Today I Give Up Trying 1703

 And at that moment!

        After finishing off Ouyang Fei Fei and Wan Lishi, Lin Fan returned to the middle of Hua Fu Pharmaceutical, only to see Li Kaoran at the entrance of Hua Fu Pharmaceutical, tugging and pulling with a scantily clad man!

        Next to her was a Ferrari worth tens of millions of dollars - a Rafa!

        proclaiming the man's wealth!

        "Kaoran, just give me one more chance, from now on I will change my ways and live with you with one heart and soul!"

        That man's divine confession, his eyes full of earnest pleading, pulling Li Kaoran's hand and saying nothing to let go.


        Li Kaoran, however, did not believe the other party's nonsense at all and chided with extreme disgust, saying.

        "Wang Boyi, will you stop acting? I feel disgusted!"

        "If you really loved me, you wouldn't have slept with an actress behind my back, and now I won't believe you no matter what you say!"


        This man was Li Kaoran's ex-boyfriend, and the two sides had already reached the point of talking about marriage, but just a year ago Li Kaoran found out that Wang Boyi had cheated on her.

        The cheating was done by a female singer, which was later reported by the paparazzi, so Li Kaoran broke up with Wang Boyi in a fit of anger.

        But she didn't expect it!

        Wang Boyi found her again, and even had the cheek to try to conform with her.

        In this year!

        After a year of heartbreaking grief, Li Kaoran had already forgotten all about Wang Boyi, and with her mental cleanliness, how could she possibly accept Wang Boyi, who had a previous record, again?

        When she sees Wang Boyi today, she feels nothing but disgust and disgust!

        "Kaoran, I was drunk and had no idea what was going on, believe me! It was that woman who seduced me!"

        Wang Boyi denied it, gazing at Li Kaoran with an affectionate gaze.

        "The person I love most is you! You don't know how I've been living this year, I've been thinking of you every moment, but you don't answer my calls and refuse to see me, which makes me really miserable!"

        "Kaoran, give me one more chance, let's start over, okay?"


        Li Kaoran smiled and nodded, before frost piled up in her eyes fiercely.

        "In another life!"

        With that said!

        She then directly turned around and left.

        But at this instant, a touch of hostility appeared under Wang Boyi's eyes, and he yanked Li Kaoran back roughly.

        Li Kaoran stumbled and almost fell to the ground!

        He was confronted by Wang Boyi's fierce face.

        Immediately, Li Kaoran panicked and said angrily.

        "Wang Boyi, what the hell do you want? If you keep doing that, I'll call the police!"

        Call the police?

        As if he had heard a big joke, Wang Boyi laughed loudly and said.

        "Li Kaoran, have you forgotten what your status is?"

        "You are the Miss of the Li family, my Wang Boyi's fiancĂ©e, our fates have been linked together since we were born!"

        "The Li and Wang families are destined to be joined in marriage, can you refuse me, can you refuse the Li family?"

        With a single sentence, it instantly made Li Kaoran's face ashen!

        It was because the marriage contract between her and Wang Boyi had been fixed since she was a child.

        The Wang and Li families had decided to join forces when they were young, and originally Li had no problem with this, but now it was different...

        She would not allow herself to marry a man who had betrayed her!


        The problem was that she was indeed, as Wang Boyi had said, unable to refuse the Li family's request.

        A marriage between powerful families was not something that could be refused just by saying no.

        Moreover, the marriage had been arranged twenty years ago and both families were looking forward to it.

        If one party were to renege, it would inevitably offend the other.

        This would be an absolutely unbearable and devastating blow to the Li family, which was already on a downward spiral.

        Seeing that Li Kaoran did not say anything, Wang Boyi simply tore his face off and laughed with a fierce expression.

        "Li Kaoran, don't be delusional, you will never be able to get rid of me in your life!"