Today I Give Up Trying 1696

 What is this guy talking about?

        Considering not letting him dump his family's money?

        Zhang Jianjun didn't even dare to speak like that!

        Although his status was not as high as Jiang Zunsheng's, he was still a dignified figure in the imperial capital.

        Making him lose his family's fortune?

        What right did Lin Fan have?

        He had been in the world for so many years, how could he still be intimidated by a yellow-haired boy who had not yet done anything?

        And yet, Lin Fan still looked as good as new and said.

        "There are some people you can't afford to offend! There are some things that you cannot do!"

        In his words, there was already a strong threat only yo!


        Jiang Zunsheng cursed and swept away the tea tray on the table, the contents of which fell into pieces!

        After that, he pointed at Lin Fan's nose in anger and cursed.

        "What the hell are you, you dare to talk to me like that? Even he, Zhang Jianjun, wouldn't dare to disregard me!"

        Jiang Zunsheng was completely furious!

        Was Huafu Pharmaceutical determined to seek death?

        He thought that the other party would send money to his door, but instead he let a yellow-haired kid come to his door and touch him?

        He thought that he was easy to bully!

        At that moment!

        This was no longer a matter of money, but a matter of face.

        Even if Huafu Pharmaceutical had sent a yellow-haired kid to negotiate with him, how could he even threaten him?

        And at this time, Lin Fan also frowned, and a wisp of murderous aura came out in his voice: "I am more than Zhang Jianjun.

        "I am far more terrifying than Zhang Jianjun!"

        "If you refuse my offer, I can guarantee that in the next second, you will die even worse than Ouyang Fei Fei!"


        Hearing those words, Jiang Zunsheng's heart sank violently!

        Even more terrifying than Zhang Jianjun?

        This guy, was he serious?

        A young man in his twenties could compare to Zhang Jianjun in terms of status?

        At that moment, Jiang Zunsheng looked at Lin Fan with some suspicion and asked.

        "What kind of person are you?"

        He also reacted, Huafu Pharmaceutical should not send a nobody to negotiate with him, this guy in front of him should have some background and ability.

        "My name is Lin Fan, I'm also the divine doctor they call Lin!"


        Jiang Zun Sheng felt his brain faint, as if he had been struck by electricity, and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        This man in front of him was the current chairman of Huafu Pharmaceutical?

        The famous super divine doctor of China, the leading figure of Chinese medicine in China?

        He, how could he be so young?

        Originally, Jiang Zunsheng thought that the divine doctor Lin should be about the same age as Pill Elder, or at least in his 50s or 60s.

        But now that he looked at him, he was only in his twenties?

        Oh my God!

        He was only in his twenties, and he had a pharmaceutical empire like Huafu Pharmaceutical.

        I'm afraid there is no other person in the whole of China!


        Jiang Zunsheng soon realized that even if he had to seek peace with him, so what if he was a divine doctor?

        Now that they were in a position of reason, they could even ignore Lin Fan!

        Now that public opinion was on their side and there was a national audience watching this matter, he did not believe that Lin Fan would dare to do anything to him.

        At that moment, he arrogantly shouted.

        "So what if you're a divine doctor, can you just beat people up?"

        "I'm telling you, if you don't throw out 10 billion or so today, this matter won't pass!"


        Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and smiled with interest, saying playfully.

        "So, you're planning to blackmail me?"

        He had thought that by revealing his identity, the other party would back off, but he hadn't expected that the other party would still be bent on doing so.

        Surprisingly, he didn't even put him in his eyes.

        In that case, there was nothing to do but teach a lesson!

        "You can think so, but you have to give this money, don't you? Otherwise, the amount of money that your Huafu Pharmaceutical lost in a day would only be unknown to this amount, right? Hey, hey, hey..."

        Jiang Zunsheng smiled smugly, as if I was sure of you.

        So what if you're just a 20-something year old kid?

        In terms of medical skills, you're a bully, but in terms of business and scheming, you're no match for me, Jiang Zunsheng?

        "You've been given the chance, but you don't know how to cherish it!"

        Lin Fan didn't say any more nonsense and directly took out his mobile phone and dialed the number.

        "Make your move!"