Today I Give Up Trying 1677

 From this period of contact alone, Xu You Rong has labeled Lin Fan as another... Loves to talk big!

        Xu You Rong looked at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "I've already spoken to Zhang Jianjun of Huafu Pharmaceuticals, he'll introduce me to Divine Doctor Lin, which means it won't be long before I meet him in his true form."

        "Even if you want to pretend, you can't pretend anymore!"

        And Lin Fan still just smiled and didn't squeal!

        Xu You Rong then snorted coldly and got up to go to the bathroom to use the toilet.

        In her mind, she was even calculating how she should break up Lin Fan and Bai Yi in order to save her poor cousin!

        When she came out of the bathroom, Xu You Rong saw someone she never wanted to see in her life!

        Huo Dongying!

        It was her suitor, and the same could be said for her benefactor!

        "You-young, it's really you, isn't it? When did you come back, why didn't you tell me?"

        Xu You Rong's expression instantly became embarrassed, before saying perfunctorily.

        "Just arrived today!"


        Huo Dongying faintly responded, before going forward and grabbing Xu You Rong's hand, saying in a soft voice.

        "Did you come back this time with the intention of consummating your marriage with me?"

        At those words!

        Xu You Rong instantly looked like a frightened white rabbit as she took several steps back in fear, her gaze flickering as she said.

        "Huo Dongying, you're a good man, but as I've said before, we're not suitable for each other!"


        Huo Dongying's expression instantly changed drastically, the tenderness on his face was swept away in this instant, and what followed was a strong hatred and killing intent!

        Like a mad jackal, he stared viciously at Xu You Rong: "Our family is funding your education.

        "Our family sponsored your education and funded you to go abroad, is this how you repay us?"

        "Xu You Rong, you ungrateful bitch, did you know that our Huo family was about to go bankrupt, so you changed your heart!"


        The Huo family has been hit hard and is on the verge of bankruptcy!

        Huo Dongying was naturally having a hard time too, and at this time the woman he loved had betrayed him too, how could they accept this?

        Hearing such blatant insults from Huo Dongying, Xu Yourong's expression also changed for a moment before sighing and saying.

        "Huo Dongying, I hope you'll calm down, I have no idea what happened to your family, and I already told you a long time ago that I have no feelings for you!"

        "As for your claim of ungratefulness, how much business have I solicited for your Huo family overseas over the years, and you have earned at least ten billion or so, right? Isn't that enough to repay your kindness?"


        Back then, Xu You Rong's family was so poor that they couldn't even afford to pay for school fees. It was Huo Dongying's father who happened to participate in a charity column, so he chose Xu You Rong as the target of poverty alleviation and sponsored her to go to university.

        As a result, during her time at university, Xu Youyong showed her amazing business acumen, earning 100 million for the Huo family in a month.

        Afterwards, Huo Dongying's father knew he had found a treasure and spent a fortune on Xu Youyong's further studies abroad, hoping that Xu Youyong would help the Huo family when she returned from her studies.

        Xu Youyong did not disappoint them, and during his years overseas, he was mindful of the Huo family's kindness, using his spare time to travel around in various circles and recruiting one partner after another for the Huo family.

        This favour has long been repaid!

        It was Huo Dongying who did not give up and kept pressing her hard to marry her, but the problem was that Xu You Rong did not have the slightest feeling for her.

        The moment she heard this!

        Huo Dongying instantly looked like his tail had been stepped on, and completely exploded: "Not enough!

        "Not enough! Of course it's not enough! You owe us the Huo family, you can't repay it in your lifetime!"

        "You bitch, how dare you betray us, I want you to die a horrible death!"

        At that moment, Huo Dongying ordered his bodyguards.

        "Arrest this bitch for me!"


        Xu You Rong's pretty face instantly changed, her entire face instantly lost its blood colour, and she shouted to Huo Dongying in horror.

        "Huo Dongying, what do you want to do? I'm warning you, don't do anything reckless!"

        "Do what?"

        Huo Dongying laughed lewdly, and then said wistfully.

        "That's naturally to make you my woman, I just happen to have booked a room, let's go up and have a good time later!"


        Xu You Rong's delicate body trembled violently, and she was completely desperate at this moment!


        Just as Huo Dongying's bodyguards were about to make their move, she suddenly thought of something and shouted miserably.

        "Don't you do anything rash! I'm eating with Divine Doctor Lin today!"