Today I Give Up Trying 1686

 It was originally intended to get Washington Pharmaceuticals to give in, but I didn't expect to lift a stone and smash my own feet.


        Zhang Jianjun didn't give a damn about her, after offending him things could still turn around, after offending Lin Fan, then it was Ouyang Fei Fei's fate to be unlucky!

        "No need, since the artist under your hand is so tough, I think you can find a better partner without our Huafu Pharmaceutical, please!"

        Zhang Jianjun was cold-faced and gave an ouster order straight away!

        This is a big game!

        Wan Lishi was in agony, she had wasted an opportunity to raise awareness for Ouyang Fei Fei, and offended Zhang Jianjun as well.

        Wan Lishi was furious that Ouyang Fei Fei had taken the lead and let Zhang Jianjun get hold of her, how stupid!

        "Ministry Zhang, that..."

        Wan Lishi still wanted to fight for a bit and said with a smile on her face.

        "Get lost!!!"

        Zhang Jianjun, however, let out an angry roar, extremely disrespectful and growled, completely looking like he wanted to eat people.

        This fierce and fierce look scared everyone!

        Including the senior management!

        This was the first time they had ever seen Zhang Jianjun in such a fury, completely out of his element!

        Wan Lishi was first stunned, then sighed helplessly and turned her head to look at Ouyang Fei Fei, extremely annoyed, saying.

        "Isn't it humiliating enough? Why don't you get your ass over here!"

        Ouyang Fei Fei watered, and with a pitiful look, she covered her face and walked to Zhang Jianjun's heels.

        "Working with Washington Pharmaceuticals would have been a rare opportunity for you to advance in your career, this batch of vaccines is sold all over the world, you becoming the spokesperson that is going to be exposed globally!"

        "You're a fool, and you're ruining that opportunity with your own hands!"

        Wan Lishi gave Ouyang Fei Fei a vicious shove, almost causing her to stumble and fall to the ground.

        Ouyang Fei Fei became even more aggrieved, dropping tears one by one, she naturally knew what she had missed out on.

        The only spokesperson for the new vaccine, coupled with her innocent and sweet green tea image that she is so good at disguising, is enough for her to gain a huge fan base at home and abroad!

        She could have made it to Hollywood by then!

        But now!


        It was all Lin Fan's fault!

        Before Ouyang Fei Fei left, she gave Lin Fan an extremely resentful glance, trying to keep this man who had caused her to miss out on a great opportunity firmly in her mind.

        She swore that she would make this poor bastard die a horrible death!

        She had already made up her mind!

        Back in the future, she would spend some money to create an accident, so that Lin Fan would be an invalid for the rest of his life!

        After Ouyang Fei Fei and Wan Li Shi had left, Xu You Rong walked up impatiently and said with some complaint.

        "Ministry Zhang, this is too reckless of you, isn't it?"

        Zhang Jianjun glanced at Xu Yourong, but said in an official tone.

        "We can find another spokesperson if we don't have one, and finding a spokesperson with bad character will only affect the brand's reputation."

        "We are the leading company in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, how many pairs of eyes are watching us, we can only be cautious and cautious again to avoid all possible risks."

        At these words!

        Xu You Rong then sighed and said.

        "I know what you mean, but now that the vaccine is in production, it won't take long for it to be released, where can we find a new spokesperson to fit our brand image?"

        However, at that very moment!

        Lin Fan, who had been silent, spoke up.

        "Leave this matter to me!"


        His words were like a heavy bomb, instantly setting off the whole room!

        Everyone looked at him angrily, as if they wanted to cut him into pieces.

        "Leave it to you?

        If it wasn't for you, how could our group be in such a predicament?

        And at this time, you still have the face to say cool words?

        Xu You Rong was even more furious, and shouted at Lin Fan in a fit of rage.

        "Will you shut up? What can you do, a waste of a son-in-law? Can't you still invite a star to come?"

        "Stop it, will a trash like you have some self-awareness?"