Today I Give Up Trying 1708

At this moment, Xu You Rong also came back from that daze, and his eyes were then flooded with a strange colour.

        He was in his twenties, so he wasn't an old man in his seventies or eighties?

        Then she still had a chance!

        This was the happiest news she had heard today!

        Her favourite idol was the same age as herself, so it was possible for them to develop in the future, wasn't it?

        And not just her!

        The female colleagues present, after hearing that the chairman was less than thirty years old, also all looked like they were committing nymphomania, their eyes glowing green.

        "Oh my! The chairman is under thirty, so I still have a chance, don't I?"

        "I don't know if the chairman is married yet, but even if he is, I don't mind, I'm happy to be a mistress if I can't be a wife!

        "What capable man doesn't have three wives and four concubines? But the question is, are you worthy of him? In his twenties, he became the chairman of the board of directors of Huafu Pharmaceuticals, such a man among men is not a match for ordinary women!"

        "I've decided! Let's meet the chairman by chance at the chairman's passage tomorrow, are there any together?"

        At that!

        Lin Fan had an embarrassed face and laughed bitterly.

        Xu You Rong, on the other hand, was red-faced and extraordinarily sultry, with a worried look, clearly having a sense of crisis.

        "No, the one you're talking about is the chairman's secretary!"

        Lin Fan hastily jumped out to deny it, he couldn't let anyone know his true identity.


        Everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan in confusion.

        "How do you know?"

        This guy had met the chairman?

        "Because I've met the chairman, I was there when New White's and Huafu Pharmaceuticals were talking about cooperation before, and he's already in his seventies."


        As soon as they heard this, the female employees present felt as if they had been splashed with a pot of cold water and were instantly distracted.

        If they were in their seventies, they would be old men, and even if they were capable, they would be old.

        Then they would be laughed to death?

        And Xu You Rong was also lost, in this way he could only treat the divine doctor Lin, as a lifelong admirer.

        Seeing that everyone believed what he said, Lin Fan was relieved.

        Soon, it was time to leave work, and Lin Fan had just stepped out of the door when he saw an ugly looking Li Kaoran, with a gloomy expression, standing at the door waiting for someone.

        When she saw Lin Fan, she walked over in big strides and said directly and plainly:

        "My family wants to see you!"

        "Things are getting rather big, and if you don't go, they won't let you and Bai Yi off the hook, so ......"

        Lin Fan suddenly frowned and said in an unkind tone :

        "Who said that?"

        He wanted to see who had dared to threaten him!

        Li Kaoran gave a bitter laugh and said awkwardly :


        Lin Fan first froze, and then he sneered:

        "Interesting, lead the way!"


        Instead of moving, Li Kaoran said with a slight pleading voice:

        "Lin Fan, I have an unpleasant request, can you please not kill anyone?"

        She knew Lin Fan's temper and knew that if this guy wanted to kill someone, no one would be able to stop him!

        Lin Fan just smiled and said :

        "That depends on how far they make it."


        And when Lin Fan arrived at the Li family, it was to find that the entire Li family was already at sword point, and everyone's faces were filled with thick hostility.

        "Li Kaoran, you shameless bitch, you still have the face to come back?"

        Li Kaoran's second aunt shouted in utter humiliation.

        At this moment, Wang Boyi was also standing in the middle of the crowd, the corners of his mouth raised with a sinister smile.

        It was obvious that before they came here, Wang Boyi had already fanned the flames.

        Li Kaoran took one look at Lin Fan, but felt a sense of security like never before, and immediately straightened his back and said coldly.

        "This is my home, why can't I come back?"