Today I Give Up Trying 1693


        Xu You Rong's eyes instantly glared round as he angrily said.

        "Then you're still asking me to apologize?"

        This guy did it on purpose?

        "I want to see you make a fool of yourself, can't I?"

        Lin Fan said in a tit-for-tat manner, before pointing at the door.

        "Besides, you can get lost now, don't delay me from having a two-person world with my wife!"

        Xu You Rong gritted her teeth, and even though she prided herself on her connotation, she had the urge to hit Lin Fan at this moment.

        This grandson, he was too damned bullying!

        "What for? You want to hit me? I'm telling you, if you dare to touch a single hair on my head, Zhang Yichen won't even cooperate with you!"

        Lin Fan looked at Xu You Rong with a cold smile, with the look of a dead pig not afraid of boiling water.

        "You, you can do it!"

        Xu You Rong trembled and gave Lin Fan a thumbs up, before turning around indignantly and slamming the door in anger.

        Clearly pissed off by this time!

        Bai Yi sighed and glanced helplessly at Lin Fan:

        "You say you, why bother to be so calculating with her?"

        Lin Fan also shrugged helplessly and said.

        "I'd rather not be so pushy with her, but the problem is that she keeps finding me in trouble every now and then, and keeps trying to encourage you to divorce me, so how can I put up with that?"

        Bai Yi also had two big heads, not wanting her husband and her most admired cousin to clash, she took the initiative to act as a peacemaker: "She is also doing this for the sake of her cousin.

        "Cousin, she is also doing it for my own good, she doesn't want to see me having a hard time, she and I are the best friends since we were kids, I don't want you two to have a bad time!"

        "Lin Fan, promise me that you won't fight with her again, okay?"

        Seeing the pleading on Bai Yi's face, Lin Fan's heart softened and he nodded, saying.

        "Okay, I'll just try to avoid her in the future!"

        Only then did Bai Yi nodded in satisfaction, before looking at Lin Fan.

        "You and Zhang Yichen, are you really just ordinary friends?"

        Lin Fan's sweat immediately stood up, and when he met Bai Yi's smiling gaze, he instantly felt his body tense up.

        What the hell...

        This is not over, is it?


        Early the next morning, Lin Fan was woken up by a call from Zhang Jianjun.

        "Mr. Lin, something big is wrong!"

        The moment the call was answered, Zhang Jianjun's anxious voice came from the other end.


        Lin Fan instantly lost all his sleepiness and sat up from his chair in a flash, his face grim as he said.

        "What's happening?"

        "You should take a look at the television, it's on now!"

        Zhang Jianjun said impatiently, obviously nervous too.

        Lin Fan then hurriedly got up and turned on the TV, then tuned to the news channel, and immediately saw Ouyang Fei Fei standing in front of the TV crying, lashing out at Huafu Pharmaceutical at the scene of the press conference.

        She said that because of a dispute over the details of the contract, Huafu Pharmaceuticals had beaten her up, and even Zhang Jianjun, the minister, had beaten her up!

        Now she has been to the hospital for an injury check and it was confirmed that she has suffered multiple soft tissue injuries and will be unable to work for a large period of time.

        Body, mind and work have all suffered tremendously!

        "My fans don't have to worry about me, I believe in the state and the law and will definitely give me an explanation!"

        "Even government officials have to pay for what they have done!"

        "At the same time, I also call on everyone to be more cautious about choosing a morally corrupt company like Washington Pharmaceuticals!"


        The remote control in Lin Fan's hand was instantly crushed to pieces!

        An extremely dangerous smile appeared on his face as well.

        "What an idiot looking for death!"

        Is this what they call a little man's counterattack?

        It's funny, isn't it?

        Thinking that this was the way to take down Huafu Pharmaceuticals and Lin Fan?

        Ouyang Fei Fei had underestimated him too much, right?

        "Mr. Lin, what should we do?"

        At the other end, Zhang Jianjun asked Lin Fan's opinion, he was also a bit confused at this time.

        Lin Fan said indifferently.

        "You don't need to worry about this matter, I will solve it!"