Today I Give Up Trying 1688

 At that moment, shortly after Lin Fan left the conference room, he dialed Zhang Yichen's phone number.

        When Zhang Yichen on the other end saw that it was Lin Fan calling, she looked extraordinarily exuberant: "Brother Lin, why are you calling me all of a sudden?

        "Brother Lin, why are you calling me all of a sudden? I thought you had forgotten about me!"

        The sourness in her tone was like a long forgotten second wife.

        Lin Fan also felt that Zhang Yichen's tone was a little ambiguous, so he responded with an awkward smile.

        "I've been rather busy this time, so I haven't called you much."

        The Zhang Yichen on the other end sighed and said even more sorrowfully.

        "I wanted to call you, but I was afraid that your wife would find out, so I could only put up with it again and again, but it's good that you finally called."


        Lin Fan's expression became even more bizarre, how this was getting more ambiguous with each word.

        It really seemed like a second wife who had been left out in the cold.

        "That, Yichen, I have a favor to ask you!"

        Once Zhang Yichen heard this, she was intrigued and said with a smile.

        "I told you that you have nothing to do."


        Lin Fan became even more embarrassed.

        "Alright, I won't tease you anymore, tell me, what kind of favor do you want me to do?"

        Zhang Yichen asked with a smile.

        "I'm currently in the imperial capital, I want you to act as my vaccine spokesperson, when do you see the time to come to the imperial capital?"

        As soon as she heard this, Zhang Yichen on the other end was silent.

        Lin Fan thought she wanted to refuse, and then he smiled and said.

        "If you're not free, you don't have to, it's not a big deal."

        On the other end, Zhang Yichen laughed and said.

        "No, I just feel a little strange, you're not afraid that I'll take over power if you let me meet with the main family?"

        Lin Fan's expression became even more embarrassed, was this woman crazy for wanting to be the third?

        When Zhang Yichen on the other end saw that Lin Fan was silent, she burst out laughing so hard that she was about to turn off her breath:.

        "Alright, I'm really not going to tease you this time, just give me your address, I happen to be in the Imperial City, I'll come over to you right away!"

        Only then did Lin Fan let out a sigh of relief, and then told her the exact address of Huafu Pharmaceutical.

        After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yichen thought of something, but her pretty face was scarlet and she cursed in a low voice.

        "How shameless!"

        She had actually taken the initiative to tease Lin Fan?

        She even spoke in such an explicit manner?

        She looked like she wanted to be Lin Fan's mistress, but the most outrageous thing was that she had no shame at all!

        At this moment, Zhang Yichen said to her secretary.

        "Arrange a helicopter for me immediately, I want to go to the Imperial Capital!"


        Hearing these words, Zhang Aichen's secretary immediately panicked and said in a panic.

        "Zhang Yichen, are you crazy? Your concert starts tomorrow, you don't hurry up and rehearse at this time, and you're still running around?"

        "Is your concert on or off? Do your fans still care?"

        It turned out that Zhang Yichen wasn't even in the imperial capital, and only lied like that because she wanted to see Lin Fan.

        So when a woman loves you to the point of madness, you never know what she will do.

        The original Zhang Yichen, who had always loved singing the most, was on the eve of the concert, but she had actually given up her most beloved career to go to meet her lover in the imperial capital.

        "You also said it's tomorrow, I'll be back tomorrow before the concert is held!"

        Zhang Yichen spat out her tongue and said somewhat capriciously.

        She really wanted to see Lin Fan so badly!

        "It better be, if you can't come back before the concert is held tomorrow, you can explain yourself to the fans who love you!"

        Zhang Yichen was instantly overjoyed and nodded her head one after another.

        "Got it dear, remember to prepare my private jet quickly, I have an urgent matter!"

        At the same time, she silently recited in her heart.

        "Brother Lin, it's so nice to see you soon!"