Today I Give Up Trying 1682

 At those words!

        A wicked smile immediately surfaced on Ouyang Fei Fei's face as she fanned the flames and said :

        "That's not all, that guy was very arrogant, saying that he would never agree to tell me to get lost and not to think about working with Huafu Pharmaceutical."

        Wan Li Shi completely stormed out, a flash of anger surfaced in her eyes and she angrily rebuked :

        "That bastard, where did he go!"

        Ouyang Fei Fei then pointed to a door and said to Wan Lisi.

        "I watched him enter that door!"


        After taking a look at that door, Wan Lishi immediately sucked in a cold breath and said in horror.

        "Are you sure he went in through that door?"

        Ouyang Fei Fei didn't know why Wan Lishi was so frightened and said in confusion.

        "I just watched him go in through that door, what's wrong Sister Li?"

        Wan Lishi was in a cold sweat, and her body was trembling like sieve chaff.

        "Do you know you're in big trouble, that passage is the exclusive passage for the chairman of Huafu Pharmaceutical, only the chairman can go through it!"

        "Ouyang Fei Fei, you didn't offend the chairman of Huafu Pharmaceuticals, did you?"


        Hearing Wan Li Shi say this, Ouyang Fei Fei's legs went weak and she immediately fell to the ground in fear.

        Her face was white as a sheet!

        That guy dressed like a ragamuffin was actually the chairman of Huafu Pharmaceutical?

        This... How could this be!


        This is impossible!

        Ouyang Fei Fei immediately shook her head in panic and slyly argued.

        "Sister Li, you must have made a mistake! Since the other party is the chairman of the board, he must be surrounded by a powerful front and back!"

        "But that guy, he's just a poor guy dressed up, he doesn't have any noble aura on him, and he's only in his twenties, how can he be the chairman?"

        She didn't want to believe that Lin Fan was the chairman of the board!

        It was because she had already had a twisted mind before she came here, wanting to find a way to hook up with the chairman of Huafu Pharmaceuticals so that the other party would fall under her skirt.

        She had heard that the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huafu Pharmaceuticals was the famous Dr. Lin, and if she could make him her backer, she would have a smooth path to stardom in the future.

        But what if Lin Fan was the chairman of the board, wouldn't she have offended him?

        And hearing this, Wan Lishi was finally relieved and muttered to herself.

        "In his twenties, then he shouldn't be!"

        How could Huafu Pharmaceuticals let a yellow-haired boy become the chairman of the board, it must be a mistake on their part.

        At that moment!

        Wan Lishi then coldly snorted, a touch of ruthlessness surfaced in her eyes.

        "Since it's not the chairman, that's all right! He dared to assault the spokesperson and take the chairman's exclusive access, that kid is dead!"

        "I'll get him fired first, then I'll find some connections and break his arms and legs, so he'll be an invalid for the rest of his life!"

        At those words!

        Ouyang Fei Fei then laughed happily and nodded heavily.

        "Then what are we waiting for, let's hurry up and go!"

        At this time, they couldn't wait to see Lin Fan's downfall.

        And at this moment!

        Xu You Rong was in the middle of a meeting with many of the senior management of Huafu Pharmaceutical when he saw his secretary rushing in in a frenzy, saying loudly.

        "Supervisor is not good! Ouyang Fei Fei is planning to cancel her contract with us at Huafu Pharmaceutical!"


        Upon hearing this, the expressions of all the senior management, including Xu You Rong, suddenly changed drastically.

        They had hired Ouyang Fei Fei to endorse them because they wanted to use Ouyang Fei Fei's popularity to promote their vaccine, and now that the vaccine was ready to be marketed, Ouyang Fei Fei wanted to terminate her contract?

        Now that the vaccine is ready to be launched, Ouyang Fei Fei wants to cancel her contract? How can they find a new spokesperson at this moment?

        And at this time!

        Xu You Rong was also frowning deeply, she had only been in the group for a short while, and Zhang Jianjun had entrusted her with such an important matter because he believed in her.

        Xu You Rong also knew that she couldn't let Zhang Jianjun down, and most of all, she wanted to make some achievements to show to Dr. Lin, and she was already ready to take a bold step forward.

        As a result, Ouyang Fei Fei's side said that she wanted to terminate her contract, wasn't this a ploy to get her out of the way?