Today I Give Up Trying 1692

 Lin Fan was so angry that he wanted to curse, this bitch was doing it on purpose?

        Bai Yi also stared intently at Lin Fan, waiting for his explanation.

        "Is it really just a friend who agreed to offer to help because of some friendship?"

        "Did I pay for the new vaccine to hit the market, and it became mine too that wasn't?"


        Bai Yi was then a little ashamed, was it really because her cousin was overthinking?

        "Bai Yi, don't let this guy deceive you, he might be hiding a lot of things from you."

        "Today he's ambiguous with Zhang Yichen, there's no telling how many such ordinary friends there will be in the future!"

        Xu You Rong coldly snorted, staring coldly at Lin Fan, with the look of I saw through you a long time ago.

        Lin Fan was also confused, was this woman a dog? Such a keen sense of smell?

        He was indeed having some ambiguity with Zhang Yichen, to be precise, it was Zhang Yichen who wanted to have an ambiguity with him.

        And sniff!

        Bai Yi's face was also dense with worry.

        Because she also found out that Lin Fan was indeed too good with women recently.

        First it was Li Kaoran, and later it was Zhang Yichen!

        And each one of them was a very outstanding woman, causing her to have a sense of crisis as well.

        She didn't know how it was that Lin Fan had become the meat and potatoes that all the women liked.

        Was a home-cooked man so attractive?

        After a long time, Bai Yi then sighed and said.

        "Cousin, forget it, I trust Lin Fan! He won't do anything wrong to me!"

        "You! Ugh! You're just too naive!"

        Xu You Rong was furious, was this guy really that good?

        Is this guy really that good? Is he worthy of Bai Yi's insensitive care?

        This guy is obviously cheating on his wife!

        And then, Xu You Rong was staring viciously at Lin Fan, gritting her teeth and saying.

        "I'm telling you, if you dare to betray Bai Yi in the future, I will definitely not let you go!"

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, brushed aside his mouth and sneered.

        "My wife, I naturally know how to hurt her, no need for you to meddle!"


        Xu You Rong's anger rose again, but when he thought that he still had something to ask this bastard, he could only suppress this bad anger in his heart.

        "Right, come to Huafu Pharmaceuticals tomorrow, Zhang Yichen has said that she will only sign the contract if you are present!"

        Xu You Rong said in a cold voice, even when she was begging someone, she had a superior attitude.


        Lin Fan then sneered in response.

        "Sorry, no time!"

        Coming to destroy his family, and still wanting his help, did Xu You Rong take him for a fool?


        In an instant, Xu You Rong's face turned completely gloomy as he angrily looked at Lin Fan and said.

        "Shouldn't you be the one to solve the matter you caused yourself? Do you still have any sense of responsibility?"


        Lin Fan was amused by Xu You Rong's evil complaint and sarcastically said.

        "Have you forgotten who drove me away? And who told me not to meddle?"

        With a single word, she instantly rendered Xu You Rong speechless!

        It was true that she had driven Lin Fan away in the first place, but the point was that she now regretted it.

        Because now, only Lin Fan was able to make Zhang Yichen change her mind.

        If even Zhang Yichen wasn't willing to work with them, then there would really be nothing they could do.

        "Alright, Lin Fan, I apologise! I hope you'll forgive me this time for Bai Yi's sake!"

        "You should know that this vaccine launch is not only about the fate of Huafu Pharmaceutical, but also determines the future development of your wife's New Bai!"

        "You, don't ruin the development of both businesses because of a moment of anger!"

        At that moment!

        Lin Fan then sneered twice, he even admired Xu You Rong's eloquence a little, it was true that educated people could even say so well to shirk their responsibilities.

        It was as if if he was an unforgivable sinner if he didn't forgive Xu You Rong.

        And then, he was looking at Xu You Rong and said coldly.

        "Even if you don't give me an apology, I will still seek Zhang Yichen's help, how can I let go of seeing the company my wife has worked so hard to create come to naught?"