Today I Give Up Trying 1690

 Everyone froze and turned their attention to the secretary.

        Xu You Rong's willow brows were furrowed and she said with some displeasure :

        "Who's here? What's all the fuss about?"

        "Diva Zhang Yichen is here!"

        The moment this was said, it was like a bomb that set off the whole room!

        Everyone was dumbfounded at this time, was this a fucking dream?

        Zhang Yichen was really here?

        That fellow Lin Fan, he couldn't be telling the truth, right?

        How was that possible!

        Wasn't that guy the son-in-law of the family?

        How could a son-in-law know a diva?


        It must be a coincidence!

        Everyone couldn't believe that Lin Fan really had this kind of skill.

        Even Xu You Rong, at this time, was completely confused, Lin Fan had just said that a few hours ago, and Zhang Yichen appeared in front of them?


        If this was really Lin Fan's doing, then how deep his relationship with Zhang Yichen had to be, it was unimaginable.

        "Quickly! Quickly invite Miss Zhang in!"

        Xu You Rong's face was as red as a tide, and at this time it was as if he had seen a savior.

        If Zhang Yichen was here, then they would be able to save Huafu Pharmaceutical!

        Ariel Zhang is a big star who can't even be hired with money. Previously, Huafu Pharmaceuticals had also approached her for cooperation, but Ariel refused on the grounds that she had to report a concert and had no schedule.

        Ariel Zhang is a superstar who is half the world's biggest star and has no scandals since her debut, so she is the most suitable spokesperson for them.

        It was because they could not find Zhang Aichen that they had no choice but to use Ouyang Fei Fei. Now that Zhang Aichen had changed her mind, how could they not be happy?

        After the secretary left, one of the executives was puzzled and said:

        "That Lin Fan just said he wanted Zhang Yichen, and Zhang Yichen is here.

        "No way!"

        Xu You Rong denied it in one breath, while coldly snorting:

        "I know how much weight that guy has, it must be that Zhang Yichen has changed his mind and wants to talk to us again about cooperation!"

        She didn't admit that Lin Fan was capable of this, otherwise wouldn't that mean that she had misjudged the person?

        Not long after, Ariel Zhang walked into the conference room, and the moment they saw Ariel Zhang, everyone present was excited.

        This was a superstar!

        An existence that the stars all had to look up to!

        "Miss Zhang, I've heard a lot about you!"

        Xu You Rong shook hands with Zhang Yichen enthusiastically, his face all happy, this was a case of losing a fish eye and picking up a pearl.


        Zhang Yichen also casually extended her hand, with a smile on her face.

        "Miss Zhang, did you change your mind and want to carry out cooperation with us?"

        Xu You Rong asked impatiently, looking at Lin Fan with eyes full of anticipation.

        Zhang Yichen then nodded her head :

        "I have come this time, indeed, to cooperate with your Huafu Pharmaceutical!"


        As soon as they heard this, all the senior management were immediately overjoyed, all problems were solved.

        Zhang Yichen was actually planning to cooperate with them!

        While Xu You Rong was surprised, he was also puzzled and asked.

        "I don't understand, Miss Zhang, didn't you already reject us before? What made you change your mind?"

        At that!

        Zhang Yichen then smiled and said in a surprising manner.

        "It's because a friend asked me to help, so I came."

        A friend?

        Xu You Rong and the others were instantly struck by lightning, and their expressions completely froze.

        Their faces were filled with dismay!

        An ominous feeling surfaced in their hearts, the friend that Zhang Yichen was talking about, couldn't it really be Lin Fan?

        Xu You Rong couldn't help but ask.

        "I wonder who the friend Miss Zhang is talking about is?"

        Zhang Yichen looked at Xu You Rong in confusion and said in disbelief.

        "Don't you guys know? It's Lin Fan, huh?"

        She was also confused, didn't these people know who Lin Fan was?

        Then why did Lin Fan still ask her to help him?


        In this instant, Xu You Rong and the others were completely petrified, and their eyes felt like they were about to fall out of their sockets.

        It was Lin Fan!

        It really was Lin Fan!

        That guy, he really had invited Zhang Yichen for them!

        This made them all feel like they were dreaming!

        They were such a big group, but Zhang Yichen had turned them down, not giving them any face at all.

        But as soon as Lin Fan opened his mouth, Zhang Aichen flew straight here in the shortest possible time.

        How the hell could this be!