Today I Give Up Trying 1691

 Xu You Rong sat back in his chair with a start, his brain already blank.

        That guy wasn't pretending?

        But with just him, why did he have such ability?

        Inviting an international superstar, what the hell...

        It made Xu You Rong actually feel the urge to curse!

        Had she really misread her eyes, that guy wasn't as bad as she had imagined?

        And at this time, seeing the crowd looking defeated, Zhang Yichen became even more puzzled: "Where is Lin Fan?

        "Where's Lin Fan? Not here?"


        Xu You Rong and the others' expressions were too embarrassed, how could he be willing to tell Zhang Yichen that Lin Fan had already let them drive him away?

        If that were the case, I'm afraid that Zhang Yichen would just turn around and leave, right?

        All of them had bitter smiles on their faces, they were really ignorant of the mountain.

        Lin Fan had hit them hard in the face with this!

        "That, Mr. Lin has to leave first, he should come tomorrow!"

        Xu You Rong said with an embarrassed face, the one who felt her face hurt the most at this time should be her.

        It was because just now she had insulted Lin Fan the most and had bitten the bullet that it was impossible to invite Zhang Yichen with just a loser like Lin Fan.

        What happened?

        This guy had really delivered on his words!

        Xu You Rong even wanted to find a hole in the ground at this time, guess Lin Fan had just called her an idiot in his mind, right?

        "Then I'll wait for him to come before signing!"

        Zhang Yichen finished these words indifferently, and then turned around and wanted to leave.

        Her face had turned not too nice!

        Obviously she also realised that these people must have offended Lin Fan, then after offending Lin Fan, there would be no point in negotiating this cooperation.

        When they saw Zhang Yichen's face change, Xu You Rong and the others also realised that something was wrong.

        Zhang Yichen should have sensed that they had driven Lin Fan away.

        But what they hadn't expected was that Lin Fan's status in Zhang Yichen's heart was so heavy, making Zhang Yichen, who was smiling sweetly one second, as cold as frost the next.

        The speed of this flip-flop was faster than a book!

        And how could Xu You Rong let go of this hard-earned opportunity, panicking, she walked forward and said earnestly.

        "Miss Zhang, in fact, if Lin Fan is not here, we can still sign!"


        In response to her ingratiation, Zhang Yichen only gave her a cold look.

        "I won't sign up if Lin Fan isn't here!"

        After saying that!

        She walked out of the conference room with a cold face!

        Leaving Xu You Rong and the others in complete disarray!

        "That Lin Fan, he actually found Zhang Yichen, who the hell is he?"

        "Xu You Rong, we have to get him back, without him, Zhang Yichen wouldn't have cooperated with us, since you know him, then you should step in!"

        At those words!

        Xu You Rong immediately frowned, asking her to find Lin Fan, wouldn't that be asking her to punch herself in the face?

        After all, she had only just humiliated Lin Fan, and if she went to invite him again at this time, wouldn't she have to admit her mistake?

        "Xu You Rong, the group has put you in charge of this project, that means they believe in your ability, I don't think you want the group's efforts to go to waste, do you?"

        Xu You Rong's face was blue, but she knew that what her colleagues were saying was the truth.

        At that moment, she was the one who reluctantly said.

        "Fine, I'll go and find Lin Fan!"

        That night!

        After Lin Fan finished his business, he returned to the hotel, and then he saw Xu You Rong talking to Bai Yi.

        At that moment, Lin Fan frowned, and heartily disliked this woman.

        And at this time, seeing Lin Fan return, Bai Yi's face was not quite right, but a little aggravated and angry.

        At once, Lin Fan's heart thumped, what was this woman Xu You Rong up to again?

        At that moment!

        Bai Yi then looked at Lin Fan in anger and questioned.

        "Lin Fan, do you and Zhang Yichen know each other well?"

        Lin Fan first froze, and then said with a smile.

        "It's just some friendship!"


        As soon as Lin Fan's words left his mouth, Xu You Rong laughed coldly.

        "Just a little acquaintance? I don't think so, do I? I don't think it's as simple as having some friendship with him, right?"