan, Mr. Lin Fan, and Miss Bai Yi like this."

        Collaborate with ......?

        All the Bai family members, all of them were dumbfounded.

        How, how is that possible!

        A big shot like Xu Tianlong, who personally brought all the directors of Tianlong to White Mountain to discuss cooperation?

        This is like a fucking Arabian Nights.

        "This morning, our Tianlong Group was almost shut down by our BOSS because of one thing!"

        "In the end, it was Mr. White Mountain's words that saved our group!"

        "So, we, the Tianlong Group, have agreed with Mr. Bai Shan that we will open up all the sales channels under the group for free, and escort the sale of drugs for Bai's group."

        "And this time, in addition to bringing a cooperation agreement, we also plan to deliver a ten billion dollar order for the Bai family!"


        Xu Tianlong's words, every single one of them, were like thunderbolts that struck the hearts of all the Bai Clan members.

        It made the faces of all Bai Clan members as white as paper.

        This moment!

        They couldn't help but remember that previously, Bai Shan had said that he had reached an agreement with Xu Tianlong and wasn't afraid of Yang Jinshui's retaliation.

        At that time, all the Bai family members sneered and mocked at Bai Shan, sarcastically!

        But never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that it would be ...... true!


        The White House nightmare has just begun!

        Xu Tianlong's tiger eyes, like a sword, sweep over the bodies of the Bai family members, with coldness and chill.

        "I just heard that someone insulted Mr. Lin as a loser and someone shouted at Miss Baek as an idiot! Even your Bai family expelled them from the group!"

        "Yes! Very good!"

        "So today, I, Xu Tianlong, put my words here! The Sky Dragon Group once again announces that it will unleash all of its forces to block all of the White Family's business! Anyone who has cooperated with the Bai family will be put on the Tianlong Group's retaliation blacklist!"

Chapter 173

Retaliation Blacklist!

        When I heard that Xu Tianlong was going to mobilize all his connections and relationships to completely shut down the Bai Group.


        Old Master Bai, Bai Hai, and the others only felt as if their heads had been struck by lightning, causing their bodies to tremble so hard that they almost fainted one by one.

        How ...... could this happen!

        At this moment, all the Bai family members were blank.

        They couldn't believe that Xu Tianlong had led all the directors of the Heavenly Dragon to come to Bai Shan to discuss cooperation.

        They couldn't believe that Xu Tianlong was so furious just because of the verbal attacks on the Bai Shan family by himself and others.

        This damned ......

        All of a sudden, the Bai family kept quiet one by one.

        Especially Bai Yan!

        As the new beautiful CEO of the Bai Clan, if the group is blocked by the Tianlong, then the one who loses the most is herself.

        At that moment, Bai Yan anxiously said to her father-in-law, Ma Hong.

        "Dad! Quickly, help me to beg General Manager Yang, but the Bai family is treating Third Uncle's family this way because of General Manager Yang."

        "Now, only Mr. Yang, Mr. Fei and the other bigwigs can talk to Chairman Xu! Please tell them to make sure that they help us with the White House!"

        In Bai Yan's voice, there was a strong sense of urgency.

        She couldn't just stand by and watch the Bai family be sealed off.

        Now, only Yang Jinshui, Xu Yangsheng, and other big shots were qualified to talk to Xu Tianlong and persuade the other party to take back their accomplished lives.


        Before Yang Jinshui and the others, they were giving super orders to the Bai family one after another, and Bai Yan believed that these people would not stand idly by.

        Hear this!

        Ma Hong also felt a numbness in his scalp, but he had to stand up to the tiger and was forced to do so.

        After all, if the Bai family collapsed, then he would not have a good time either, and would be dragged to his death.

        Think of this!

        Ma Hong hurriedly and cautiously came to Yang Jinshui's face, and then said in a low voice.

        "Mr. Yang, can you and Mr. Fei persuade Chairman Xu to withdraw his order? After all, it's because of that punk Lin Fan who ruined Yang Shao that I arranged for the Bai family to kneel down and apologize to you."

        Mahon is full of pleading.

        Just hear the words!

        Yang Jinshui only felt his knees go weak and was almost scared to the ground.

        "Ma ...... Ma Hong, you arranged for Bai Shan to kneel down and apologize to me?"

        Yang Jinshui stared straight at Ma Hong, looking like he had seen a ghost.

        "Yes! Mr. Yang!"

        Ma Hong was filled with confusion, and he didn't understand why Mr. Yang had such a startled expression on his face.

        After Lin Fan abolished Yang Minghao, Yang Jinshui hated the Bai Shan family the most.

        In particular, isn't Yang Jinshui's purpose in leading so many big bosses here to punish the White Mountain family?

        "Is there something wrong, Mr. Yang? After all, Lin Fan, that punk, abolished Yang Shao, and now, although he can't hand over that punk to you, he can ask his father-in-law, Bai Shan, to be punished on his behalf, so that you can take out your anger."

        Mahon hurriedly explained.

        And hear this!

        Yang Jinshui felt his scalp explode.

        Calling Lin Fan trash?

        Kneeling in the White Mountains?

        Weed! Weed! Weed!

        Yang Jinshui was almost scared to death by Ma Hong's words, and he was so furious that his face was instantly fierce!


        A loud slap on Ma Hong's face, fiercely slapped Ma Hong's eyes, and he fell to the ground.

        "Ma Hong, wimp grass Nima!"

        "You're fired! I'm the grand group, there is no such thing as a dog with eyes like you!"

        Yang Jinshui's words were almost hoarse!

        Ma Hong was confused and Bai Yan was dumbfounded when he heard this ......