Today I Give Up Trying 1685

 "I'll give you ten seconds, if you don't kneel down within ten seconds, I'll have someone beat you until you kneel down!"

        She would never let Lin Fan ruin her first errand, and she would never let her idol down on her again!

        Lin Fan started it, so he had to fix it!

        No matter what method was used!

        Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and his eyes narrowed to slits, a cold aura shining from them!

        Was Xu You Rong challenging his bottom line?

        Seeing this!

        Ouyang Fei Fei instantly laughed in triumph and barked at Lin Fan, saying.

        "Dog, this is what happens when you offend me, you're dead!"

        And at this time, Xu You Rong also began to count down to.

        "Ten, nine, eight, seven..."

        Each time she said a number, her expression became colder and colder, clearly intending to deal a severe blow to Lin Fan!

        However, Lin Fan remained calm and collected, treating it as if he hadn't heard.

        This reaction of his caused the crowd to be shocked.

        This fellow was really not your average madman!

        Was he sure that Xu You Rong wouldn't dare to make a move against him?

        If that was the case, then this guy was too naive, right?

        On the other hand, Ouyang Fei Fei was so excited that she couldn't wait to see Lin Fan's downfall.


        The moment the count reached one, Xu You Rong's patience completely ran out and she was going to call the security guards up.


        At this time, however, the door was pushed open, and a cheerful voice was the one that followed from outside the door.

        "So lively, did I miss something?"

        When everyone looked at the door, they saw that the person standing at the door was Zhang Jianjun!

        "Ministry Zhang!"

        Everyone instantly stood in awe and shouted respectfully to Zhang Jianjun.

        Even Wan Li Shi, the moment she saw Zhang Jianjun, instantly looked like a mouse that had seen a cat, and a strong shock appeared on her face as she bowed towards Zhang Jianjun.

        "Ministry Zhang!"

        She knew very well that the person in front of her was a real power, not to be offended!

        "What's going on here, so serious all of you?"

        Zhang Jianjun asked with a smile, he actually knew what had happened before he came here.

        But in order not to reveal Lin Fan's identity, he could only pretend that he didn't know anything.

        "Ministry Zhang, it's like this..."

        Ouyang Fei Fei then hurriedly jumped out and told the whole story, naturally not forgetting to add fuel and vinegar to describe how Lin Fan had bullied her.

        A cold aura flashed in Zhang Jianjun's eyes, and a grim smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "Oh, so what are you going to do before you stop?"

        Hearing that Zhang Jianjun was asking for his opinion, Ouyang Fei Fei felt even more confident that she had a backer and said smugly.

        "It's simple, just break his legs!"

        At these words, even Xu You Rong frowned!

        Just now, Ouyang Fei Fei had said that it would be fine for Lin Fan to kneel down, but now that he saw Zhang Jianjun coming, he wanted to break Lin Fan's legs?

        This, was too far ahead of the curve, wasn't it?

        "Ministry Zhang, right, I think you're a sensible person, there's no need to ruin our two families' relationship for the sake of a wage earner, don't you think?"

        Wan Lishi hurriedly pulled Ouyang Fei Fei and glared at her, saying.

        "Ouyang Fei Fei, don't talk nonsense!"

        She was going crazy, how dare Ouyang Fei Fei be so bold as to bargain with Zhang Jianjun?

        This is fucking sick in the head, right?

        But Ouyang Fei Fei couldn't care less, after seeing Zhang Jianjun coming, she started scratching her head and talking in a whisper.

        She thought that even if she couldn't hook up with Dr. Lin, it would be good to hook up with Zhang Jianjun!

        Although he was a bit old, he was a powerful man and would be helpful to her career.

        So at that moment, it was to spill the beans and say.

        "Ministry Zhang, just clean me up that bastard, big deal, I'll buy you dinner, or I'll cancel my contract with you!"

        At that!

        Zhang Jianjun sneered, if it was someone else, he might have agreed to Zhang Jianjun's request.

        But the problem was that the person Ouyang Fei Fei had offended was the Divine Doctor Lin!

        How could he have the courage to say yes?


        Zhang Jianjun gave Ouyang Fei Fei a backhanded slap, knocking her to the ground.

        Poor Ouyang Fei Fei, first she received a slap from Lin Fan, and now she received another slap from Zhang Jianjun, and the two sides of her face were so puffy and swollen that they were completely symmetrical.

        It had completely become a pig's head!

        Everyone was in an uproar!

        And Wan Lishi was also dumbfounded, looking at Zhang Jianjun in disbelief.

        "Ministry Zhang, why are you doing this?"