Today I Give Up Trying 1678

 Divine Doctor Lin?

        Huo Dongying's body suddenly shook, and he unconsciously felt his legs go weak.

        Lin Fan's devil-like face instantly came to mind.

        That man was the devil, just because of his words, their family had lost their home overnight and his old man had almost beaten him to death alive.

        At this time, he already had an instinctive fear of Lin Fan, if he offended him again, then his Huo family would really be finished.

        At that moment, Huo Dongying began to beat a retreat.


        Soon, Huo Dongying reacted again, and a sneer appeared on his face.

        Xu You Rong had only just returned to China, how could he possibly have dinner with the divine Doctor Lin?

        Moreover, he had never heard of Xu You Rong knowing Divine Doctor Lin before, this woman must be scaring herself!

        "Xu You Rong, do you take me for an idiot? Do you think that any cat or dog is qualified to have dinner with Divine Doctor Lin?"

        Huo Dongying snorted coldly, and then it was time to stare at Xu You Rong with ill intent :

        "Arrest this bitch for me!"

        Xu You Rong's face was instantly white, she knew Huo Dongying would not be so easily fooled, the divine Doctor Lin was so mysterious, how could she just want to see him?

        But just when Xu You Rong was already desperate, she suddenly saw Lin Fan walk out.

        At that moment, she shouted at Lin Fan as if she had grabbed the straw that saved her life:

        "Divine Doctor Lin, save me!"

        At this time, she could only treat a dead horse as a living one and let this fellow Lin Fan pose as Divine Doctor Lin to scare off Huo Dongying.

        Hopefully, Huo Dongying would believe it.

        And at this time Lin Fan was puzzled, and then it was to see Lin Xu You Rong making eyes at him one after another.

        "Lin ...... Lin Divine Doctor!"

        And the moment Huo Dongying saw Lin Fan, he was already on the verge of pissing himself in fear.

        It really was Divine Doctor Lin!

        Xu You Rong actually knew Divine Doctor Lin!

        How could Huo Dongying possibly forget this devil's face?


        Huo Dongying instantly fell to the ground in fear, crying and pleading with Lin Fan:

        "Divine Doctor Lin, I... I didn't mean to do it, I didn't know she was your friend, please let me go."


        Xu You Rong was stunned, Huo Dongying believed him?

        Xu You Rong quickly ran wildly towards Lin Fan and stood behind him, whispering:

        "You pretend to be Dr. Lin, help me drive him away!"


        Lin Fan was stunned, but then he couldn't help but laugh, he was a real divine doctor, did he need to pretend?

        Lin Fan took a step forward and looked coldly at Huo Dongying, spitting out only one word:

        "Get lost!"

        At those words!

        Huo Dongying was instantly pardoned and nodded his head, looking like a man who had retrieved a life from a ghost's gate.

        "Yes, yes, yes, I'm rolling now! I'll roll right now!"

        Huo Dongying ran away even as he rolled, not even having the courage to turn back, already completely scared out of his wits.


        Xu You Rong then let out a long breath of relief, his heart incomparably grateful that it was a good thing Huo Dongying was an idiot and had actually been scared away.

        However, this was too easy, right? How come Huo Dongying had listened to her side of the story so easily and didn't even have the courage to ask for proof?

        There was something not quite right about that!

        Although Huo Dongying was an idiot, he wasn't so easily fooled, was he?

        But she didn't know that it was because Huo Dongying had met the real Divine Doctor Lin.

        And that Divine Doctor Lin, was standing right beside her.

        "Can you let go now?"

        Lin Fan said indifferently, Huo Dongying had already run away, but Xu You Rong was still holding onto his clothes and wouldn't let go.

        Xu You Rong hurriedly let go of Lin Fan's clothes, but did not give a good face and said :

        "Don't think I'll be grateful just because you helped me!"

        The speed of this flip-flop was breathtaking.

        Lin Fan, however, gave a cold snort and also said uncharitably:

        "Don't worry, I've never had the luxury of it!"

        After saying that, he left with giant strides towards the door.

        Xu You Rong froze on the spot, and then his face suddenly sank:

        Damned thing, what a cool trick!

        Lin Fan said this as if she was an ungrateful person.