Today I Give Up Trying 1707

 And at that moment!

        Xu You Rong was in a meeting with a group of senior management!

        The discussion was naturally about today's scandal concerning Huafu Pharmaceuticals, which they had all thought would definitely have an extremely bad impact on Huafu Pharmaceuticals.

        They had even thought about how to solve this PR crisis.

        But the trouble that had only emerged was doused in an instant?

        Even the boss of the other company took the initiative to clarify the matter, and even went to the extent of destroying his company's famous actress for this?

        None of the executives present were idiots, so they all knew that things were not as simple as they thought.

        Jiang Zunsheng was not a good person either, and could not really compromise his own interests out of his so-called conscience, unless he was forced to do so.

        "I think that it must be our chairman who has stepped in!"

        Someone said so, and only their chairman of Huafu Pharmaceuticals was capable of doing so.

        At that!

        Xu You Rong instantly gave the other party a white look without good grace.

        "Do you still need to say that? Don't we know? Apart from the chairman, who else could have such a skill?"

        Even Zhang Jianjun couldn't solve the problem, but Dr. Lin had easily solved it, so she became more and more curious about that Dr. Lin.

        This kind of skill could not be overstated.

        "How can you be so sure that it's Dr. Lin? Maybe it's really that Jiang Zunsheng who has found his conscience?"

        And at this time, a playful voice rang out, and Lin Fan walked in through the door.

        The thing he feared most had finally happened!

        That was that everyone had become curious about who he was!

        Once they were curious, they would want to dig, and then over time he was afraid that his identity would not be able to be hidden.

        At the sound of his words!

        Xu You Rong immediately snorted and looked at Lin Fan with a look of contempt.

        "You think everyone is as naive as you are?"

        "Also, this is a high-level meeting, what qualifications do you have to come in? Get out!"


        Lin Fan was furious and said angrily.

        "You've just helped you sign a contract with Zhang Yichen, and now you're turning your back on him?"

        At that, Xu You Rong's face reddened, so she hummed and didn't have the heart to continue to drive Lin Fan away.

        Because no matter what, this guy was the one who took credit for solving a big problem for them.

        And at that moment, one of the colleagues said.

        "Do you guys know? I saw Divine Doctor Lin one morning before!"


        Xu You Rong was instantly excited, grabbing the other's hand as he asked with glowing eyes.

        "Where did you see him? What did he look like?"

        This reaction made everyone present, and even Lin Fan, freeze.

        Did Xu You Rong have to be so excited?

        That look was almost as if she had won the Mark Six lottery.

        "I didn't get a good look at the face, but judging from the back, the other party is definitely not more than thirty years old!"

        At this moment, not to mention Xu You Rong was shocked, all the senior executives present were also dumbfounded!

        Because in their opinion, their chairman should be over forty even if he was younger, but it turned out that this person said that the chairman was less than thirty?

        A chairman in his twenties, how the hell is that possible!

        This could no longer be described as young and talented, this should simply be called a demon!

        "Did you see it wrong?"

        Xu You Rong asked in disbelief, Divine Doctor Lin was only in his twenties, this was too unbelievable, right?

        At the age of less than thirty, to become a famous divine doctor in China, sitting in a globally renowned medicine receiving group, this was just too astounding.

        It is unbelievable!

        Is there really such an outstanding person in this world?

        "How could I possibly be wrong, I watched him walk into the Chairman's Passage with my own eyes, and you all know that the Chairman's Passage is set with a password, only the Chairman himself knows it, so who else can go besides him?"

        At these words, the crowd erupted in an uproar!

        So, the chairman really only looked like he was in his twenties!

        They really couldn't figure out what kind of genius it was to have everything that more than ninety-nine point nine percent of the population couldn't have at the age of twenty-something.

        This, couldn't help but make people envious and jealous!

        And at this moment, Lin Fan was not in a very good mood!

        It seemed that from now on, the Chairman's Passage couldn't go either!