Today I Give Up Trying 1704

 Hearing these words!

        Li Kaoran's face grew paler and paler, and the thought that she would most likely have to spend the rest of her life with this scum in front of her made Li Kaoran feel even worse than if she had been killed.

        However, that was not all!

        Wang Boyi shouted with even more glee.

        "I'm not afraid to tell you that even after I get married, I won't have only you as a woman!"

        "How can a man as good as me be willing to have only one woman? When the time comes, you will have to put up with it if you can, but if you can't... If you can't, you'll have to put up with it too!"

        Li Kaoran thumped and took a few steps back, the expression on her face growing more and more bitter.

        This was a political marriage, where both parties were tied together for the benefit of both families, and there was no such thing as happiness.

        Could she really only be played by Wang Boyi in this life?

        How could she be willing to do that?

        Not far away, Lin Fan heard the conversation between Li Xiaoran and Wang Boyi and was completely frozen, not expecting that this woman's fate would be so rough.

        It was even better that she had met a slag, but she had to marry him due to the pressure from her family.

        If Li Xiaoran really married Wang Boyi, she would probably not be happy for the rest of her life, right?

        However, this had nothing to do with Lin Fan!

        Lin Fan didn't bother to mind his own business, and then he took a step forward and walked in towards the Hua House Pharmaceuticals, pretending not to see these two people.

        But at that moment!

        Li Kaoran noticed Lin Fan and first froze, then a green light flashed in her eyes as if she had seen a life-saving straw.

        At that moment, she ran towards Lin Fan as if she had gone mad!

        And then, without any further ado, she took Lin Fan's arm, with an extremely contemptuous look.

        "What do you mean?"

        Lin Fan frowned and instantly had an ominous feeling, as if he had anticipated what Li Kaoran wanted to do.

        "Shut up!"

        Li Kaoran, however, did not give a good face and reprimanded.


        And at this time, seeing Li Kaoran intimately holding another man's hand, Wang Boyi's face also sank sharply.

        "Li Kaoran, who is he?"

        Wang Boyi questioned in a loud voice, his words dripping with anger.

        Even if the two of them were in a political marriage, Li Kaoran was still his nominal wife, and now his wife was holding another man's hand in front of him.

        Wasn't this cuckolding him?

        If this were to get out, wouldn't he, the youngest of the Wang family, become a great laughing stock?

        "I forgot to introduce to you, this is my boyfriend, his name is Lin Fan!"

        Li Kaoran sneered and held Lin Fan's hand tightly as she said.

        "Sorry Wang Boyi, I'm definitely not going to marry you!"

        As expected!

        Lin Fan smiled bitterly, he knew that Li Kaoran was planning to use him as a shield.

        It was no wonder, to get the Li family to cancel her marriage to Wang Boyi, then she could only use Lin Fan.

        Because only Lin Fan, would be superior to Wang Boyi!

        Even, Lin Fan alone would be enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Wang family!

        After all, the Lin family, which was ten times stronger than the Wang family, had fallen apart under Lin Fan's hand and was headed for extinction!

        Lin Fan was her last hope!


        Wang Boyi first froze, and after taking a glance at Lin Fan, he burst out laughing.

        "Boyfriend? Just him?"

        "Hahahaha! Li Kaoran, are you serious? My security guards are probably better dressed than him, this poor guy would be your boyfriend?"

        "Unless, you're blind!"

        Hearing this, Lin Fan was a little displeased!

        Fuck you!

        What's it to me if you two don't get along?

        Why should I be insulted?

        At this moment, he had developed some hostility towards Wang Boyi, especially because the other party's extremely conceited attitude made Lin Fan feel disgusted.

        Obviously, this was a master whose superiority complex was online at all times, which was why he had insulted him in such an uncaring manner, even though it was only the first time they had met.

        Because in Wang Boyi's eyes, he, Lin Fan, was a scum, scum that could be trampled on at will!

        And it was this kind of person that Lin Fan hated the most in his life.

        Li Kaoran also knew that Wang Boyi would not believe him easily, so she simply hugged Lin Fan even tighter, while saying in an extremely revealing manner.

        "Believe it or not, he's my man anyway, and I gave him my first time!"