Today I Give Up Trying 1705


        Lin Fan looked at Li Kaoran with a surprised expression, as if he couldn't believe that this high-cold woman would say such an explicit word.

        After saying this, Li Kaoran also felt flushed and ashamed of her face!

        It was so humiliating for her, who had always been traditional, to say such explicit words that she wanted to find a hole in the ground.

        And at that moment!

        Wang Boyi's expression suddenly changed, and a flash of hatred fiercely surfaced in his eyes.

        Obviously, he believed it!

        Because Li Kaoran would never say such shameless words, and even when he usually crossed the line occasionally, Li Kaoran would ignore him for days.

        But now...

        However, that was not all!

        Lin Fan was demonstrating and deliberately slapped Li Kaoran's buttocks with one hand, and said with a bad smile.

        "Honey, who's this guy?"


        Li Kaoran was about to explode, and her eyes looked like they were about to burst into flames.

        This guy, he did it on purpose!

        Taking advantage of someone's danger, shameless!

        But at this time, she didn't dare to get angry, she could only pretend to be indifferent and said.

        "It's just an ex-boyfriend, he still comes to harass me after being dumped by me, how shameless!"

        Seeing this scene, Wang Boyi was outraged, and with a fierce look in his eyes, he stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        "Kid, I'll give you three seconds to get your hand off her ass!"

        "Or else, I'll have you killed!"

        To him, it was easy to trample such an ant to death!


        Lin Fan, however, laughed disdainfully.

        "Sorry, my darling has already found an even better man, so trash like you, she doesn't need it!"


        Wang Boyi froze, then laughed out loud, his eyes shady as he said.

        "You? Excellent? A guy who dresses like a stinky beggar, and he dares to call himself excellent!"

        Only, he expected Lin Fan to be angry, but instead Lin Fan smiled and said.

        "I'm good at my job!"


        The whole room was dead silent!

        Whether it was Li Kaoran or Wang Boyi, their faces were as gloomy as if water was about to seep out.

        And Wang Boyi really had a killing heart for Lin Fan at this moment!

        They had actually slept together?

        How many times had he pleaded with Li Kaoran in the past, but he had been refused, and he had been told that he could only have sex after he was married.

        But now, Li Kaoran had given this stinking beggar her most precious possession?

        How could he possibly accept this?

        "Bitch! You shameless bitch!"

        Wang Boyi roared as if he had gone mad, feeling that his dignity as a man had been seriously provoked.

        "How dare you find such a dead poor man! A man who stinks like a beggar! I think your usual innocence is just an act, right? In fact, you are a slut at heart!"

        Being humiliated by Wang Boyi in public like this, Li Kaoran's face was as ugly as it could be.

        To a woman, there was nothing more hurtful and insulting than the word "slut"!

        Li Kaoran's body was trembling with fear!

        She could not speak, she could not move, and she could only silently bear Wang Boyi's unwarranted humiliation.

        Lin Fan also noticed this scene, and his brow furrowed.

        And then he walked towards Wang Boyi in an aggressive manner.

        "Lin Fan, what are you doing?"

        Seeing Lin Fan's move, Li Kaoran immediately panicked.

        "You're my woman now, making my woman suffer humiliation, that's not my style!"


        In an instant, Li Kaoran's mind was feverish, and a face was instantly red!

        Obviously, she had been severely shocked by Lin Fan's words!

        In just this instant, Li Kaoran felt as if her heart was filled with something.

        A tinge of warmth swept around her body in a constant stream.

        It made her feel as if she was intoxicated!

        At this time, she even had a longing, how good would it be if she was really his woman?

        And when she saw Lin Fan walking towards her, Wang Boyi snorted and smiled smugly.

        "Want to make a move, huh? Punk, do you know who I am? I have the strength of a clan master, but a punk like you should have never even heard of what a clan master is, right?"

        "If you can touch me on the corner of my coat, I'll kneel down and call out to your father..."


        Just as Wang Boyi was chattering away, selling his status, Lin Fan's fist had already smashed over to his face!


        Wang Boyi flew straight out!

        His incisors were broken, his nose was caved in, and his face was covered in blood!