Today I Give Up Trying 1709

 "Your family, you still know you're a Li family member? How dare you break the marriage between our two families and find a wild man outside?"

        "More shamelessly, you gave him all your innocence?"

        In a flash!

        All of the Li family members cast murderous gazes at Lin Fan.


        No matter how Li Kaoran and Wang Boye ended up, Lin Fan, the third party who had interfered, would only have a death sentence.

        Lin Fan's attitude, on the other hand, seemed extremely indifferent, and even whistled frivolously, not taking these people seriously at all.

        And in the face of the crowd's vociferous comments, Li Kaoran also went out of his way and sneered.

        "What, you allow Wang Boyi to cheat on a female celebrity, but not allow me to find a man outside?"

        At these words, Wang Boyi's face instantly became ugly!

        And the old man of the Wang family, too, glared at Wang Boyi with hatred and disdain.

        If Wang Boyi had been able to endure for a while until after his marriage to Li Huoran was completed, how would he be in the situation he was in today?

        Now, the Wang family had lost all their face to Li Kaoran!

        I'm afraid that the marriage cannot be negotiated!

        The second aunt jumped out again and said coldly.

        "Even if Wang Boyi had cheated on his wife, he would have found an actress, but what have you found?"

        "Besides, all capable men have three wives and four concubines, so you are the main family, right? Why do you care so much about it?"

        "I think you just don't know what's good for you!"

        Because the Li family's old man was always obedient to Li Kaoran and gave her every advantage first, he had caused the discontent of his second aunt and the first cohort.

        Now that they had a chance to throw dirty water on Li Kaoran, they would not miss it!

        Hearing these words, Li Kaoran's face also sank and her voice was cold as she said.

        "The man I choose will not be inferior to Wang Boyi, on the contrary, he will be a hundred times better than him!"


        The whole room was silent!

        A pair of eyes stared round and round, staring straight at Li Kaoran, obviously stunned by Li Kaoran's shocking words.

        This man, better than Wang Boyi?

        What a joke!

        Immediately afterwards, that second aunt burst into wild laughter.

        "This wild man is better than Wang Boyi?"

        "Li Kaoran, I think you've lost your mind, haven't you?"

        Everyone laughed coldly, as if they had heard a big joke, and looked at Li Kaoran with a look of idiocy.

        This was ridiculous!

        There was a saying in the imperial capital that a son should be born like Wang Boyi!

        Even the three demons of the Lin family were inferior to Wang Boyi.

        Wang Boyi is a leading figure among the young generation in the imperial capital, and all the boys look up to him.

        You can imagine how terrifying Wang Boyi is!

        And most importantly, Wang Boyi is only in his early thirties this year!

        At such a young age, he was the president of a chamber of commerce in the imperial capital, which was formed by a group of gentry in the imperial capital, and the annual profit share was as much as 50 billion.

        The Chamber of Commerce was formed by a group of gentry in the imperial capital, and the annual profit share was as much as 50 billion, and this was all due to Wang Boyi, so Wang Boyi was extremely prestigious among those gentry, but anyone who followed Wang Boyi would be able to make money even for a fool.

        Otherwise, the Wang family would not have chosen him as the heir.

        But Li Kaoran said that this nobody in front of him was a hundred times better than Wang Boyi?

        What was this if not a joke?

        They didn't even know who the other party was, so what qualifications did such a person have to compare with Wang Boyi?

        However, at that very moment!

        Wang Boyi spoke up, pretending to be affectionate and looking at Li Xiaoran with tender eyes.

        "Kaoran, I know you hate me, but why do you need to find such a person to cheapen yourself?"

        "He, however, is a married man!"


        Those words were like a bomb that set off the whole room!

        The faces of the Li family instantly turned extremely ugly.

        Not only had Li Kaoran found a wild man outside, she had even found a married man?

        Wouldn't Li Kaoran be the third party?