Today I Give Up Trying 1683

 Just then!

        Ouyang Fei Fei and Wan Li Shi then walked in one after another, but with a lonely face.

        Ouyang Fei Fei, in particular, had a wound on her face!

        At this moment, the crowd was even more confused, what was wrong with Ouyang Fei Fei?

        Xu You Rong hurriedly made up a smile, stood up and said.

        "Miss Ouyang Fei Fei, this is a good thing, why are you cancelling your contract? Is there something wrong with Huafu Pharmaceutical, you can bring it up!"

        At these words!

        Ouyang Fei Fei immediately snorted coldly and said in a high-minded manner.

        "You still have the face to ask me, what has your Huafu Pharmaceutical done that you don't know in your heart?"


        Xu You Rong and the others were even more confused, what had they done to Huafu Pharmaceutical?

        And at this time, Wan Lishi also pushed Ouyang Fei Fei, telling her to take it as it comes, after all, Huafu Pharmaceutical is a state-owned enterprise and the leading pharmaceutical industry in the country, it cannot be easily offended.

        Ouyang Fei Fei can be domineering in other places, but Huafu Pharmaceuticals is not a place where they can just make a fool of themselves.

        Xu You Rong, who is also extremely well educated, said with a smile on her face.

        "We really don't know what we have done wrong, please let us know!"

        Wan Lishi then spoke up and said.

        "Supervisor Xu, it's like this! Someone from your group assaulted one of our artists, and also unilaterally said that they want to cancel the cooperation with us."

        "You said you beat up our Ouyang Fei Fei like this, this can't be covered up with even the thickest make-up, how do you think this can still be used for your commercials?"

        "I don't think she'll be able to take on any more activities for a long time with her current appearance, who's going to bear this loss?"


        Xu You Rong's face instantly turned gloomy, how dare an employee of Huafu Pharmaceutical beat up their spokesperson?

        What's more, they even unilaterally cancelled the cooperation with Ouyang Fei Fei on behalf of their Huafu Pharmaceutical, who had the guts to do that?

        "Miss Ouyang Fei Fei, can you please tell me, what is his name?"

        Xu You Rong said angrily, she had to uncover that bastard who was destroying the group's interests.

        Then, Ouyang Fei Fei described all of Lin Fan's physical features.

        And after hearing that, Xu You Rong was stunned.

        "Are you sure it was him who hit you?"

        The person that Ouyang Fei Fei said was alive was not Lin Fan?

        That guy, how dare he beat up a big star?


        What an accomplished bastard!

        Bai Yi was really blind to see such a punk!

        "Does Supervisor Xu know this man?"

        Wan Li Shi frowned at Xu You Rong.

        Xu You Rong was instantly enraged, and then said angrily.

        "Immediately find a person named Lin Fan in the group and bring him here!"

        It didn't take long for Lin Fan to be brought over.

        As soon as Ouyang Fei Fei saw Lin Fan, he became emotional, and with a resentful face, he shouted and cursed.

        "It's him! It was this bastard who beat me up!"

        Lin Fan looked helpless, this woman really couldn't learn how to behave!

        Xu You Rong then angrily walked towards Lin Fan and questioned.

        "Did you hit Miss Ouyang?"

        Lin Fan glanced at Xu You Rong and didn't deny it, saying openly.

        "That's right, I saw that she was quite beaten up, so I gave her a slap!"

        It was really Lin Fan!

        Xu You Rong was about to explode!

        Did this idiot even know what he was talking about?

        And seeing such an indifferent attitude from Lin Fan, Ouyang Fei Fei and Wan Lisi were also completely furious: "Supervisor Xu, look at him.

        "Supervisor Xu, look at his attitude, up to now he still hasn't realised his mistake!"

        "Is this how your group treats its partners? If that's the case, who will dare to work with you in the future?"

        With these words!

        Xu You Rong's face also turned extremely ugly, and a stern look fiercely emerged in his eyes.

        "Lin Fan, do you know what you have done, you are damaging the interests of our Huafu Pharmaceuticals, can you bear the consequences if you are really pursued?"

        "I order you to apologise to Miss Ouyang now, immediately!"