Today I Give Up Trying 1695

 At those words!

        The three people in the room all changed their expressions, as if they hadn't expected the other party to come so quickly.

        They had only just started the conference, and already Washington Pharmaceuticals had come to make peace?

        At that moment, they were all confident that Washington Pharmaceuticals must have come to make peace with them because the matter had become too big.

        If the pressure of public opinion was not resolved, Washington Pharmaceuticals would have to break its bones, and the people at the top would not allow such negative press to exist for such a large state-owned enterprise.

        So they will definitely beg them to settle and eventually throw out a sum of money to put things right.

        And at that time, it would be time for the three of them to make a lot of money.

        The three of them looked at each other and all smiled wistfully.

        It was as if they were sure of Huafu Pharmaceutical!

        "The God of Wealth is here, I'll go greet him!"

        Jiang Zunsheng hemmed and hawed with a wicked smile, his eyes glowing, unable to hold down the excitement in his heart.

        The money was about to arrive!

        "Then I'll have to step up my game too, move on to the next launch and stab Huafu Pharmaceuticals hard again!"

        Ouyang Fei Fei said sinisterly.

        "Yes, yes, the more ruthless the better, so that we have more leverage to offer a higher price!"

        Jiang Zun Sheng gave a thumbs up to Ouyang Fei Fei, also with a treacherous smile.

        "Don't worry, I will make Huafu Pharmaceuticals hate me to the bone, hahaha!"

        Ouyang Fei Fei giggled, and then it was time to hurriedly put a few drops of eye drops into her eyes before walking out the door.

        She was ready to go on with her acting.

        Jiang Zunsheng also asked his secretary to arrange for the visitors from Huafu Pharmaceutical to wait for him in his office, while he sat in his own office, already ready to wait for the money to be counted.

        After a while, his office door was pushed open.

        Jiang Zunsheng stood up in a hurry and greeted him with a smile on his face.

        "Ministry Zhang, you're finally here..."


        Only when he reached the front did he see that the one who had come was not Zhang Jianjun, but a young man in his twenties.

        At that moment, Jiang Zun Sheng's face immediately sank and he asked in an unkind tone.

        "Who are you, and who allowed you to come in?"

        The one who came was, naturally, Lin Fan!

        Ignoring the other party's surprise and disgust, he walked straight into the office and then sat down on one of the sofas.

        "Jiang Dong, right, I was sent by Huafu Pharmaceutical to negotiate with you this time!"


        Jiang Zunsheng was stunned, how could Huafu Pharmaceutical send a brat to negotiate with him?

        He originally thought that Washington Pharmaceuticals would at least send Zhang Jianjun, but it turned out that Washington Pharmaceuticals didn't take him seriously at all!

        But it was good that he had sent such a kid to negotiate with him, so he would be at his mercy.

        Negotiation requires skill!

        At once!

        Jiang Zun Sheng smiled coldly and then swept a contemptuous glance at Lin Fan before he sat down in front of him and also said with a calm expression.

        "Negotiation, how else do you want to negotiate? You Huafu Pharmaceuticals poisoned the artist under me, causing serious damage to her body and mind, do you know how long she had to be out of work?"

        "Do you know how much money I have to lose?"


        Lin Fan, however, laughed coldly and said carelessly.

        "Cut the crap, just name your price!"

        He didn't come here to listen to Jiang Zunsheng's nonsense, after all, now that Huafu Pharmaceutical's share price was plummeting every minute, he really didn't have any more time to waste.

        And Jiang Zunsheng could also see Lin Fan's anxiety, but the more anxious Lin Fan was, the less anxious he was.

        The longer time dragged on, the more anxious Lin Fan would be, and then the higher the price he could offer.

        "You guys are looking for me to negotiate, so naturally you should make the first bid!"

        Jiang Zun Sheng grinned, his eyes were like a cat catching a mouse.

        Old foxes!

        Lin Fan cursed in his heart before he made his price: "How about you help me uncover the truth?

        "How about you help me expose Ouyang Fei Fei's lies, and I'll consider not letting you lose all your money?"


        Jiang Zunsheng's face instantly turned gloomy, thinking he had heard wrong, and looked at Lin Fan incredulously: "What did you just say?

        "What did you just say?"